40 Signs It's Festival Season in Dallas

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Rhombi Survivor
Are you excited to stand in line?! It's festival season in Dallas
It's March, and in Texas that means one thing: festival season is here. North Texas has already dipped its toes in the festival waters with Thin Line Fest up in Denton, but in the next couple weeks everything will go haywire with 35 Denton, Spillover Fest and, of course, SXSW (which will still draw plenty of Dallas music fans down to Austin).

So let's fill our heads with warm thoughts and get excited for the next, oh, eight months of the year, which we can officially call festival season. Here in Dallas, these 40 occurrences are telltale signs that the season is upon us.

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Cory Morrow Leads All-Texas Additions to Dallas Observer's St. Patrick's Day Concert

Courtesy the artist
Cory Morrow joins Josh Abbott Band and other at the Observer's St. Patrick's Day concert
Okay, we've kept you waiting long enough here. St. Patrick's Day is less than two weeks away, which means the Dallas Observer's annual luck o' the Irish party is right around the corner as well. But so far we've only announced the headliner, which is of course Texas native Josh Abbott Band. Well, this morning we're excited to announce that the rest of our St. Paddy's lineup if officially booked, and let's just say it follows in much the same country music vein.

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Amsterdam Bar Is Closing

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Amsterdamn, damn, damn, James.

After 19 years of serving the sauce to Dallasites, Amsterdam Bar in Exposition Park is shutting its doors.

Owner Mike Scheel says he's venturing off to try his hand making cider. The Texas Alcohol Beverage Commission has three types of licenses it issues: manufacturers, wholesaler/distributors, and retailers. You're only allowed to hold one of these licenses at a time, with the exception of brewpubs, so he's bailing on the bar.

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You're Welcome, Dallas: The Ticket is Starting a Local Music Show

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Marcos Junius Laws
Mark Schectman will revive his role as local music champion on the new Local Ticket

Our prayers have been answered, Dallas. Back in January, we took it upon ourselves to light a fire under the folks at Sportsradio 1310 The Ticket to do what the station should've done a long time ago: start up an all-local music show. The response from readers and Ticket P1's alike was overwhelmingly enthusiastic, and now The Ticket has good -- make that great -- news that we can tell you about exclusively: a brand-new, weekly radio show called "The Local Ticket," which will be hosted by none other than Mark Schectman. It sounds even better than we'd hoped for.

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Post Malone Joined Atlanta Rapper Key! for a DIY Rap Show in Dallas on Friday

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Hey, it's Key! Look at that wrist, wrist, wrist, wrist, wrist, wrist, wrist.

In case you've missed it, the hype behind Southlake rapper Post Malone is totally justified. On Friday night, in spite of the atrocious winter weather, he bookended an off-the-radar hip hop show in Dallas for Atlanta rapper Key! It was, in his own words, just his second performance of his new songs, the only prior such show having taken place in his new home of Los Angeles. Donning all white with an Emmett Smith jersey to boot, Post Malone performed his viral hit "White Iverson" and the criminally overshadowed "That's It." He has an uncanny amount of stage presence and looks as happy as can be, like the Cheshire cat if he was a smoker and a big Cowboys fan.

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Dimebag Darrell's Gravesite Was Vandalized Over the Weekend

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Dimebag Darrell (right) with Pantera in their 1990s heyday
It's an unspoken tradition among metal bands to pay homage to Dimebag Darrell any time they pass through North Texas. The legendary Pantera guitarist's grave is located at Memorial Gardens Cemetery in Arlington. Some bands etch their names into the gold-plated memorial honoring Dime's life. Black markers are also sometimes used to tattoo Dime's grave. Whiskey bottles, guitar picks and a cigarette or two are usually left behind by bands and fans paying their respect.

But over the weekend one rogue musician took things too far in an attempt to desecrate Dime's gravesite, and the metal community responded with predictable displeasure.

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Meghan Trainor Failed as a Female Role Model at Granada Theater on Friday

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Jack Gorman
Meghan Trainor (pictured in Houston) braved the snow to play Granada on Friday
Meghan Trainor
Granada Theater, Dallas
Friday, February 27, 2015

Meghan Trainor's sold-out appearance at Granada Theater on Friday night had every opportunity to be a disaster. Freezing temperatures, ice-covered roads and falling snow threatened to run the whole thing off the rails. There was also a Facebook campaign that promised to involve TMZ in matters, begging for a reschedule and proclaiming that all the children in DFW would die if it went ahead as planned.

In the end, Trainor's show went off without a hitch. Well, there was a hitch or two, but we'll get to that.

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The Best Concerts In Dallas This Week, 3/2-3/8

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Image via the Artist
Don't hang them up to dry.

Welcome to the good month of March, which will bombard you with music festivals. There's 35 Denton, Spillover and in Austin there's the big one, South By South West. But before you let the hives of festival fever settle in, take a gander at all the shows happening this week. There's Waka Flocka Flame in Denton, Fleetwood Mac at American Airlines Center and the Cold War Kids at the House of Blues. As per usual, there's plenty more, my pals. Take a look.

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Dallas Metal Bands Share More Than a Label in Tofu Carnage -- They Share Musicians, Too

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Firebird Images
Zac Christian is one of many musicians pulling double duty at the Tofu Carnage showcase

For Dallas' Tofu Carnage Records, running a record label means much more than putting out albums. For starters, the albums they put out are true works of art, exquisitely detailed vinyl with colorful designs and elaborate packaging. Each record they put out is a commitment to the artist who recorded it, and in turn, the artists are committed to one another -- so much so, in fact, that many of them share members. Tomorrow night, they'll be coming together at Double Wide to showcase the unique community of Tofu Carnage.

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KISS FM Honored the Life of a McKinney Teen This Week with Swap to "Laura FM"

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McKinney teen Laura Diosdado passed away February 19 after a long battle with cystic fibrosis
If you regularly listen to 106.1 KISS-FM on your daily commute, you may have noticed that something was a little bit different about your favorite radio station earlier this week. In tribute to a teenaged listener who succumbed to complications from cystic fibrosis, the city's most popular radio station changed its name to "Laura FM" on Tuesday to honor her memory.

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