Jessica Simpson Writes A Song For Tony Romo? Apparently.

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Gossip site Showbiz Spy quotes the June issue of Glamour, revealing that Jessica Simpson is not only "in love" with Tony Romo--she's written a song for her man.

The song's called "Back in My Old Boots," and apparently it's about how "comfortable" Romo makes her feel...


Of course, this isn't the first time Jess has written a track for her beau of the moment. Remember this track? Had a very similar theme, didn't it? That worked out well for her, right?

Oh, and in other Showbiz Spy-Simpson family news, the site also has a fairly unsubstantiated report that Ashlee and her beau Pete Wentz, bass player for Fall Out Boy, might star in a new version of Jess' MTV show with Nick Lachey, Newlyweds.

This family really doesn't learn from past mistakes, does it? --Pete Freedman

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