Free Old 97's Show At Victory Plaza Tonight...And Other Goodies

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Old 97's guitarist Ken Bethea.

Just in case you haven't yet had your fill of the Old 97's and the guys' non-stop whirlwind promotion for Blame It On Gravity yet, you can catch the 97's performing for free at Victory Plaza tonight at 6.

And, in case you're salivating for more Old 97's news, well, OK, here's two more tidbits, courtesy of guitarist Ken Bethea:

First: It's a little uncertain as to whether the 97's will also be performing from the player's bench during tonight's game, as was originally the word on the street. Apparently, the band had some issues playing that amp-less space during a previous performance at the AAC ("It's not as fun as it would seem," Bethea says) and the guy's have to be in Houston by tomorrow morning, anyway...

Second: Come Sunday, the 97's will be out in L.A., shooting a music video for "Dance With Me." The director: Keven McAlester, who Robert just updated you on this past weekend. Weird how stuff like this works out, huh? --Pete Freedman

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