No Excuses, Listen to Salim Nourallah

Courtesy one of my favorite MP3 blogs, Songs: Illinois, we find Salim Nourallah talking about his album Snowing In My Heart, which the site says is due nationally December 4 from German label Tapete Records, though, uh, it's actually been out for some time. Oh, and when I say "talking," I mean "rambling," but in a good way.

Better still, for those who haven't yet heard the single "Don't Be Afraid", well, now you've no reason to say you haven't. (It's only been around since, like, June?) Also available from Songs: Illinois, some old faves from Salim, who's finishing recording the new Old 97's album. And, from Sacramento band San Kazakgascar, a thrilling instrumental 'round-the-globe hodgepodge that totally caught my ear by the lobe: "Dallas Via Damascas." -- Robert Wilonsky

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