Toadies To Perform At Game 3 Of The NHL's Western Conference Finals

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The Stars' improbable run in the Stanley Cup playoffs continues tonight as Mike Modano and the gang head to Detroit for the first game in the western conference finals. Or so I'm told. Last time I really cared about hockey I was trying to make Gretzky's head bleed.

But, hey, this is pretty cool: When the boys in green and black come home for game three at the AAC, the crowd will be treated to a first intermission performance from the Toadies, who'll play a short set from the friendly confines of the player's bench. And it seems it's all because the AAC's sound guy is a big fan of one of the Toadies' other projects.

"The Stars play the Burden Brothers' 'Beautiful Night' all the time," says the Toadies' label rep at Kirtland Records, Tami Thompsen. "We've talked with them for a while about trying to do something, and now it's finally worked out."

I doubt the gig will be televised, though, so the only ones who'll have a chance to see this set will be the fans in the crowd. --Pete Freedman

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