Red Bull Capped Off a Big Year with Their Crazy Yearender Party at Trees Last Night

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Jeremy Hallock
Things got a little fuzzy with Anamanaguchi on hand at Trees last night

Red Bull Sound Select Yearender
With Anamanaguchi, Mystery Skulls and Wrestlers
Trees, Dallas
Thursday, December 18, 2014

It was damn cold Thursday night, but an intensely spirited crowd still came out and filled Trees for the second night of Red Bull Sound Select's massive Yearender blowout. After hosting the first night on Wednesday across the street at Club Dada, they brought in Anamanaguchi, an instrumental electronic band from New York City who did the soundtrack for a video game and raised an obscene amount of money for their Endless Fantasy album via Kickstarter. Everyone danced with reckless abandon. One lady even vomited on several people as she walked across the room. It was a good night.

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Erykah Badu Moonlighted as Lo Down Loretta Brown at Beauty Bar Last Night

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DJ Sober
DJ Sober was joined by special guest "Lo Down Loretta Brown" at Beauty Bar last night

Big Bang
With Erykah Badu and DJ Sober
Beauty Bar, Dallas
Thursday, December 18, 2014

Sometimes it seems as if everyone in Dallas is playing an endless game of "Six degrees of separation" from Erykah Badu. It's more like two degrees, since it appears everybody has a friend's cousin who grew up with little Erica Wright. Despite these alleged connections, actual Badu sightings are rare for most Dallasites, and she's become kind of a mythical figure in her own hometown. But this week she's treated us to two special DJ appearances, one of which happened last night in the intimate confines of Beauty Bar for DJ Sober's Big Bang dance night.

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The Best Dallas Music Videos of 2014

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Still from "Loseyomind"
Jordan Richardson pulled out his bear suit for Son of Stan's "Loseyomind" video this year

"Music videos are dead!" Or so says the asshole who is too old to understand how the internet works. Yes, MTV is dead, but that does not mean that the backbone of its original format is dead. Sure, TRL is long gone, and no one spends millions on shoots anymore, but in the age of the viral society, the music video is alive and well for one reason, and one reason only.

That reason is that a video made on the cheap trending online is worth much more in terms of money than an endless amount of emails to a critic, or hell even local
radio play. Here are the best local music videos of the year. Watch and share the ones you like. You owe'em that much.

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The Best Concerts In Dallas This Weekend, 12/19-12/21

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Image via the Artist
Happy trails to Centro-Matic. Bon voyage!

On the docket this weekend is a trio of Centro-matic's last shows at Dan's Silverleaf. The final show is on Sunday with Daniel Markham and Patterson Hood opening. If you have some way too get tickets to these coveted and long sold-out shows, we suggest that night because it's the last one. It only makes sense. If you aren't so lucky, there are other fine concert events taking place this weekend as well. Jill Scott does WinStar, A.Dd+, Larry g(EE), and Sealion have a holiday show at Club Dada, as does the Polyphinic Spree at the Lakewood Theater, and Sudie opens for the Blow at Three Links. Here are the rest of your picks:

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Watch the 2014 Dallas Observer Music Awards Highlights [VIDEO]

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Sarah Passon
Sam Lao shows off her "Frizzy Hair Swag" in our DOMA recap video
For all of the lovely folks in the Dallas music scene, Christmas came a little early this year. Or to put it another way, the Dallas Observer Music Awards showed up a little late. But it wound up working out perfectly: We kicked off December in the best way possible, with all the requisite insanity of the DOMA showcase in Deep Ellum and then, a few days later, all the drunken kudos our hungover heads could muster at the DOMA ceremony.

Throughout both nights of DOMA action, we had our resident chronicler, Mike Brooks, there to take photos. But we also had our videographer, Sarah Passon, there to shoot video -- just in case your memory got a little blurry or you second-guessed whether that marching band really did show up.

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The Best Dallas Albums of 2014

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Peter Salisbury
Have a cigar, Bludded Head. Thanks to "Reign in Bludd," you've earned it this year

And the end-of-year celebrations roll on. Having started the month off with our biggest annual celebration of local music, the Dallas Observer Music Awards, we've continued to shine a light on some of our favorite goings-on from the year past over the last couple weeks: The best concerts in Dallas (and some of the not-so-great ones), the best songs from local artists, and the best country and metal albums.

Now it's time to tick off one of the other biggest categories of the year: the best Dallas albums of 2014. There were a lot of great candidates to consider, but we narrowed the field down to the 12 long-players that really shaped the local landscape this year -- and the ones we just couldn't stop playing.

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Dallas Hardcore Bands Rally Around Fan Ashley Shafer

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Ashley Shafer
Ashley Shafer is a loyal fan of the Dallas hardcore music scene
Being immersed deep within in a music community is not as glamorous as people make it seem. The connections you make with people are often not very deep and sometimes flimsy. People come and go so quickly that it is a never-ending revolving door of personalities. Sincerity and authenticity, despite claims of abundance, are premium qualities that not many possess.

After 10 years in the Dallas hardcore scene, I can honestly say that Ashley Shafer is one of the most sincere and genuine people I've ever met. I first met Shafer almost five years ago and in that time, I learned a few things about her: She's always smiling, she will always listen and she will help a friend without question.

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Denton's Power Objects produce triumphant post-punk anthems

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Nick Sayers Photography
John Gillespie and Dan Minshew of Power Objects, mid-fury.

A balmy August evening. Civil Recording studio in Denton. The unthinkable has happened to Denton band Power Objects: Lucy the cat has gone missing. Vocalist and guitarist John Gillespie describes it as, without a doubt, their darkest hour.

But Michael Briggs' notorious feline assistant was thankfully found. And Power Objects were able to proceed with the production of Frosted Tips, which just dropped a week and a half ago. The triumphant EP waves the flag of post-punk with a tinge of math rock, adding technical virtuosity to tracks without making it too hard to approach. With these songs tracked and produced, the band looks to keep the momentum up and continue writing new material.

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Dallas' Craig Wayne Boyd Takes a Dramatic Win on NBC's The Voice

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Craig Wayne Boyd on Facebook
Craig Wayne Boyd beat some long odds to come out victorious on The Voice
After weeks of nearly getting cut, then getting cut by his own coach, and then another stealing him back, Craig Wayne Boyd won season seven of The Voice Tuesday. Born in Mesquite, Boyd performed "The Whiskey Ain't Working" during his blind audition, prompting coaches Blake Shelton and Pharrell Williams to turn their chairs. Ultimately, Boyd chose fellow country artist Shelton as his coach.

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Centro-matic Take a Final Stand at Dan's Silverleaf This Weekend

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Matt Pence
Centro-matic are bearing down for the last-ever shows this weekend
After almost 18 years as a group, the four gentlemen who make up Centro-matic are on their very last tour together. Scott Danbom, Mark Hedman, Matt Pence and Will Johnson are spending the brunt of December in a van, driving across the country to play farewell sets in venues they've grown to know well. Along the way they're being joined by old friends, both as opening acts and as onstage guests.

This fraternal journey leads up to a finale at Dan's Silverleaf, which will also be a homecoming of sorts. Centro-matic have played the Denton venue many times, both at its original location and at its current home.

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