Playback: The Week (6/6/08 - 6/13/08) In Review


What you missed this week on DC9 as our nation collectively poked its noses way too far into the Hogan family's business...

- We rocked out with Robert Smith and The Cure. Or was it The Joker and his henchmen?
- We got schooled at Booker T. Washington's homecoming event.
- We bit the Fight Bite bullet.
- We found out why the Old 97's didn't get much face time in their new video: The Cylons.
- We became "mates" with Black Joe Lewis.
- We ambushed you as you peacefully tried to buy some books.
- We gave away tickets to Mates of State, Evangelicals, Grand Ole Party and Rilo Kiley. But you, most likely, snoozed and lost.
- And we hooked you up another round of mp3s...

Edie Brickell and Kenny Withrow -- "What I Am (Live)"

Edie Brickell and Kenny Withrow -- Booker T. Washington Song (Live)

Norah Jones -- "Painter Song (Live)"

Norah Jones -- "Man of the Hour (Live)"

Justin Townes Earle -- "Hard Livin'"

Grassfight -- "Rhodendron"

Evangelicals -- "Skeleton Man"

Grand Ole Party -- "Look Out Young Son"

...Good Friday in, oh, an hour or so. Then we're out to Evangelicals and Frog Eyes at Dada. --Pete Freedman

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