Denton's Brave Combo To Provide Theme, Score For PBS' First Animated Prime Time Series

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Click and Clack, the Boston brothers Magliozzi behind the NPR show Car Talk (aired weekly on 90.1 KERA-FM), are the subjects of As The Wrench Turns, PBS' first-ever animated prime-time series, which is set to premiere on July 9. Sure. Why not? That's kind of cool.

But, um, the local angle?

Ah: The theme song for the show comes courtesy of Denton's own Grammy-winning polka-rockers, Brave Combo. It's the band's take on "The William Tell Overture." Check it out:

Brave Combo's music, as well as other scores from band leader Carl Finch, will also serve as the soundtrack for the show. Pretty phenomenal pairing if you ask me. --Pete Freedman

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