Dallas Restaurants Where You Can Eat Like a Francophile on Bastille Day

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Rise No 1: Come for the wine, stay for the wine.
As Americans, we generally don't give a shit about the historical observances of other countries. There is one major exception, though - any holiday or festival that allows us to get really drunk or eat a lot of food. See St. Patrick's Day, Carnivale, and Cinco de Mayo.

Today is Bastille Day, the day French people commemorate the day that kicked off the French Revolution. In France, there are parades and traditional hours-long feasts to celebrate Bastille Day. In Dallas, you can celebrate in a decidedly American way: by eating as much French food as you possibly can. Here are seven places you can do so.

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Dallas Chefs on Twitter: the Good, the Bad and the Exceptionally Weird

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John Tesar.jpg
Allison V. Perkins
Follow John Tesar for all the latest news on where the hell his glasses are.
Social media is a beautiful thing. Sites like Twitter and Facebook allow us to read all about our high school classmates' stupid kids, yell at politicians about gun control and tweet creepy, 140-character love notes at celebrities we like. Thanks to cooking shows like Top Chef and Chopped, chefs are rapidly becoming part of the social media glitterati.

Dallas certainly has its share of nationally and locally famous chefs. Many of them eschew social media, probably because they're too busy foraging for weird ingredients or learning chemistry so that they can spherify foods. There are a few that really love their social media, and they're actually pretty good at it.

I'm not saying that you should actually follow all of these chefs on Twitter for a wealth of good food content. But you shouldn't miss out on the unintentional (and intentional) hilarity, quality food information, and other goodness on these nine timelines.

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Dallas' 5 Best Coffee Shops

Catherine Downes

If coffee is important to you in a biological or emotional way, then you probably have an attachment to a coffee shop. If your love/addiction runs deep, you have a go-to place in every neighborhood in town.

But what makes a coffee shop really good? The kind of good that causes you to drive out of your way for it? The kind of good where you don't mind paying $1.50 more than you would at Starbucks? I would like to propose three fundamental factors that make a coffee shop more than a caffeine pit stop.

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The Nine Best BLTs of Dallas

Nick Rallo
The BLT at Keller's Drive-In makes hearts, wax paper transluscent with grease joy
To me, this will always be the sandwich mom made. After those days of itchy grass-legs and punching mosquitoes in the face, this was the sandwich that hit the plate: thick sourdough slices, bacon crisp as a bay leaf, tomatoes, the mayo knife sweep, and cup-slice of iceberg. For its simplicity, it's a sandwich that remains untouched by the foodie deconstruction era and Dallas' best are all mightily bucking overcooked trends. You'll find no truffle oil here.

Finding Dallas' best BLTS requires some binoculars: You have to try to look past some of the sparkling gems on these local spots (in other words, MAN it was tough not to order the burger at half of these spots). A couple of years ago, Food Critic Guy said the best BLTs are made during the summer and at home. Here are the BLTs of Dallas that'll make you think twice about staying in. Also included: a bacon meter that measures bacon crispness on a 1-10 scale (1 being floppy; 10 being Frosted Flakes crispy). So, bacon:

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Five Good Options for a New Year's Day Brunch in Dallas

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Lauren Drewes Daniels
Mother and Child Reunion at Meddlesome Moth
New Year's Eve can be a pain if you're stuck with the wrong crowd. No one can figure out where to go, everyone is whiny about staying in, that one guy gets too drunk again this year and starts moaning about never having anyone to kiss at midnight. It's the heavyweight champion of frustrating nights out. But New Year's Day brunch, whether in the morning or late afternoon, is the redeemer of terrible nights out.

Most restaurants refrain from offering brunch until the weekend, because really what respectable adult has the time for bottomless bloodies on a Wednesday morning? If you're hoping to start 2014 off with a hangover-curing eggs benedict, then you're in luck, because we found five restaurants that are offering brunch this Wednesday.

See also: Dallas' Five Best Chinese Restaurants

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John Tesar Is Opening a Steakstaurant Called Knife. Plus, a List of His Next Five Restaurants.

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John Tesar.jpg
Allison V. Smith
On Friday, news broke that Spoon chef-owner John Tesar will soon open a new restaurant at Hotel Palomar, in the space that previously housed Central 214. It'll be named Knife. It'll be a steakstaurant. I'm sure it'll be great.

And I'm sure that these are the next five restaurants he'll open:

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The 25 Most Interesting Food Things that Happened in Dallas in 2013

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The Worst Fast Food Trends of 2013

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LA Weekly
Would you wait four hours for this?
At this point, nobody's surprised. It's an uncomplicated idea in the year of 2013 d.t. (doritus tacous): every month, or bi-weekly in some quick food places, a fast food restaurant will release an arm-bracingly intense challenge food, an Inceptiony food inside a food, or a Frankenstenian other food jacked into a new food.

It's Occam's razor, really: will a fast food organization actually release that food monstrosity you made a joke about with your friends months ago? The answer comes back clear as day-old mayonnaise on paper: oh, totally. Five years ago, a Doritos chip flavored like Taco Bell would have sounded like an Onion story. So, here we stand in 2013, a time you might call Double-Down Day Plus 1095 (Has it really been three years since KFC's fried chicken-bunned Double Down?).

Last year had some deep fried winners. 2013 was special, though. It was the year we extrapolated on the night-black burger bun, put Sriracha on everything that moved, and physically dropped tacos from helicopters. Among the trends, these were the fast food anomalies that were the most egregious.

See also: The Worst Fast Food Trends of 2012

Ramen as a Bun
When the ramen-bunned burger launched in Los Angeles, there was a four-hour line. Four hours. That's 45 minutes longer than the director's cut of Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring, two hours longer than hitting yourself with a hammer for two hours, and 3 hours and 50 minutes longer than sautéing your own brain until it's tender and not stupid.

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Two Dallas Restaurants Are Among OpenTable Users' Favorites, But ...

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Via marymactavish
OpenTable just released a list of the best restaurants in the United States for 2013, as voted by their users. As CultureMap points out, two Dallas restaurants made the list, representing half of all the entries from Texas: the French Room in the Adolphus Hotel and the Capital Grille in Uptown.

While both are super-fancy, they're also fairly safe. A French restaurant and a chain steakhouse aren't quite as zany as Kitchen LTO or the tripe-tastic CBD Provisions (which is this week's review). OpenTable seems to skew toward traditionally high-end joints.

See also: Dallas' 10 Biggest Restaurant Openings of 2013

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Dallas' 10 Biggest Restaurant Closings of 2013

Lori Bandi
The late Rosemont's oatmeal waffle with mascarpone cream, warm peaches, pure maple syrup and butter.
The end of 2013 inches closer, bringing with it the beginning of the new year, thoughts of life and death, openings and closings. Earlier we celebrated the most noteworthy restaurant openings of 2013. Now let us take a moment of silence to reflect on those we lost. The biggest closings of the year were surprising, disappointing or just, well, complicated.

During the eight months it was open, restaurateur Tracy Miller's Rosemont (waffles pictured above) received mixed reviews, though there was optimism that it would grow into its own. Sadly that wasn't the case, and the joint dedicated to casual and elegant breakfasts closed its doors and its fish sandwiches to make way for Alligator Cafe.

See also: Dallas' 10 Biggest Restaurant Openings of 2013

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