Playback: The Week (5/23/08 - 5/30/08) In Review


Here's what you might've missed on DC9 this week as you rooted for a Celtics-Lakers NBA Finals like the good basketball fan that you are...

- We loved the '80s and confused '80s pop acts with '70s baseball greats.
- We went country with Jessica Simpson.
- We danced the Chicken Dance--but turned down every request to do the Hokey Pokey because we're above that, dammit!
- We thought we were turning Japanese with A-Kon.
- We traveled back in time and watched Freddie King.
- And we gave you s'more mp3s:

I Love Math -- "A Good Flying Bird (Guided By Voices cover)"

I Love Math -- "I Remember When I Loved Her (The Zombies cover)"

Zanzibar Snails -- "Lengua"

The Black Angels -- "Doves"

Brothers & Sisters -- "One Night"

...and we'll have your weekend plans ready for you in a little bit. --Pete Freedman

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