Houndstooth Coffee, Now Open on Henderson, Is a Serious Place for Serious Coffee People

Weaving people and java together forever.
I've never been to a coffee shop with an ethos before. Mostly I just want a cup of coffee that doesn't suck, some wifi and a place to plug in my laptop adapter. Bonus points for decent ergonomics so I can put in an extra long hyper-caffeinated work session without blowing out my elbows or straining my back.

Houndstooth is not this type of coffee shop. There's not a single outlet for device charging. Clearly this is a place where customers are expected to absolve themselves from their every day toil and Facebook-scrolling and shift their focus solely to the coffee. And it's very good coffee. I tried two of the varieties that were available this morning, a light and fruity number and a rustico, both in cortados, which probably is a terrible way to taste a bean for the first time but it was early and I needed what I needed.

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House 34 in Uptown Has Closed

House 34 during construction last year on McKinney Avenue.
It's weird how things work this way. Just last week I was driving up McKinney Avenue and a traffic light stopped me right in front of House 34. There were two people on the porch, which is more or less the number of customers I saw enjoying themselves every time I passed the restaurant. I wondered aloud how the place was staying open. Turns out, it's not.

If the For Lease banner hanging from the pergola doesn't say it clearly enough, the letter taped to the door does. House 34 closed this week. The notice cited more than $24,000 in back rent and fees.

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Houndstooth Coffee Finally Arrives in Dallas This Week

Austin's Houndstooth promises a customized coffee experience
For most of 2014, Houndstooth has slowly been taking shape on Henderson Avenue, its veneer of finished cedar tiles and planks cover the walls and planter boxes out front. Inside chairs of blond wood and blue steel wait to cradle caffeinated bums and more cedar lines the counters and walls.

The Austin-based coffee joint recently announced it would this Thurday, and also promised a customized coffee drinking experience unlike Dallas has ever seen. This is the third Houndstooth and the first outside of Austin.

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Herrera's on Maple Avenue Is Closing

A sign tapes to the door at Herrera's delivers ominous news.
It was supposed to be easy, at least as far as tangles with the city go. Nora Ontiveros, who owned Herrera's with her husband Larry, was at city hall trying to figure out how to change the address of the building she expected would host the fourth location of her much-loved Tex-Mex restaurant. The first Herrera's was located at 3902 Maple Avenue, and when the owners were ready to expand, the second Herrera's opened up across the street in a strip mall. Years later, developers toppled that location, so Herrera's moved to another strip-mall spot, also on Maple Avenue.

When the same developers announced they'd be taking the land under the third Herrera's location, Ontiveros tentatively signed on for a fourth -- a yet-to-be constructed building built specifically for the restaurant located on the corner of Throckmorton Street and Maple Avenue, still perilously close to Observer HQ. But it bore a Throckmorton address. For 44 years Herrera's had always resided on Maple Avenue. This could not be.

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LYFE Kitchen Is Open in the West Village

Abundant chervil
Amid the competing tortilla smells of Mi Cocina and Taco Diner, LYFE officially opened in the West Village yesterday, holding a special event last evening for media and food bloggers. I sneaked in during lunch service earlier that afternoon, half because I was curious about the place Mark Bittman called a worthy alternative to the nation's fast food machine, and half because I was excited to eat anything that wasn't a hamburger or steak. After reviewing a steakhouse and a restaurant whose best dish was meatloaf back to back, my arteries demanded it.

I ordered the burger.

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In Most Addison Move Ever, TGI Friday's to Open Across the Street from TGI Friday's

Mike Mozart via Flickr
The two sides of TGI Friday's. Stripy, and squares and triangles and stuff. New concept? Perhaps.
Look, when it comes to a much-mocked place like Addison, you don't always want to deal in stereotypes. But sometimes these jokes write themselves.

In what is presumably an attempt to catch people who accidentally drove past the first Addison TGI Friday's, a second one is opening a block away. Crucially, this one will be on the north side of Belt Line, rather than south. Here are some photos we stumbled on of the supposed renovation work of the former Champps location.

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Potato Flats, a Restaurant Devoted Entirely to the Baked Potato, Opens Today in Dallas

Via Jerry Pank
Butter is only the beginning.
The next addition to Trinity Groves opens today, and I'm going to log it as the least likely restaurant in the group to serve as a pre-prom dinner locale. Potato Flats offerspotatoes baked until they're soft and fluffy, topped with your choice of just about everything that's been put on a potato until this point in history.

There are chef-driven potato recipes, like the Thanksgiving Everyday, which tops your spud with sliced turkey, gravy, roasted carrots, peas, corn and cranberry relish. Or maybe you'd be more interested in the Italiano, which makes use of Italian sausage, Alfredo sauce, roasted carrots, peas, diced tomato, bacon and snipped chives.

Sound heavy? It is.

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A First Look at Bocce, a BYOB Italian Spot That Opens This Weekend in Oak Cliff

Nanna's Sunday gravy is loaded with tomatoes and braised meats.
A new, small Italian restaurant opened in Oak Cliff recently, but a grand opening is set for this weekend. Owners Donna and Robert Rice describe their menu as southern Italian and the restaurant is BYOB.

Don't take the name too literally; there are no Bocce courts to be had. The moniker is meant to evoke a favorite family past time of the Rice's, while the menu is inspired by their love of eating.

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Hopdoddy Is Open in Uptown, and There's Something about That Thunderbird Sandwich

Better than any grilled chicken sandwich you've ever eaten.
Last week the newest location of Hopdoddy opened on McKinney Avenue in the old Frankie's Sports Bar space. By Friday the line for lunch-time burger action reached out the door.

If you've chomped your way through any of Hopdoddy's sloppy burger creations at the Preston Center location, you'll know what to expect. The only real difference between the two locations is the layout, and a bit more outdoor seating on the Uptown patio. Still, the new location gives you another excuse to check out one of the burgers you may have missed so far, and the restaurant is a welcome addition to this part of McKinney Avenue.

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Steel City Pops Is Open on Greenville, and the Choice Between "Creamy" and "Fruity" Is Yours

Amy McCarthy
This time of year, the temperatures in Dallas remind us why we all choose to live in Texas. The weather is beautiful, but it will soon turn into a sweltering inferno that will turn all of us into sweaty, pissed off jerks. When it's 110 degrees outside, as it will be before long, the only thing that sounds remotely appealing is moving into a walk-in freezer. And popsicles.

Artisan popsicles have been a thing for a while now. With quirky flavor combinations and fresh, whole ingredients, local shops like Pop Star have re-imagined the sticky-sweet childhood favorite into culinary masterpieces on a stick. Now, an out-of-towner is bringing their own unique spin on artisan popsicles to Lower Greenville.

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