Local Hoes To No Longer Be Supermanned On Wednesday, May 7

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This is Soulja Boy. This is not Flavor Flav. This is not another Public Enemy post.

Don't get the header for this post? Well, you're clearly not down with the kids these days.

Or with Soulja Boy, who, as it turns out, will not be playing Dallas anytime soon. The Internet hip-hop sensation (note the 20.5 million views earned by the video on that link) has canceled his 21 & Under tour--and thus the Wednesday, May 7, date at the House of Blues.

Per the press release from the House of Blues people: "Soulja Boy is going back into the studio to record his new album and the tour will be rescheduled upon its release. Refunds available at point of purchase."

Well, that's a shame. No really! This tour actually featured an interesting act. No, not Mr. Crank That; Lil Mama, whose summertime hit "Lip Gloss" is still "poppin'" through my head from time to time.

Oh well. Count me among the couple hundred thousand tweenagers across the country actually a little upset by this. -- Pete Freedman

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