Shed 2 at the Dallas Farmers Market Reopens in June, Is Going to Be Awesome

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courtesy Dallas Farmers Market
This place is about to get a whole lot more delicious.
If you've been to the new and improved Dallas Farmers Market in recent months, you've probably noticed that Shed 2, former home to Pecan Lodge and Ain't No Mo Butter Cakes (I miss you dearly, mini butter cakes), has been undergoing renovations since the market officially relaunched in the middle of last year. Last week, the Market announced that it would be reopening Shed 2 this summer, and it looks like it's going to feature some exciting additions and old favorites.

The renovations to the 26,000 square foot Shed 2 look to be pretty comprehensive. Multiple indoor seating spaces will be added, along with an improved layout that makes Shed 2 easier to shop. The building will also get a major aesthetic overhaul, with a new look that features "natural elements and colors inspired by nature," which is probably a great improvement over the stark white walls and unfinished interior that existed previously.

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The Paloma Cocktail at Dunston's Steakhouse Is Not Fancy, But You're Going To Love It

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Amy McCarthy
Terrible photo, terrific cocktail.
As someone who grew up going to steakhouses with floors littered with peanut shells and decorated with old license plates, I appreciate the simplicity and straightforwardness of a place like Dunston's Steakhouse. The steaks are prime, the walls are unfinished, and the atmosphere is like a fancier Golden Corral, complete with a watery-looking yet entirely tempting salad bar.

The drinks, though, are much more refined than you might think. There are old school entries, like a classic Mai Tai made with orgeat syrup, pineapple juice and fresh rum. Orgeat syrup! Even the cheesier cocktails, like the coconut rum-and-moscato based Oceanside Coconut, are straightforward without a bunch of sweet syrups or other bartender's shortcuts. From my first glance at the menu, though, I knew I was going to be having a Paloma.

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Luscher's Will Open Next Week, So Get in Line Now

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Kathy Tran
Put this in your face and so much more starting Monday.
Brian Luscher is a guy who knows how to build hype, even if he always somehow manages to fly under the radar. His much-anticipated hot dog joint Luscher's has been in the works for nearly two years now -- probably longer in that culinary genius brain of his -- and now we'll finally be able to taste his delicious wares as early as next week.

Expect long-ass lines when Luscher's opens their doors, because this is near Pecan Lodge-level hype. Fortunately, if the menu published yesterday by Eater Dallas is any indication, all this wait is going to so be worth it. There is enough delicious meat at this forthcoming restaurant to permanently give you the meat sweats.

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A First Look at Back Home Barbecue, East Dallas' New Cheap-Smoked-Meats Spot

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Scott Reitz
BBQ beans and macaroni and cheese are two of many sides served at Back Home Barbecue.
The creators of Company Cafe and Dallas' beloved gluten-free chicken-fried steak have decided to take on smoked meats. They opened Back Home Barbecue on Ross Avenue earlier this month in the old Yin's Wok space, and I checked it out this week.

The building has been spruced up but spared the bells and whistles. It's definitely a minimalist space. Inside the front door, picnic tables line up in rows, each outfitted with a paper towel dispenser made from a galvanized pipe. Otherwise the dining room is empty -- you have to walk through the tables to get to where the action is.

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Now Our Carbon Emissions Are Threatening to Kill Off Delicious Shellfish

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Ocean Acidification could affect oysters from up north, and in our own gulf.
The list of food things that could potentially be harmed by increased carbon emissions is growing, and the latest addition really hits where it hurts. A new report in Nature Climate Change suggests oysters, mussels and other delicious bivalves could be threatened by the carbon we keep pumping into the atmosphere.

Here's how:

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Old-School Lucky's Cafe Is Taking a Stab at Local, and the Regulars Aren't Thrilled

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Scott Reitz
A list of locally sourced ingredients at Lucky's
I haven't seen this face in a while. I tell my waitress I want the "loud puppies," an almost-funny take on hush puppies that uses jalapeño to turn up the volume. She grimaces, subtly. Without saying a word her message is obvious: Don't order the loud puppies. I get the fried mushrooms instead.

I haven't been to Lucky's Cafe since nearly three years ago, when a Reuben sandwich failed to persuade me to return. Recently, though, I received a few inquiries about the Oak Lawn cafe. The kitchen has undergone some changes and nobody seems happy about them. In fact, a recent menu overhaul has some regulars in an uproar.

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Your Friendly Reminder That Texas Restaurants Can Still Pay Servers Two Bucks an Hour

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Waiter Flickr.jpg
Pay up Texan diners, because Texan restaurateurs don't have to.
New York state's wage board wants the state to hike the base wage for tipped employees to $7.50 an hour by the end of the year, part of an almost nationwide push to help servers, bartenders and other employees who count on tips for a significant portion of their income.

Meanwhile, in Texas.

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I Experienced Burger Dread at Yolk in One Arts Plaza

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Nick Rallo
The Build-a-Burger at the new Yolk at One Arts comes with an orange for some reason
Careful thought is put into even Dallas' seemingly simple cheeseburgers. Take the one at Boulevardier, where sherry vinaigrette dresses the tomatoes and lettuce to make them less boring. Off-Site Kitchen's burgers are smashed onto the grill for that impactful sear. On Knife's hot grills, a flurry of salt and pepper hits the meat, and then it's left alone.

The art of a simple burger comes from attentive execution, and sometimes you can sense it's going to be great. Or, you can sense the opposite. It happens in the first few seconds after ordering. It's called Burger Dread, which is a thing we made up just now.

Burg·er dread - Short for cheeseburger dread
ˈbərɡər/ dred/
The harrowing moment, immediately following the order and leading up its delivery, when a customer deeply worries, and often knows, that the burger is going to suck hard.

I experienced potent burger dread at the recently opened Yolk in One Arts, where I went for the Build-a-Burger option.

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Pop Diner Has Closed, Thank God

Catherine Downes
Pop, popped.
Pop Diner opened to significant fanfare a little more than two years ago. The space was filled with Lichtenstein-esque prints and head shots of pop stars. The walls were bright red, the music was loud and the place was open 24 hours. It was just the sort of diner Uptown needed to keep late night drunks from digesting their own stomachs. We wanted to love it!

There was just one problem: the food was awful. I waded my way through dry, greasy burgers with meat of questionable provenance, terrible hot dogs and sandwiches that looked like they were assembled by a mitten-wearing walrus.

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Nine Band Brewery's Taproom Is Open in Allen, Its Beer Destined for a Tap Near You

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Brent Nuss
So ... close ... to ... beer.
Nine Band Brewery in Allen opened its taproom doors for the first time over the weekend, because people in Allen deserve to slug high-ABV beers under the auspices of locavorism, too, OK?

Large, handmade wooden tables and stools fill the room, and a number of TVs line each wall. Open seating made finding a spot difficult on opening night. Happy-houring office workers and a few UT Dallas students packed the room.

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