Spillover Fest Gets Better with Addition of Diarrhea Planet and Others for 2015

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Mike Brooks
Diarrhea Planet are really feeling the whole Dallas thing. They're coming back for Spillover

South By Southwest is so powerful that its residual effects bleed some 200 miles north into Dallas. Well, bleed isn't the word; it's actually a spillover. The spillover has been so strong that for the eighth year Parade of Flesh is putting together its Spillover Fest, which was once a Bro Fest but eventually realized that wasn't the best look, irony or not. For 2015, Spillover has long since announced the Liars as its headliner, but today they revealed a fresh batch of artists to help fill out the lineup a bit.

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Baboon's Show at Three Links on Saturday is Insanely Stacked with Dallas Bands

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Baboon on Facebook
Baboon lead a stacked local lineup for a can't-miss show at Three Links on Saturday

Now that it's approaching its second birthday, we're pretty well accustomed to seeing Three Links punch above its weight with the shows it books. It's what they do. But on Saturday it will host a mountain of local show spearheaded by the legendary Dallas band Baboon. Joining them will be no less than Deathray Davies, Corn Mo and Nervous Curtains.

Why do that bands matter so much? For starters, this bill represents sections of the local music scene going back a quarter century. With the exception of Deathray Davies, these bands all have deep roots in the seminal '90s Denton music scene, but have since evolved and travelled far beyond the college town borders. Their influence can be felt in all corners of the Dallas and North Texas music scenes.

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Dallas Institution Karaoke Carmen is Leaving The Goat for Adair's Saloon

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Jessica Roberts
Karaoke Carmen (right) is a legend in local karaoke circles

No one in Dallas does karaoke quite like Karaoke Carmen. For more than a decade, she's held court at arguably the best, and certainly the most notorious, karaoke night in the city: Sundays at The Goat. Backed by a live band, Carmen's a proudly autocratic leader. She has no qualms about choosing who does and doesn't take her stage to perform. Some folks love her, others hate her, but anyone who's ever been certainly remembers her.

But now that landscape has been turned on its head. Carmen recently decided to vacate her post at The Goat and take her act to Deep Ellum's Adair's Saloon.

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The Best Concerts In Dallas This Weekend, 1/30-2/1

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Mike Brooks
Daniel Hart's Dark Rooms is one of several shows by local artists to catch in Dallas this weekend

You know why I'm here. I'm just trying not to get fined. Poetry. From a man, Marshawn Lynch, a.k.a. Beast Mode, who is in fact about that action, boss. Oh wait, sorry. Who cares about the Super Bowl? That may be the biggest event that people around the country will be talking about this weekend, but we can think of a lot of reasons to do something else in Dallas. Like, 10 of them. That's right, here's our picks for the best concerts in Dallas this weekend.

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Miranda Lambert Tops 2015 American Country Music Awards with 8 Nominations

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Miranda Lambert
Stick to the boys: Miranda Lambert garnered the most nominations for the 2015 ACM Awards
Homegirl done good. Born and raised not far from Dallas, country star Miranda Lambert led the way in this morning's announcement of the 50th annual American Country Music Awards nominations as she snagged nods in no fewer than eight categories. That was more than any other artist, including Dierks Bentley (who had the second most with seven), anyone affiliated with bro country and even her own husband, Blake Shelton, who will be co-hosting the awards ceremony this year. It's a victory not only for Dallas but also for women in country. Stick it to the boys, Miranda.

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5 Women Making a Difference in Dallas Hip Hop

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Ed Steele
Sam Lao is already plenty familiar to anyone in the know about Dallas hip hop

It's 2015 and it's still hard to be a woman in hip hop. Male rappers on the national scene still far outnumber women in the genre, despite the success of Nicki Minaj and (ugh) Iggy Azalea. Dallas' own scene is as representative of that as any other city with a notable hip-hop presence. But the femcees who are making a name for themselves on the mic in Dallas are fierce, and many of them are making moves into national consciousness.

So even if you're not plugged in to the local rap scene, make sure to add these five talented ladies to your playlist and explore some of the city's best hidden talents.

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5 Things We Know About the Return of Iconic Deep Ellum Venue The Bomb Factory

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Kathy Tran
Put a roof on the sucker and let's get ready to rumble: The Bomb Factory is almost here

Well pals, if you read DC9 at Night, Robert Wilonsky at The Dallas Morning News, or Central Track, you could have easily missed the news due to a lack of coverage, but the historic Deep Ellum venue, The Bomb Factory, is having a resurrection. The grand opening on Thursday, March 26 has none other than the Queen herself Erykah Badu as the headliner. Purity Ring, The Jesus and Mary Chain and a bunch of hair metal type bands are coming through the 4,300 capacity venue as well.

Trees and The Bomb Factory marketing guru, Gavin Mulloy held a AMA (ask me anything) on the Dallas Reddit on Wednesday afternoon to unveil some facts about the venue. What did he say during the Internet press conference? The Dallas Observer is on the scene. Here are the answers.

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What the Hell is a Ragonk-a-Thon, and Why Are We So Excited for It?

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Mike Brooks
Sealion get to make their Trees debut thanks to T.C. Flemming's misfortune
If you look up the word "Ragonk" in the dictionary, well, you won't get very far. That's because Ragonk isn't actually a word. In truth, it's more of a meme. So what the hell is up with Trees hosting a concert this weekend (and one with a pretty damn good local lineup) called "Ragonk-a-Thon?" Well, it's a joke. Kind of. And it all stems back to one fateful miscue by local sports newscaster T.C. Flemming from Sportsradio 1310 FM The Ticket. Local music, you see, is a flat circle.

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Midlake is Taking Over Dallas Music with Redwood Studios

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Redwood Studios on Facebook/a>
The Orbans record inside Redwood Studios, Denton's idyllic recording space
2014 was a pretty good year for Redwood Studios. The Denton recording studio, co-owned by Midlake members McKenzie Smith and Joey McClellan, played host to the sessions for some of North Texas' biggest albums of the year, including Sarah Jaffe's Don't Disconnect and Bethan's debut full-length, Time Gone By. And now 2015 looks to be just as busy, with records on the way from Seryn, Shadow Shows and the Azalea Project.

Barely two years old, Redwood has grown into one of the areas most influential studios -- and the sky would seem to be the limit. "We just started pre-production on the new Metallica record," boasts McClellan slyly. Then, breaking into a laugh, he says, "Just kidding."

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Ryan Tharp's Debut Album Has Been 11 Years in the Making

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Steve Watkins
Ryan Tharp
The first time I met Ryan Tharp was at Wingstock 2014. Amidst the chaos and buffalo wing sauce Tharp and his band were doing a soulful, yet somewhat experimental set -- bluesy, but with a certain tinge of Radiohead. So when I managed to wrangle a preview copy of Tharp's new album, Life So Far, it was a bit of a surprise: the album was well-crafted, blues-based rock. Sure, there was a touch of prog in there, and a hint of ambient, but experimental it was not. It was an excellent record nonetheless.

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