Brewsters, Fort Worth's New Burger Joint, Has A Lot of Beer and Weird Burger Toppings

Jenni Hanley
The loaded fries and Lakewood Hop Trapp IPA
If nothing else, Brewsters is proof that more is always better when it comes to burgers and beer. And bacon.

New to Fort Worth's burgeoning West 7th neighborhood, it joins American F+B, Rodeo Goat and a host of other crafty grub spots. But this place has a distinct, sporty vibe. With seven flat-screen TVs, you can watch your bracket get busted or see the Cowboys lose in high def.

That's where the beer comes in.

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The First Super Chix, a Fast-Food Chicken Joint from KFC's Owners, Opens in Arlington

Yum! Brands, the parent company of KFC and creator of things like Doritos Locos Tacos, opened a new chicken concept in Central Arlington Wednesday called Super Chix (612 W. Park Row). This test store is the only one of its kind in the country, and while the two main menu items, chicken strips and chicken sandwiches, are clearly a play off Chick-fil-A, it isn't an across-the-board clone.

As a way to say howdy to the neighborhood, Super Chix gave out free boxes of chicken strips on the first day of business yesterday, and nearby UTA students were more than happy to oblige. Today they'll have free fries; frozen custard on Friday. (Coupons can be found on the Super Chix Facebook page.) With 3,000-plus Arlington High School students just across the street and 34,000 UTA Mavericks less than a mile away, those items should go out the door easy, too.

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R.I.P. Pop Star Handcrafted Popsicles, AKA the Popsicle Van

If there is one image that sticks in my mind most from the White Rock Lake Local Market, besides one of Luscher's Red Hots ascending toward my face, it was that of kids streaming away from the van pictured above, popsicles in hand, faces painted in a rainbow of orange, red and green. The popsicle is a celebration of summer and, at this market at least, it was the chosen sweet.

Sadly, John Doumas announced in an email last week that Pop Star Popsicles would close for good, effective immediately. He cited family health concerns as the reason for dismantling the business.

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San Salvaje, the New Restaurant from Stephan Pyles, Sounds Kind of Trippy

Stephan Pyles' replacement for Samar was announced earlier this week. San Salvaje, which translates to "wild saint," is expected to open at the end of this month, and it sounds like it's shaping up to be the most interesting restaurant he's opened to date.

The old Samar focused on Indian and Middle Eastern cuisines, capturing flavors along portions of the Silk Road. With San Salvaje (San Sal-vah-hay), Pyles the Culinary Conquerer will start with the small border town of Harlingen and move southward, not stopping until he's captured the essence of every country from Mexico to Argentina, Peru to Brazil and all the way out to Cuba and the islands of the Caribbean.

Then things get a little crazy.

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Former Cedars Social Cocktail King Michael Martensen Will Open Proof + Pantry in One Arts

The patio space that will soon be part of Proof + Pantry
Michael Martensen has announced that he and partner Sal Jafar II, co-founder of Driftwood in Oak Cliff, have taken over the One Arts space that used to hold The Greek. The barman responsible in part for Smyth and Cedars Social (he's since parted with both bars) plans to open Proof + Pantry this summer.

Martensen obviously has a handle on the proof side of things. His hasty departure from Smyth and Cedars Social has had cocktail snobs wondering where he would land for months. While the actual cocktails aren't mentioned, there is a reference to drink menu in the news release, indicating customers won't have to pontificate on spirit preferences and flavor profiles to order a cocktail as they did at Smyth.

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Rollngo, Dallas' New Vietnamese Fast Food Restaurant, Is Now Open

If you like Bistro B but don't have time for a full-service dining experience (or to make your way through their 500 item menu), you might check out Rollngo on Greenville Avenue. Bistro B's sister restaurant opened last week, just south of Northwest Highway, and offers Vietnamese food on the fly.

Banh mi run $4.25, or three for $10, and come in at least 14 varieties including meatball, grilled chicken and pork, and a crispy turmeric fish version looks worth a try. Rice platters range $5.99-$8.99, and grilled meats and fish and a few common sautées like shaking beef are available.

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The Dearly Departed Restaurants of Dallas

Lori Bandi
The burger at since-closed Tried and True, one of three Henderson Avenue places we miss.
Two years.

Two years, one month and 23 days, to be specific. That's how long it's been since my favorite neighborhood restaurant closed. Oh, sure; others have stepped in to capably fill the void. But nothing will ever quite measure up to the restaurant that's dearly departed.

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Toko V and Village Kitchen Are Closing, and That's a Good Sign for Dallas' Dining Scene

This thing is ridiculous.
By now you've perhaps heard the news: Village Kitchen and Toko V are done at the end of the week. The closure, paired with the recent demise of The Greek and Cafe des Artistes in One Arts Plaza, has local restaurant cognoscenti debating the state of Dallas' dining scene. Each of these restaurants tended to cling to clichéd, uninventive menus that have historically pulled in big profits, so does that fact that they're not working now suggest Dallas' dining palate is evolving?

It certainly could. Restaurants like FT33, Tei-An and Lucia are demonstrating that a growing number of Dallasites are ready for more than wedge salads and overcooked steaks, and they're doing strong business. And it's not just fine dining that's taking a turn. Ten Bells Tavern, Blind Butcher and other bars shun everyday bar food for handcrafted pub fare and hand-cranked sausages, while casual places like Mot Hai Ba are expanding our expectations for neighborhood restaurants.

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The Greek Is Closed in One Arts Plaza, and One Arts Plaza Is Still Boring

Food Bitch
Last May I hit my breaking point with One Arts Plaza after I reviewed The Greek, which was a major disappointment. I wrote that the menu might provide a decent substitute for sleeping pills and described some of the ingredients used there as terrible. The restaurant closed yesterday, as reported by The Dallas Morning News. No big surprise.

Before The Greek came and went, John Tesar's The Commissary, whose burgers many still miss, opened and closed, and before that Dali. The space appears doomed.

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The Establishment, a New Oyster Bar in Uptown, Is (Finally) Open

oyster EST release.jpg

I think I mention the length of time it took a restaurant to open in about one of every three stories I write about a new place. It's tough getting the coveted certificate of occupancy from the city, and unexpected delays can pile up like tile dust on the floor.

The Establishment, though, takes opening delays to another level. It was October of 2012 when Brian Williams and Michael Martensen first announced The Establishment in Uptown. At that time, the restaurant was expected to open in December of the same year. Now a year and a half later the oyster bar and restaurant is finally open, but Martensen is no longer part of the team.

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