A First Look at Kessler Park Eating House

Scott Reitz
Go eat these very soon
If you stop by the Erdeljac's new Kessler Park Eating House and don't order the pierogis, you're doing it wrong. They're listed on the menu with the other appetizers like there is nothing special about them, but there is. They should be listed in a bold font, maybe five to six points larger than the rest of the menu.

Actually the Erdeljac's should just consider calling their latest restaurant Kessler Park Pierogi Place, if that's not too alliterative. They're that good.

You likely know the duo from their debut restaurant Jonathon's -- the one that smells lightly of waffles, and always has a line snaking out the door. They announced the opening of a second restaurant last year, and have been slowly and softly opening over the last few weeks.

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We Gave Carnival Barker's a Big Box of Crap and They Made Us This Hot Dog Ice Cream

Categories: The Box

Catherine Downes
Behold: The prettiest hot dog you've ever seen.
We gave Aaron Barker of Carnival Barker's Ice Cream (at the Truck Yard) a big ol' box of crap and asked him to make us hot dog ice cream. He said, "OK."

Every ingredient from The Box had to be used, and he could choose to either split the items into two dishes, or to make one ice cream dish of delicious doom. Barker opted to make one dish. Because he's got big, giant ice cream balls.

Here are the ingredients that were included in his challenge:

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We Gave Carnival Barker's This Box of Crap and Made Them Make Us Hot Dog Ice Cream

Categories: The Box

Catherine Downes
We all know that Dallas chefs are great at cheffing. So we thought it might be fun to give them a chance to show off their chef creativity and skills with a challenge we're bringing back, called "The Box." Once a month or so, we'll invite a new lucky soul to attempt to conquer The Box. Their challenge will be to create something awesome out of whatever ingredients are inside. It'll be like Chopped plus Punk'd, only less terrible. We'll feature everyone from fancy chefs to food truck owners. This time, it's Carnival Barker's Ice Cream.

The task for Carnival Barker's is simple: It's National Ice Cream Month, and it's also National Hot Dog Month. So, obviously make us hot dog ice cream.

The complete challenge information is below. And it is wondrous. Behold: HOT DOG ICE CREAM CHALLENGE 2014.

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The Box: Tesar Tesars the Crap Out of The Box

Categories: The Box

Nick Rallo
Welcome to the return of City of Ate's The Box. Somehow, we got Spoon Bar & Kitchen's The Mr. Chef John Tesar to agree to take our The Box challenge. We even got Cafe Momentum's The Mr. Chef Chad Houser to help us pack The Box with the perfect, high-quality ingredients. Spoiler alert: Tesar kicked The Box's ass. Who knew Flavor-Blasted Goldfish could be so elegant?

The Challenge:
Create two dishes that could be added to the Spoon tasting menu, using the ingredients in The Box.

Ingredients in Tesar's The Box:
Goldfish (Flavor Blasted, cheddar)
Caviar (in jar, locally sourced from Kroger)
Giant Jar of Pickles
Breaded Fish Nuggets (frozen, sustainable?)
Grape Gatorade
Breakfast sausage (frozen)
Swedish Fish
Fish Sauce
Clam chowder (chunky)

The Rules:
You must use every ingredient in The Box. You must complete the task in two days.

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The Box: We Gave Lockhart Smokehouse a Box of Crap and They Smoked It.

Categories: The Box

the box dallas lockhart smokehouse.jpg
Smoked Flavor Weight Watchers String Cheese. And obviously, knock-off Fruit Loops.

For this episode of The Box, we took our box of crap to Dallas Lockhart Smokehouse. Spoiler alert: It ended well.

The Challenge: Create two delicious dishes using each of the ridiculous ingredients in The Box. You must smoke five of the nine ingredients, and each dish must include at least one of the smoked ingredients.

The Target: The pitmasters of Dallas Lockhart Smokehouse.

"We smoked everything but the Red Bull," Will Fleischman's beard said to us.

"How'd you like that Smoked Flavor String Cheese?" Alice asked.

"That stuff is weird. Thanks for that," Will's Beard replied.

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Brian C. Luscher Punches Cody Sharp in The Box

Categories: The Box

Brian C. Luscher created this The Box for Cody Sharp. It is glorious.

For this episode of The Box, we decided to try something a little different. We created the challenge, but instead of picking ingredients for the challenge ourselves, we enlisted the help of our first The Box victim: Chef Brian C. Luscher.

And for this round, we decided to go vegetarian. Blam.

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Here's All The Crazy Food of The Box in One Place

Categories: The Box

Nick Rallo
Matt McCallister made oreos with Bartles & Jaymes wine cooler sherbet in between.
The Box, if you haven't been following along, is the Cheap Bastard's brainchild, wherein chefs turn a box full o' crap and turn it into foodstuffs. Between Brian C. Luscher's weird-ass terrine of spam and quail eggs and the twinkie crowning inside a banana with homemade nutella, we've gotten some pretty wild stuff.

So, over in our slide show section, we've put together all the chef creations in one place (with fancy video links and such).

Alice and I will be along with more, for sure, as stumping these chefs' considerable talents is proving difficult. Maybe we'll just give the next chef a giant, horrifying gummy worm or something.

We Gave Good 2 Go Taco Chef Jeana Johnson This Big Box of Crap and She Invented The Best Hot Dog Evar

Categories: The Box

the box good 2 go taco jeana johnson.jpg
That's not bottled water.
Welcome to the return of The Box, the mean-ass game we play with chefs in town just because we like seeing these important-types give us the stink eye. Last time, Chef Chad Houser gave our The Box the stink eye and then made us fancy Easter Dinner out of Peeps and popcorn. This time, we gave our The Box to Good 2 Go Taco's Chef Jeana Johnson.

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We Gave Parigi Chef Chad Houser This Big Box of Crap and He Made Us Easter Dinner

Aaand obviously: mortadella.
Welcome to the return of The Box. Last time, Craig Cottier turned the ingredients from The Box into radass St. Paddy's Day drinks. This time, we gave our big box of crap to Chad Houser, Cafe Momentum do-er and Parigi cheffer ("Parigi" means "fucking delicious deviled eggs" in French talk).

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We Gave NHS Tavern a Big Box of Crap and They Made Us St. Patty's Day Drinks

Categories: The Box

Nick Rallo
NHS Tavern made these awesome drinks using ingredients from our big box o' crap.
Last week, we asked Neighborhood Services Tavern mixologist Craig Cottier to use the ingredients in our The Box (shown below) to make us three St. Patrick's Day-appropriate drinks that don't taste like Hulk splooge.

Yep. Somewhere in those drinks is a russet potato, mint jelly and weird, carbonated melon drink from Japan.

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