The Ultimate 2015 Dallas Record Store Day Guide

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Mike Mezeul
At Record Store Day, come for the records and stay for the party. We insist.

Ah, Record Store Day. Can't you just feel it in the air? The fresh-pressed vinyl, the excitement of exclusive releases, the pitter-patter of feet scurrying across a storeroom floor? It only comes once a year, an annual armistice between the hi-fi purists and the tepid collectors. The perfect blend of celebrating local business and indulging the mirth of collecting music. And if you've been counting down the days on your Jack White-themed calendar, you'll know it's just around the corner. The question is, how should you plot out your day at Dallas' record stores? We got you covered.

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Celebrating Coachella and the Art of the Music Festival High-Five

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Nate Jackson
Jason Eppworth giving a high five down low.
Smack!...Smack!....Smack! "Woooo! Coachellaaaaaaaahhh! Gimmie five!"

That's the sound of a loud, burly Kentucky man high-fiving his way through the sunburned Sunday crowd on weekend one of Coachella. Though he appears to be just another dude with a GA wristband, right now he's feeling more like one of the beloved performers of Indio's massive, three-day festival. Not just because he sorta looks like Action Bronson. It's because of the rapid swell of energy he's giving and receiving as he walks through the crowd. Standing about 5'9 with a husky, country boy build, truck driver Jason Eppworth's thick brown beard glistens with sweat. He sports a backpack, blue shirt, and a matching backwards University of Kentucky hat.

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Sleater-Kinney Was Feminist and Punk as Hell at Granada Theatre Last Night

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Mike Brooks
Carrie Brownstein and Sleater-Kinney rocked the Granada on Thursday.
For girls of a certain age -- God, I guess we're grown-up women now -- Sleater-Kinney was an initial introduction into both punk rock and feminist ideology. As we listened to the tunes from their self-titled debut and The Woods, we were subconsciously absorbing the idea that women can be just as talented, just as successful, and just as badass as men. For those young women, Sleater-Kinney represented a riot grrl awakening, not to mention some of the best rock music ever made.

Unfortunately, though, critics seem to cast Sleater-Kinney as just a "feminist" or "girl" band instead of one of the most influential punk acts of all time. Since they started touring after reuniting last year, critics across the country have wondered whether the "aging girl rockers" would be able to keep up their frenetic on-stage intensity. One critic in Pittsburgh accused frontwoman Corin Tucker of looking too "sweet and mom-like" to still rage. Last night at Granada Theatre, as they kicked off their No Cities To Love tour in Dallas, Sleater-Kinney proved all those sexist assholes wrong.

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The Best Concerts In Dallas This Weekend, 4/17-4/19

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Image via the Artist
Pull out your doobie marijuana sticks for Curren$y's 4/20 eve show.

This week looks like a very fruitful one in terms of shows. First and foremost, there's a ton of Record Store Day stuff happening with a gajillion bands and DJs sharing their love of music. Curren$y has a 4/20-eve show at South Side Ballroom where the clock is sure to strike midnight at some point. Sir Michael Rocks has a show at Three Links, Stone Temple Pilots rock out at the House of Blues, and OK Go does their quirky stuff at the Granada. There's plenty more, too.

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Lady Antebellum Singer Hillary Scott's Tour Bus Caught Fire in Garland This Morning

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Rachel Parker
Hillary Scott (pictured with her Lady Antebellum bandmates) had a close call this morning

This weekend, Dallas is going to be the epicenter of country music. The 50th Academy of Country Music Awards will be taking place at AT&T Stadium on Sunday, and in the days preceding the gala basically everybody who's anybody in country music will be here to perform, including two nighttime parties across the street at Globe Life Park.

For that to happen, though, everybody needs to get here safely -- and as Lady Antebellum's lead singer Hillary Scott found out this morning, that's not something to be taken for granted.

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It's Time for Denton's Clubs to Embrace the Proposed Smoking Ban

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Ed Steele
Dan's Silverleaf is already non-smoking, so why shouldn't all of Denton be the same?

How is it that Denton -- that bastion of forward, liberal thinking; the small town that could; the place where citizens rallied together to defeat big business and ban fracking -- can't seem to pass a definitive smoking ban?

A debate over the subject raged late into the night last week, as the Denton City Council debated the expansion of its restaurant smoking ban it passed in 2012. Some suggested amendments include a banning of electronic cigarettes in bars, the banning of sales of electronic cigarettes to minors, an expansion of the definition of what a patio is (smoking is still allowed on patios), and most surprisingly, a banning of live music in bars that allowed smoking. That last move is one that would effectively cause all bars in Denton, the live music capitol of North Texas, to go non-smoking.

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Armoury D.E. is a New Bar Coming Soon to Deep Ellum

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Armoury D.E. on Facebook
Armoury D.E. is about to transform this space into a sweet bar and patio

Just last week we were getting our feathers in a ruffle, heading out onto our lawn in Deep Ellum and screaming "GIT, GIT OFF." We were shaking a stick at development deals coming to Deep Ellum in the form of retail space and lofts. But, it comes from a place of love, and yes, things are actually looking really good right now in the neighborhood. And, with the soon-to-open new bar Armoury D.E., they're getting better and better.

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Stevie Ray Vaughan Changed Texas Music and Now He's Finally Getting His Due

Categories: Music History

Kaite Haugland on Flickr
Stevie Ray Vaughan cuts a tall figure over Texas music, and he's finally getting his due

We are beyond lucky in Texas when it comes to musicians. Whatever it is about the climate, weather or mix of folks, Texas has played home to legendary artists like Willie Nelson, Townes Van Zandt, Janis Joplin and, of course, blues legend Stevie Ray Vaughan. There were, no doubt, plenty of Texas bluesmen who paved the way for Vaughan's tragically short career. But it was the shy and shaggy-haired Vaughan, a Jimi Hendrix-obsessed guitar prodigy from Oak Cliff, who went down in history as arguably one of the most talented and musically influential artists across all genres.

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Amanda Fucking Palmer Was an Uplifting Mother-to-Be at Granada Theater Last Night

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Maddox Price
Amanda Palmer drew heavily on audience requests Wednesday in Dallas

Amanda Fucking Palmer
Granada Theater, Dallas
Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Amanda Palmer -- or, to give her proper billing, Amanda Fucking Palmer -- is about to be a mother. When she played Granda Theater last night, it was a special occasion not only because it was her first Dallas appearance in five years, her last visit being with the Dresden Dolls in 2010. The sold-out show was also the last stop on the U.S. leg of her tour before Palmer "disappears into motherhood," and it turned into something of an emotional event. There was lots of ukulele wielding, lots of positivity and there were lots of reminders that Palmer is a-fucking-mazing.

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How the Hell Do People Afford Coachella?

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Chris Victorio
Coachella's second weekend is just around the corner, but it costs major cash-money to go

By Marc Ballon

Sierra Blackford really wanted to go to Coachella. But it wasn't easy.

The 23-year-old Hawaiian singer-songwriter juggled three jobs as a waitress, playing gigs at local bars and working in a slipper store to save enough for her concert tickets, heavily discounted airfare (she knows somebody in the industry), camping fees and food.

Blackford has no complaints though. Talking just moments after Hozier's uplifting set, she said she couldn't put a price tag on the transcendence she experiences at Coachella. This two-time festival veteran said she found inspiration being surrounded by "great art and great music," as well as the 15 friends she came to the desert with.

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