Lots of Locals Land on SXSW Schedule

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The South by Southwest folks finally released the giant list of bands playing this year's fest. Dallas, Denton and Fort Worth are all representing. So if you were looking for another reason to spend the $600 (that price ends today, then it jumps to the door price of $650) for a music badge, here you go. The locals hitting up the fest are: Bavu Blakes, Best Fwends, Big Red Rooster, Black Tie Dynasty, Bowling for Soup, Brave Combo, Doug Burr, Ryan Cabrera, Calhoun, Centro-matic, The Crash That Took Me, The Drams, Faux Fox, The Feds, Fishboy, Daniel Folmer, Ghosthustler, Robert Gomez, The Hourly Radio, Joe Jonas, Kenny & The Kasuals, Lumba, Marked Men, Mission to the Sea, Mitra, Mom, The Mullens, The New Frontiers, Play-N-Skillz, Pleasant Grove, P.P.T., Ray Reed, Record Hop, Reyez, Glen Reynolds, Stanton Meadowdale, The Theater Fire, Tree Wave and Tum Tum.

Oh, and if you can't swing the hundreds of dollars to hit up the March festival, it's cool. We'll be down there blogging like crazy, and promise to see as many locals as possible. -- Chelsea Ide

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