Henry's Majestic Will Open Next Month in the Former Acme F&B Space on McKinney

Several weeks ago the neon Majestic Spa sign, mounted to an abandoned Oak Lawn building in the Design District, went missing. While the "spa" itself had been closed since I can remember, the beacon had always stirred a personal interest. It appeared to have been chiseled off the concrete storefront. Who would do such a thing?

The owners of Henry's Majectic -- that's who.

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Small Brewpub Is Coming to Oak Cliff

A shot from Small's minimalist website
Aaron Garcia hasn't always been a commercial beer brewer. Not long ago, he owned part of a company that handled web design, making his company's tools accessible to their users. The money was good, but Garcia didn't have much passion for CSS and HTML.

In his downtime, he'd tinker with home brewing systems, honing his skills in craft beer. He always planned to turn his love into a profession and an early retirement. He just had no idea how early it would happen.

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Brian Luscher Will Open a Chicago-Style Hot Dog Restaurant in Deep Ellum This Fall

It's been more than a year since news first came out that Grape chef-owner Brian Luscher planned to open an eponymous restaurant in East Dallas. In July of last year, Luscher announced that he'd signed a lease on a building that previously housed a corner store on Gaston Avenue. Luscher promised his own Post Oak Red Hots right across the street from the Elbow Room. People were freaking. Then the mustard hit the fan.

The parking restrictions that delayed the opening of La Banqueta on Carroll Avenue completely crippled Luscher's plans and the project folded in April of this year, with Luscher vowing to find a new spot. Luscher has been pensive about discussion a new timeline for time line for his hot dog joint. "I've had my heart broken a couple of times," he said.

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The Dallas Restaurants That Opened and Closed in August

Catherine Downes
Melon Soup from Proof + Pantry
Another busy month has come and gone and with it a handful of restaurants have opened and closed. Read on for the full list of restaurant news in August from us and other Dallas publications, and be sure to share tips about new and/or shuttered restaurants at dish@dallasobserver.com.

Proof + Pantry (1722 Routh): This new restaurant by cocktail wiz Michael Martensen is now open in One Arts Plaza.

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First Look at Proof + Pantry, the New Dallas Restaurant by Cocktail Wiz Michael Martensen

Photos by Catherine Downes
Proof + Pantry, located in One Arts Plaza, in the space that once housed The Greek and before that The Commissary, is now open. The highly anticipated restaurant is the product of Michael Martensen, the barman previously behind The Cedars Social and Smyth, and his business partner Driftwood co-founder Sal Jafar II.

The food menu is limited, with dishes divided into four sections. "Bulk" offers family-style share plates, including a whole chicken with salsify (a root vegetable in the dandelion family), asparagus and mushrooms ($44). "Soil" is filled with vegetarian dishes like melon soup ($12), cauliflower with soft cheese and black truffles ($16) and heirloom tomato salad ($14). "By Land" offers bone marrow ($19) and a day-old duck egg with lamb belly and frisee ($16). And the final section, "By Sea," offers seafood. There's a shrimp cocktail with lemon gel and horseradish ($24), raclette tart with smoked salmon roe, honey creme fraiche and green onions ($16) and snapper crudo ($17).

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Ashwood, Which Replaced the Awesome Bonchon, Is Not Awesome

Ashwood's namesake burger boasts pickled peppers.
If you've been missing Bonchon, you might want to let that lament go; no trace of the excellent Korean-fried chicken joint remains. Bonchon closed about three weeks ago, after a short-lived existence on Greenville Avenue. The owners said revenue hadn't been what they expected.

For their new concept, they gave the face a minimal face-lift. The greasy sheen that was ever-present on the floor during the Bonchon days is gone, and some brick work has been added behind the bar. There's a patio space now, complete with two sets of cornhole decks but hardly enough room for anyone to use them. They face each other in a bed of mulch, maybe 20 feet apart from each other and tightly packed side-to-side.

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Shivas Bar & Grill, a New Late-Night Indian Restaurant on Lower Greenville, Is Now Open

The chile bhaji at Shiva's
Shivas Bar & Grill opened this on Greenville Avenue, tucked into the same strip that used to house Jack's and then JO24. A kolache restaurant named Bohemian Cafe will open next door this fall.

But for now, the fresh smells of curry are wafting down the strip, which is nice. Other than Nora and Qariah, most the new restaurants that have opened up on Lower Greenville have had domestic leanings.

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Houndstooth Coffee, Now Open on Henderson, Is a Serious Place for Serious Coffee People

Weaving people and java together forever.
I've never been to a coffee shop with an ethos before. Mostly I just want a cup of coffee that doesn't suck, some wifi and a place to plug in my laptop adapter. Bonus points for decent ergonomics so I can put in an extra long hyper-caffeinated work session without blowing out my elbows or straining my back.

Houndstooth is not this type of coffee shop. There's not a single outlet for device charging. Clearly this is a place where customers are expected to absolve themselves from their every day toil and Facebook-scrolling and shift their focus solely to the coffee. And it's very good coffee. I tried two of the varieties that were available this morning, a light and fruity number and a rustico, both in cortados, which probably is a terrible way to taste a bean for the first time but it was early and I needed what I needed.

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House 34 in Uptown Has Closed

House 34 during construction last year on McKinney Avenue.
It's weird how things work this way. Just last week I was driving up McKinney Avenue and a traffic light stopped me right in front of House 34. There were two people on the porch, which is more or less the number of customers I saw enjoying themselves every time I passed the restaurant. I wondered aloud how the place was staying open. Turns out, it's not.

If the For Lease banner hanging from the pergola doesn't say it clearly enough, the letter taped to the door does. House 34 closed this week. The notice cited more than $24,000 in back rent and fees.

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Houndstooth Coffee Finally Arrives in Dallas This Week

Austin's Houndstooth promises a customized coffee experience
For most of 2014, Houndstooth has slowly been taking shape on Henderson Avenue, its veneer of finished cedar tiles and planks cover the walls and planter boxes out front. Inside chairs of blond wood and blue steel wait to cradle caffeinated bums and more cedar lines the counters and walls.

The Austin-based coffee joint recently announced it would this Thurday, and also promised a customized coffee drinking experience unlike Dallas has ever seen. This is the third Houndstooth and the first outside of Austin.

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