Is Industrial Boulevard Set To Become Stevie Ray Vaughan Boulevard?

Categories: DFW Music News

Maybe. Nothing's set in stone, but according to this Morning News report of last night's City Council meeting on the Trinity River project, Stevie Ray's name made it onto the list of 10 possible names for the new road. The full list?

•Ascension Drive
•Cesar Chavez Boulevard
•Eddie Bernice Johnson Parkway
•Post Industrial Boulevard
•Riverfront Boulevard
•Stanley Marcus Boulevard
•Stevie Ray Vaughn Vaughan Boulevard
•Trinity Lakes Boulevard
•Trinity View Parkway
•Waterfront Boulevard

I think you've gotta go with Stevie Ray given these options--although I'm sure the city's salivating at the thought of selling property on the sure-to-be highfalutin Waterfront Boulevard... --Pete Freedman

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