You Gave Me What? Part 1: Badfinger's Back

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Badfinger circa 1971.
Looking for those last minute stocking stuffers for the music lover in your family? We've found five stellar ones -- one a day this week. We'll also steer you clear of bad box sets and the like. So, here's the first item that will bring a smile to those opening presents.

Badfinger's Back
When Badfinger decided to end its association with the Beatles and leave Apple Records, few could have imagined the litigation nightmare that would ensure. Both Badfinger and Wish You Were Here were released in the early '70s and quickly pulled from shelves due to lawsuits and shady business dealing of the band’s manager. Recently reissued with pristine sound, both recordings are filled with classic power pop fully deserving of the attention that was denied their first time around. -- Darryl Smyers

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