Plano's Smoke Will Open Soon, with a Custom Hearth and a Lot of Promise

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Sara Kerens
The burger is moving northward
Remember way back in March when we told you the Dallas area was going to get a second Smoke? Owners Christopher Zielke, Christopher Jeffers and Tim Byre signed a lease on a space in Plano and said they hoped to be open by the year's end.

The latest announcement from the group confirms that they will meet this goal, if only barely. The Plano location is set to open the last week of December, and the newest restaurant has a few embellishments the original location is lacking.

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DiDi's Tamale Diner Is Now Serving Tamales in Trinity Groves, with Mezcal to Wash Them Down

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More tamales in Dallas? YES PLEASE.
DiDi's Tamale Diner, a casual tamale and tequila joint, opened its doors in Trinity Groves last week. DiDi's Tamale Diner was originally opened in Mesquite in 2011, earning rave reviews from local diners who have sorely missed the spot since it closed for the relocation to Dallas. From all accounts, the rave reviews are for good reason -- the tamales are freshly made, the ingredients top-quality. Owner Andina Fernandez has been twisting them up for the last 20 years, and we all know that tequila makes everything taste just a little better.

Alongside tequila, a selection of white-hot trendy Mexican mezcal will be a prominent feature of DiDi's Tamale Bar. Thanks to its smooth, smoky qualities, mezcal is the perfect accompaniment for a few spicy tamales or a torta the size of your head. If you're too big of a wimp to take down shots of mezcal, there's also a full bar for lames to order their boring beers and vodka sodas.

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Whiskey Cake's Whiskey Cake Is a Gut Bomb of Epic Proportions

Whiskey Cake's whiskey cake boasts what borders on egregious whipped cream application.
Whiskey Cake, the Front Burner Restaurant Group's ode to casual dining in Plano, has been open for almost four years now, and other than two new locations, not much has changed. When Hanna Raskin reviewed the restaurant for the Observer shortly after it opened, she described creative cocktails, mustardy deviled eggs and a menu filled with other satisfying dishes that made the restaurant worth a visit. All of those things still hold true.

The restaurant still serves its namesake dessert, too: a whiskey cake with the texture and appearance of meatloaf, bathed in bourbon Anglaise sauce and crowned with whipped cream, according to Raskin. But I'm left to wonder if Raskin got as much whipped cream as I did.

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From the Snuffers, Pat's and Mike's Is Now Serving Pizza and Tequila Shots in North Dallas

The sleek, new Pat's and Mike's
Snuffer's founder Pat Snuffer isn't interested in talking about his past endeavors. Instead, he seems excited for his future in bar food and, now, pizza. His newest restaurant, Pat's and Mike's, is the start of a new chapter for the longtime, Dallas-area restaurateur -- one that includes his son, Mike, who plans on carrying the Snuffer family legacy.

Pat's and Mike's opened earlier this month in North Dallas and, according to Pat, things are going well. A mix of new customers from the neighborhood and customers loyal to his previous brand have come in and checked out the new place, and he has slowly become versed in the art of pizza production.

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The King of Dallas' Underground Dining Scene Is Close to Opening His First Restaurant

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David Anthony Temple gets ready for the big time.
Could David Anthony Temple's long awaited Twenty Seven finally be coming to fruition? The rogue chef says he's aiming to open his first restaurant at the start of next year in Deep Ellum.

Temple gained popularity years ago as one of the first chefs to shore up Dallas' rather anemic underground dining scene. But in 2011, Temple began using the private diners he held at a catering company in Deep Ellum to fuel his dream of a fully licensed restaurant. Temple announced Twenty Seven, a fine-dining restaurant whose name gave a nod to Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix and other artists who died at the same age. For a while, though, it didn't seem like his restaurant was going to survive much past conception.

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The West Dallas Herrera's Is Open

All is right in the world once again.
The Herrera's location that closed recently on Maple Avenue has been revived and then some at its new address in West Dallas. Touted as the original Hererra's, as a slew of spinoffs have opened and closed around the city, the new location opened for business yesterday and bests its previous locations by a truckload of enchiladas.

See also: Herrera's on Maple Avenue Is Closing

For starters there's a new patio that's partially shaded, landscaped with plants and outfitted with a number of tables. The outdoor seating is perfect for your taco cravings in all but the most extreme weather conditions.

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Checking Out Vertskebap, the Austin Doner Chain Bringing Kebap to the Dallas Masses

This is what a beef and lamb kebap looks like as it's shuttled toward your face.
A few years back, I set out in search of a great gyro for all to enjoy. It didn't go well. My partner-in-tzatziki almost died, and neither of us was able to work the rest of the afternoon. We ate pounds and pounds of gyros, and when we finished we resolved that most of them were pretty terrible.

My gripe was that every gyro we encountered was made from a frozen meatsicle processed at a plant in the suburbs of Chicago. The substandard meat isn't just a Dallas phenomenon; most of the gyros served in the States make use of the gyro-pop. But every now and then (like that time I was in Chicago) I run into gyros that are stacked by hand with huge slabs of marinated meat. They're delicious.

See also: Dispatch From Chicago: Hunting For A Real Deal Gyro

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Mudsmith & The Londoner To Open Downtown

Catherine Downes
How many animals will be needed to adorn the walls of the new downtown Mudsmith?

News reaches us that Lower Greenville's fanciest coffee shop/bar/place to look at people using Apple products is to branch out to the previously uncool downtown Dallas in a redevelopment on the 1500 block of Elm.

When it gets there, it'll take one look at its new building and notice it has been joined by the Londoner, a local chain that stretches from Addison to Frisco, and Southpaw's Organic Grill, which has outlets in Uptown and the Park Cities, which is code for "fancy."

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Henry's Majestic, Chef "Roe" DiLeo's New Restaurant on McKinney, Is Now Open

via Henry's Majestic
This burger, dude. Good enough to be served with a stupid salad.
After well-received stints at two Dallas institutions and her currently-airing appearance on Gordon Ramsay's Hell's Kitchen, Rosanne "Roe" DiLeo is seemingly up for anything. This time, Chef Roe won't be dodging pans slung by a cursing Englishman or setting a new standard for bar food at The Libertine. Instead, she'll be working on creating a "new oasis for Dallas' diners and drinkers" in Uptown.

Tonight, Chef Roe will debut her fancy-but-approachable new dinner menu at Henry's Majestic on McKinney Ave. The restaurant is the brainchild of the owners of another highly successful Uptown institution, Bread Winners. Henry's Majestic won't focus on making baked goods and brunch like its sister restaurant, but there will be brunch, and while mostly traditional, it does not look disappointing. Even a simple avocado toast, pictured below, is enough to make you want to sleep until Saturday.

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A Bar Named On Premise Is Coming to Deep Ellum, Like Your Liver Needs That

Fifty bucks says they ditch the table cloths.
Lemongrass, the Deep Ellum Vietnamese restaurant that survived for years at 2711 Elm despite no one you know ever eating there, is closing. It will be replaced by a bar with the last remaining clever bar name, On Premise. All future bars will simply be numbered ("Bar 1," "Bar 2," etc.), like New York public schools and firehouses. Wait, no: Firehouse 37 is actually a cool name for a firehouse-themed bar with flaming cocktails and fire hoses for bar taps and a pole behind the bar for the bar backs. Someone do that, then we'll start numbering them.

Anyway, On Premise. It's brought to you by the guys behind The Mitchell, which is a cleverly named bar taking over the former home of The Chesterfield, which was a cleverly named bar downtown. One of the On Premisers, Chris Beardon, also owns Truth & Alibi, a cleverly named nightclub that looks like a cleverly named candy shop.

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