The 14 Best Dallas Patios for Drinking

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Catherine Downes
Summer is coming, and it's always a long one.
That pleasant weather you've been begging for is finally here, and it's in your best interest to soak up as much of it as you can while it's available. It won't be for long.

Sure, you could hike, maybe pump up the tires in your bike and pretend you're physically fit. But the best way to make use of nice weather is with a beer in your hand. Lucky for you, you're in Dallas, which it turns out is an exemplary city for outdoor drinking. Unlucky for you: Summer is coming, faster than you think.

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Kolache Haven Is Kolache Heaven

Photos by Kathryn DeBruler
Kathryn DeBruler searches far and wide for DFW's most interesting breakfast food. Come along.

In Texas, Kolaches are a thing. There are at least four festivals honoring the Czech pastry in our great state alone. The most famous kolaches hail from West, where legend has it that city revenue is driven almost entirely by sales of the sweet and sometimes savory buns. But for those of you who don't feel inclined to load up the car and high-tail to it to West, there are any number of kolache shops in the DFW area that should satiate your craving. My favorite is a shop called Kolache Haven.

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Is the Shuttering of Dee Lincoln's Burger Bar a Sign of the Burger Bubble Finally Popping?

Burger sales are slipping
Last year, I predicted 2015 would be the year the burger bubble burst in Dallas. Since that article was published, no fewer than 37 burger restaurants have opened. Maybe burgers are invincible -- the culinary equivalent of Kevlar and titanium -- but I still argue that Dallas has too many burger restaurants and not enough of everything else. And now Dee Lincoln comes to bolster my position.

On March 28, Dee Lincoln's Burger Bar in Uptown will close. Plans for a subsequent location on Oak Lawn Avenue (in the old La Duni's space) have been scrapped. All that remains is the Plano location, which is undergoing a branding overhaul reflecting a move away from beef and buns.

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Where to Eat Dallas' Best Macarons on National Macaron Day

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Scott Reitz
It's Macaron Day, which means you have to go to Joy Macarons.
For the longest time, Dallas was a macaron desert. There were a few pastry shops that offered the fancy cookie, but most iterations were crumbly impostors of their French counterparts. But then, there was a renaissance. As macarons quickly became the "it pastry," macaron shops started popping up all over Dallas. It's a beautiful thing.

Macarons are so trendy that today, March 20, has been designated National Macaron Day. That, of course, means that you absolutely must go out to one of the city's best pastry shops and indulge in a few (or several) delicious cookies. There are plenty more macaron shops to choose from in Dallas, but here are six of the best.

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Once Again the Texas Rangers Try to Out Fair Food the State Fair of Texas

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Bacon fries were only the beginning.
The methodology for creating money-making baseball dishes is simple. Walk into any 7-Eleven, grab three products, put them in a box and shake. The food objects don't have to have any pre-existing relationship with each other and they can be savory or sweet. You get bonus points for anything that goes over standard nutritional recommendations for fat, sodium or calories.

As evidence, check out the Diamondback's churro dog, which takes a three-scoop frozen yogurt sundae complete with whipped cream, caramel and chocolate sauce, plops it on top of a churro and wraps everything up in a chocolate glazed doughnut. Baseball food is getting crazier each year, and our Texas Rangers have a reputation for starting the trend.

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Dugg Burger Is Simple, a Little Weird, and Off to a Good Start

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Nick Rallo
Dugg's Burger comes with a scooped out center of a Village Bakery Co. bun
It's like walking into a restaurant inside a kids' book. Nestled in the Casa Linda Plaza shopping center, next to Great Clips, is the adorable Dugg Burger. Inside, there's a menu that's all pictures. It's perfect for non-readers, lovers of simple food and extraterrestrials. E.T. would actually have no trouble pointing his bright index finger at the "burger" hieroglyphs. Bolted to the classic brick wall, there's a thing holding chunks of multi-colored chalk. My dining companion tells me that people were drawing on the wall with the chalk on his last visit.

It's an unassuming place, which is another word for tiny, and it's off to a good start. Dugg, in case you missed it, is that burger place that scoops out the center of the bun's hat to make a nice divot for toppings.

Even though ordering can be done by pointing at the menu haphazardly and shouting "I HAVE THAT BURGER THING!," the ordering still raises a few questions. It sort of goes like this:

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Kitchen LTO, Trinity Groves' Recurring Pop-Up, Is Turning Over Again. Will It Ever Turn Heads?

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Thumbnail image for KitchenLTOSnapper.jpg
Catherine Downes
Snapper, starch, plate smear: got it.
Just last week I was walking around Trinity Groves when I passed Kitchen LTO. Blythe Beck was still chef, which was odd because the tenure of any chef at the restaurant was supposed to be limited to just four months, which we were well past. Limited Time Offer -- that was the whole point. Or was it?

Beck stayed on after her first stint, after a Facebook campaign was set up in support of her term. The sultry chef needed 1,000 "likes" to earn an extended stay according to LTO's owners. She has more than 4,600 followers. That's like asking chef Brian Luscher to grill a hot dog.

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A First Look at Braindead Brewing, Deep Ellum's New Brew Pub

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Scott Reitz
The patio at Brain Dead Brewing
Braindead Brewing is open. You can tell because the patio is packed when you walk by at night. They've got all the windows open, all the lights on and music is playing just loud enough. It's hard to believe this was once a sleepy block.

There's no house beer yet. A waitress told me that some time in April or May the restaurant would be pouring beers brewed on site. For now, there's an eclectic blend of craft beers, keeping in line with the Wynne family's restaurant empire.

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Five Awesome Food Events in Dallas This Weekend, March 19-22

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Danny Fulgencio
Savor Dallas 2011
It's the 11th year for Savor Dallas and there's a whole host of things to see, do, eat and drink. Friday night's event at the arboretum is sold out, as is the Reserve Tasting and Sunday brunch, but that just leaves more room for the Grand Tasting, (sorry, sold out) the Toast of the Town event series and Thursday's Arts District Wine Stroll. Head over to Savor's website for more information.

What it be: Savor Dallas

When it do: Thursday, March 19 - Sunday, March 22

Where dat is: Multiple locations

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Sushi Robata's Ramen Is So Good They Could (but Shouldn't!) Rename it Ramen Robata

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Don't sleep on Sushi Robata's ramen. Sleep in it. Makes for easier slurping.
Michelle learned to love ramen as a teenager, growing up in Singapore and traveling around Asia with her family. Brian is newer to the scene: He didn't even try instant ramen in college. Together, they're hunting for DFW's best ramen.

The Shop: Sushi Robata

The Atmosphere: Everybody who knows their Japanese food loves Sushi Robata, one of North Dallas' favorite destinations for good sushi that won't leave you bankrupt. (The other, Fujiyama, is almost exactly a mile away.) Its decor is modern, with Japanese motifs like bamboo and cherry blossoms. The lighting is warm and welcoming, appropriate for dates or dinners with friends. We'd both been to Sushi Robata several times before, seated at its tables or at the counter which runs the full length of the dining room. But we'd never gotten around to trying the ramen.

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