Eat Avery’s Bones Will Play Strawberry Fields This Weekend

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Another beauty from Nevada Hill.

Shows from spastic rockers Eat Avery’s Bones have been few and far between since bassist Meggie Boner shipped off to Austin for school last fall. But the band returns to play on Saturday at Strawberry Fields in Denton.

Though the admission charge is rather exorbitant (a whole dollar!), the lineup is as awesome as it is diverse. Starting at 9 p.m., you can catch Last Men, Nouns Group, Geistheistler and Kaboom , in a show that will rock, confuse, anger and soothe you. And, just so you know, the show is BYOB.

If you’ve never seen EAB live, it’s worth the drive to Denton just to see what they use instead of a microphone stand. Hint: It involves sorcery. --Jesse Hughey

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