Unfair Park Mixtape Vol.1

Categories: DFW Music News

For those of you in need of a Dallas music edumication, every couple of weeks the old fart stinkin' up the Unfair Park offices will scour his dusty collection of 78s and eight-tracks and upload a hopefully not too random collection of songs made by or in Our Fair City.

This week's offering, hosted by the genius service that is Muxtape, leans heavily toward the archaic blues--not only the legendary familiars (Leadbelly's "Fort Worth & Dallas Blues," T-Bone Walker's "Trinity River Blues") but also the lesser-knowns worth knowing (Carl Davis & the Dallas Jamboree Jug Band, Dallas String Band, Jake Jones & the Gold Front Boys).

Without further ado: Unfair Park Mixtape Vol. 1. --Robert Wilonsky

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