When Community and Deep Ellum Win Awards at the World Beer Cup, We All Win

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Dianna Storrusten
Because winning at beer is best, last week local breweries put their best foot forward at the World Beer Cup and three of them have been awarded for thier respective feet. The WBC is an international beer competition founded by Association of Brewers' President Charlie Papazian, who is a nuclear engineer by trade and a craft-brewing aficionado by habit. And he also really likes pie. (Fascinating side note on Papazian: He created National Pie Day on January 23, his birthday, simply because he wanted to. And this was back in the mid-1970s before national food holidays were an everyday thing.)

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A Virus Is Killing Baby Pigs and, Even Scarier, Threatening to Cause a Bacon Shortage

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"Oh, I'm sorry, did the price of your BLT go up 15 cents? That's truly terrible. I mean, not as bad as my porcine epidemic diarrhea, but a real inconvenience, I'm sure."
You've probably read about other food shortages that are causing serious problems across the country. Limes are damn near a dollar each these days, and that's driving up the cost of everything from margaritas to tacos. Now, though, something a whole lot worse is happening: A serious illness in pigs is creating a bacon shortage.

A terrifying-sounding virus called porcine epidemic diarrhea (PED) is raging through pig farms across the Midwest. Piglets are especially vulnerable to PED, and there's little that pig farmers can do if their herd becomes infected. One farmer from Iowa, one of the states hardest hit by the disease, told The Associated Press that despite his best efforts to avoid the disease, it has killed over 13,000 pigs at his farm since November. Yikes.

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Four Bullets Brewery, Once Foiled by Dry Laws, Will Bring Richardson its First Microbrewery

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Andrew Smeeton and Jeff Douglas had a pretty good idea for their first brewery in Wylie, Texas. They'd purchased a house and spent a whole summer fixing it up. They redid the deck, and they could see themselves sitting there, watching their customers sipping amber from glasses and basking in the summer heat.

They hoped the whole thing would turn out a bit like the famed Jester King brewery outside of Austin that had been built into a barn. Then they went to TABC and learned that despite working continuously with the mayor and the zoning board of Wylie, and even having a Wylie mailing address, all this hard work had been carried out in a dry part of Collin County. There would be no beer in the house where they had swung hammers together all summer long. Tears were shed.

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Primo's Will Now Be Known as So&So's, Is Going to Be a Party

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Brandon's Face
When we broke the news that Primo's would be closing, there were two primary reactions. One and was tinged with refried nostalgia; the sounded a lot like "good riddance." Neither was particularly loud, though. It was like the air being slowly let out of a balloon.

Primo's replacement, by comparison, will get started off with a bang. Co-owner Brandon Hays will be celebrating his birthday there on April 18th and you're invited. The party marks the opening of the bar and restaurant, and sometime soon after you can expect So&So's to be ready to entertain you with a full menu.

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Dallas' 11 Best Patios for Drinking

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Catherine Downes
I don't want to jinx it, but if this cool spring weather pattern keeps up, we're going to have a lot of time to sip our beverage of choice out on the patio. We're almost halfway through April and it's still hoody weather after the sun goes down. Maybe that means May will bring some warm but not too hot afternoons, in which case we're sure your boss won't mind if you slip out a little early and indulge a drink or seven.

When you do, the following list will suit you, no matter your drinking mood.

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Brewsters, Fort Worth's New Burger Joint, Has A Lot of Beer and Weird Burger Toppings

Jenni Hanley
The loaded fries and Lakewood Hop Trapp IPA
If nothing else, Brewsters is proof that more is always better when it comes to burgers and beer. And bacon.

New to Fort Worth's burgeoning West 7th neighborhood, it joins American F+B, Rodeo Goat and a host of other crafty grub spots. But this place has a distinct, sporty vibe. With seven flat-screen TVs, you can watch your bracket get busted or see the Cowboys lose in high def.

That's where the beer comes in.

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Green House Market in NorthPark Is Vegetable Heaven, with a Side of Wagyu Beef

Categories: Veg

Tucked behind the AMC ticket counter at Northpark Mall is Green House Market. We've talked about it before around here, and maybe you visited the concept in its previous life as a food truck. I finally went after seeing a movie this weekend, and I have one message for you: if you like vegetables, it's time to get yourself down there, because they are serving up some damn good ones.

As a vegetarian I am used to taking the one thing on the menu presented to me. "Oh you have hummus AND a side salad? That sounds amazing, I'll have that please." What I really mean is thanks for having a dish on the menu I can just order outright without having to ask a million questions.

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Jonathon from Jonathon's Oak Cliff Butt Dialed Me, and Now I Have to Eat This Giant Waffle

Categories: Whimsy


Yesterday my phone rang with an unrecognized number. I upgraded my phone a few months ago and lost about 10 percent of my contacts, and since calls from numbers that aren't in my contacts usually end up being of a sales pitch of some sorts I always let it go to voicemail.

Then I got a text. It was from Jonathon Erdeljac from Jonathon's Oak Cliff, maker of some of Dallas' best brunch gut bombs.

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Using Emoji to Search Yelp for Dallas Restaurants, Because Wordz Is Hard

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If you haven't heard the news, Yelp is now searchable by emoji, which is awesome if you happen to be a tween girl looking for the closest available ice cream cone.

The new feature went into effect recently and allows users to search for food based on tiny pixelated icons. A minuscule picture of a slice of pizza will return nearby pizzerias, while the burger graphic will return every burger restaurant within Yelp's search radius. Fun, right?

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The First Super Chix, a Fast-Food Chicken Joint from KFC's Owners, Opens in Arlington

Yum! Brands, the parent company of KFC and creator of things like Doritos Locos Tacos, opened a new chicken concept in Central Arlington Wednesday called Super Chix (612 W. Park Row). This test store is the only one of its kind in the country, and while the two main menu items, chicken strips and chicken sandwiches, are clearly a play off Chick-fil-A, it isn't an across-the-board clone.

As a way to say howdy to the neighborhood, Super Chix gave out free boxes of chicken strips on the first day of business yesterday, and nearby UTA students were more than happy to oblige. Today they'll have free fries; frozen custard on Friday. (Coupons can be found on the Super Chix Facebook page.) With 3,000-plus Arlington High School students just across the street and 34,000 UTA Mavericks less than a mile away, those items should go out the door easy, too.

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