Looking For Funds, John Freeman Puts Sloppyworld PA System Up For Sale

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This is not the Sloppyworld sound system. This is just a tribute.

John Freeman's had himself a rough 2008 so far, between opening Sloppyworld, perhaps closing Sloppyworld, definitely closing Sloppyworld and trying to scrounge up the money to pay Sloppyworld's leftover bills. Now, just four months before he heads off to New York City to write rock operas with Corn Mo, Freeman's still looking to pay off Sloppyworld's debt. And this time, at least, he's got a pretty enticing offer out there.

"I am selling off almost all of the Sloppyworld PA
equipment to cover some outstanding fees and help pay for some repairs to
the space," he writes in an email.

I'm sure a few venues out there could use an upgrade to its sound system. And I, for one, can confidently say that, for all its issues, the one thing that Sloppyworld never had a problem with was its sound. Interested parties should email John for more information. --Pete Freedman

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