March Madness? A Great Time For Sports Music

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I'm a huge sucker for college basketball -- sports-wise this is my favorite time of year, with the first round of the NCAA tournament getting underway this afternoon.

And, music-wise, CBS doesn't do too poorly when it comes to the whole March Madness deal. You telling me the CBS college basketball theme doesn't get you pumped up? You're gonna be hearing it a lot over the next few weeks.

And this song, which you'll only hear once, after the winner's been crowned?

(Sorry -- as a Syracuse University alum who was a student there when Carmelo Anthony led the Orange to the championship, I couldn't resist choosing this video out of all the "One Shining Moment" clips on Youtube...)

C'mon, it's a total tear-jerker. Disagree? You clearly have no soul. -- Pete Freedman

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