Coming Soon to Greenville Avenue: C'viche, a Sea of Seafood and Booze

KBD Concepts
A ceviche from C'viche.
Randall Warder's second restaurant on Greenville Avenue will officially open its doors February 10, he said this week.
C'viche, which will serve ceviche, lands on the heels of Clark Food and Wine, which Warder opened late last year next door. Clark offers a variety of smoked meats, sides and appetizers while C'viche will specialize in booze and pickled seafood.

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Barter, in Uptown, Has Closed

Kathy Tran
No more drinks at Barter in Uptown.
"This will be our last weekend at Barter," started the Facebook post that announced the second restaurant to close at 3232 McKinney Ave. The address was first home to the much-hyped Private Social, which opened in 2011 and closed two years later. Barter had an even shorter run. The closures are juxtaposed with the success of neighboring Del Frisco's Grille, which opened in 2012 and keeps kicking out steaks.

While Private Social garnered a lot of attention from the press (red carpet opening, four-star reviews), Barter received more timid coverage. Aside from the many blog posts announcing its opening -- most touting chef Tim Love's involvement with the menu -- Barter operated mostly under the radar.

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Coming Soon to East Dallas: Harvey G's, a Humble Burger-and-Fries Takeout Joint

Scott Reitz
Coming soon.
A new burger joint is expected to open on Columbia Avenue just north of Carroll Avenue any day now. The sign for the restaurant went up late last year, and lettering in the window solicited employees.

Harvey G's sports a retro facade, and the inside of the restaurant is dedicated to East Dallas, burgers, cheese fries and beer. Pictures taken around the neighborhood hang on the wall (the Lakewood Theater, It'll Do Club and more) and the smell of freshly frying spuds will soon fill the air. And then there's the signature Poncho Villa burger.

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FT33's Matt McCallister Will Open a New Restaurant Called Filament in Deep Ellum

Can Turkyilmaz
McCallister's kid goes to the same school as the editor's kid and whenever the editor's wife sees McCallister there she seems really distracted for some reason.
Well, it's about to happen. After running FT33 successfully for just more than two years, chef/owner Matt McCallister has announced he'll open his second restaurant by the end of this spring in Deep Ellum.

Filament will borrow from the forage-friendly high-tech approach McCallister has made a trademark at his first restaurant, but with a menu that's more relaxed and affordable. If you always felt uncomfortable walking into FT33 and ordering a ham sandwich, you might be able to get away with it at his new spot.

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John Tesar on Shelving Spoon: "I Created One of the Best Restaurants Dallas Has Ever Seen"

Kevin Marple
The kitchen at Spoon, which closed at the end of last year.
Spoon Bar and Kitchen shuttered December 31, 2014. The restaurant concluded its two-year run in the Preston Center with a packed dinner service that turned 144 covers, according to chef and co-owner John Tesar. The closure is primarily being blamed on diverging business objectives between Tesar and his partners at Chanticleer Holdings, Inc., a group that also owns Hooters, American Burger Co. and other food businesses, but Tesar admits that sales had recently slowed at the popular seafood restaurant.

"It has nothing to do with the success of Knife," Tesar said, referring to his recently opened steakhouse at the Highland Dallas on Mockingbird Lane. The coming of Knife was announced with Spoon at the height of its popularity, and Tesar did his best to squelch concerns that his first restaurant would be neglected or forgotten. He pointed to an eight-year lease with impossibly low rent in an interview with the Observer, calling the space "the deal of a lifetime."

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A First Look at Remedy, a Top Chef's New Restaurant and Bar on Lower Greenville

Alyson Sheppard
Remedy's Kentucky Highball and Better Lemon Cocktail.
The soda fountain-ish restaurant Remedy opened Friday night on Lower Greenville. The eatery and bar is the creation of Elias Pope, founder of the paleo-friendly HG Sply Co., located two doors down.

Remedy doesn't look like any bubbly soda fountain you've ever seen: Everything is sleek and gray, from the waiters' uniforms to the stripe on the drinking straw to the tufted booths that appear to have been ordered from a Restoration Hardware catalog. The soundtrack is hip-hop, not doo-wop.

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Pera Kebab Is Now Open, and Worth Your Attention

Not a gyro, but pretty damn delicious.
It seems just a while ago, we were all sitting around and moping about the loss of Sharaku. In truth it was just last fall we heard that the Izakaya was closing: no more grilled pork skewers, no more chicken hearts, no more sake by the gallon. The horror.

But Sharaku's passing made way for a third restaurant by the Pera folks, which is a decent trade for Dallasites. Before, if you wanted to try their Turkish cooking, a drive up the toll road was required. Now, if you happen to be downtown, much of their great food is accessible by trolley.

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Remedy Opens on Lower Greenville Tonight

Photo courtesy of the Grape
Danyele McPherson: From the Grape to Top Chef to Remedy
It seemed like a long wait, but it almost always is. It was all the way back in March when we found out why Danyele McPhearson had abandoned her post at The Grape to join the folks at HG Sply Co. Owner Elias Pope was preparing to open Remedy, which we then were lead to believe was some sort of up-scale soda fountain next to his existing restaurant on Greenville Avenue.

A conversation with McPhearson last fall confirmed the soda fountain theme would shrug off the shiny chrome and paper hats of the past. "That's not us," she said. What's better, we learned, was that Remedy referred to that all-to-popular cure for all that ails you. This place is going to have plenty of drinks.

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Eight Dallas Restaurant Openings We're Looking Forward to in 2015

Scott Reitz
More ramen? Fuck yeah.
There were plenty of excellent new restaurants that opened in the city over the past year, and their arrivals signified a shift in the Dallas food scene. But 2015 may be even better.

With openings from chefs like Brian Luscher, Tyson Cole, and Shannon Wynne, there is potential greatness coming in the next few months. Mark your calendar for these ten restaurant openings, because your current dining routine is probably boring.

Ten Ramen (above)
Tei-An, Teiichi Sakurai's restaurant in One Arts Plaza, is loved by all who have been there, but it dents the wallet. Next year, Sakurai is bringing the budget-friendly Ten Ramen to the Sylvan Thirty development alongside I-30, where he can serve up his famous ramen in countless iterations. A fire earlier this year caused construction delays in the development, meaning that Ten Ramen will open sometime in January.

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The Biggest Dallas Restaurant Closings of 2014

file photo
Bye bye, Driftwood. We loved ye.

There are some years that are better for restaurants than others. In 2014, we saw explosive growth as restaurants of all kinds opened all over Dallas. Many of the city's restaurateurs have been very lucky this year as they took risks and opened restaurants in locations that seemed tricky, if not downright impossible. (See: VH Oak Cliff, Henry's Majestic)

Undoubtedly, more good restaurants have opened than closed this year, which can only mean good things for the Dallas dining scene as we head into 2015. Still, some very notable spots closed up shop, from beloved dive bars to fancy fine dining, and we're going to miss them.

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