Tom Spicer, Dallas' Longtime Local Veggie Supplier, Is Losing His Shop

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Spicer, via Spicer
On Tom Spicer's little patch of land in East Dallas, Spicer's Spiceman 1410 has been providing local produce to all of Dallas' best restaurants for years, and also operated a small retail shop in a space adjacent to Jimmy's Food Store. If you've ever had that especially spicy arugula or sweet and crisp pea tendrils that Spicer cultivates every year, you know exactly how important Spicer's bounty really is.

Now, though, thanks to his landlord, Spicer will be forced to vacate the current shop space by the end of the month. As SideDish reported last week, Spicer was notified by his landlord that the building would need extensive plumbing work that would likely involve tearing the floor out of the tiny shop that sits in front of the garden. Initially, sources said that Spicer would be forced to also vacate the garden, but a comment on Facebook from Spicer last night indicated that the garden is a separately owned parcel of land, so he "may not" be leaving the garden.

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Nine Dark Dallas Bars Where You Can Hide from Your Family This Christmas Season

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Sara Kerens
You'll be far from your family at Ships.
It's not that you hate them. When several sects of your family hierarchy descend Griswold-style on a single-family home, it is a joyous occasion for sure. Family gatherings are rare opportunities to measure ourselves against our genetic equivalents, to note, perhaps even out loud, that in comparison to cousin Johnny, you didn't turn out that bad.

But as warm and fuzzy as things can be, a three-bedroom home filled with 25 relatives can get somewhat claustrophobic. When your uncle's Rottweiler parks beside the couch with a case of the turkey farts, or when the kids in the house commandeer the television to watch the ninth Christmas special that day, you can really use a drink or seven to take the edge off.

Get out of the house and into a bar. It's the only way to maintain that warm, joyous Christmas spirit.

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Eureka, an Uptown Bar and Grill Devoted to Meat and Whiskey, Is Now Open

Thumbnail image for Bison Burger.jpg
Cody Neathery
The Bison Burger
When Henderson Avenue's Tried and True closed last year, its departure further reduced the stock of restaurants or bars with dedicated menus for whiskey. Scotch and Sausage has helped fill the void, but the need for whiskey-friendly joints is still in demand.

Hello, California-based Eureka.

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DFW's Favorite Local Beer, as Proven by an Actual Scientist

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Common Table Lakewood Temptress.jpg
Editor's note: Derek Beaton is a PhD student in the School of Behavioral and Brain Sciences at The University of Texas at Dallas. He also loves beer, so recently he set out to scientifically prove which local beer is Dallas' favorite. Here are his results.

Have you ever wondered what Dallas' favorite local craft beer is? You're probably thinking, "Yeah, it's clearly Lone Star because it's the 'National Beer of Texas'," or "Duh, it's the one in my hand right now, bro!" While those are worthy guesses, they're also wrong, and you should feel bad.

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Frosted Art Bakery's 716-Pound Christmas Cake Is Going to Be on Food Network Tonight

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via Frosted Art Bakery
That's a CAKE. It's bigger than PEOPLE.
The holiday season is 65 percent about desserts, or it should be. There are pies, trifles, bars and cookies to choose from, but most importantly, there are cakes. Your mom is probably busy making her famous lemon bars or chocolate chip cookies, but the bakers at Dallas' Frosted Art Bakery have been working on a project of much larger proportions.

The team of whiz bakers, led by shop owner Bronwen Weber, has been working tirelessly to construct a massive Christmas-tree cake for Food Network's annual holiday special. The result is a 716-pound cake that looks like a sculpture of Grandma's tree. Over 18-dozen eggs, 128 pounds of fondant, and a Paula Deen-approved 97 pounds of butter went into baking the cake, which was actually pretty delicious, according to Weber.

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Where Rising Chef Michael Ehlert Dines Out in Dallas

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Catherine Downes
Who could blame Michael Ehlert for wanting to eat a dish like this all the time?
Chef Michael Ehlert is a pretty simple guy. Even though the food he's cooking at Front Room Tavern is rapidly becoming some of the most refined in the city, that doesn't mean he's dining on foie gras and steaks every night. Even chefs occasionally need a break from all that rich, fancy stuff.

He's also damn busy. Outside of running his newly-opened, four-star restaurant in Highland Park's Hotel Lumen, Ehlert became a father about six months ago, and that can seriously cramp your dining-out style. When he does find the time to eat out, you can find him at these eight Dallas restaurants.

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Dallas' Dish of the Year, the Runner-Up Edition: Camarone en Agua Chile at Palapas

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The Cameron en agua chile at Palapas
When a dish at a restaurant I'm reviewing is exceptional, I'll often order it a second time, just to be sure I'm not gushing about an experience that was a temporary fluke. Beyond that, I don't typically engage in repeated dish-eating that often because I'm always looking for the next thing to write about.

And then Palapas, the Mexican seafood restaurant on Greenville, and this dish named cameron en agua chile came along. My priorities shifted. I ate the lime-cooked shrimp for a first look and I ate it twice while researching my review, once simply to satiate a craving, and then again because I had taken a new dining companion to the restaurant and she had yet to try it.

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Small Brewpub Opens Tonight in Oak Cliff

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Misti Noris
A charcuterie plate from Small.
After a long wait, Small Brewpub, the Oak Cliff brewpub that promises to turn the Gordon Bierch beer-and-pub-grub model upside down (before tossing it in the Trinity) opens tonight for its first full dinner service. Over previous weekends, Small has held a number of semi-private events at the restaurant, pouring their small batch beers for friends and Oak Cliff natives.

The brewery officially opened to the public this Tuesday, but the kitchen has remained idle as executive chef Misti Norris finalizes her menu. This evening executive she'll fire up her team sending plates of local inspired and hand crafted food out to the dining room.

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Parliament's Gin Fizz: So Good You Won't Mind Everyone Telling You It Looks Dickish

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Amy McCarthy
So delicious that it's NSFW.
I have an almost magnetic attraction to dishes and drinks that are fussy. Call it a natural predisposition toward being high-maintenance. If it requires some kind of complicated technique or a bunch of painstaking work to make it happen, I want to try it. Unfortunately, because the things that are best in this world take a lot of time, I often end up loving my highly-detailed discoveries, which makes me the asshole who makes the bartenders at Parliament shake up several Ramos gin fizzes every time I stop by.

We briefly mentioned this cocktail in our list of 2014's best cocktails, but the Ramos gin fizz is worth more digital ink than just a quick blurb. There are good cocktails, and then there are those that make you realize that you just can't go back to drinking bad booze anymore. Even when you've got only $10 left in your pocket, you're still going to have an overwhelming urge to take the bus down to Parliament and spend it all on just one more fizz.

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Truck Yard Is Hosting a White Trash Christmas Party

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Catherine Downes
They'll hardly have to decorate.
If you think about it, the holidays are at least a little trashy. Unless you grew up in some fancy household where Christmas dinner is actually served on China and you're expected to wear non-stretchy pants, you're probably going to be spending the time leading up to December 25 fighting with your relatives and eating lots of things covered in Velveeta cheese. What could be more white trash than that?

Maybe you'll find a trashier scene than your Aunt Betty's trailer at Truck Yard's first-annual White Trash Christmas Party. Hosted at everyone's favorite "adult playground" on December 13, the party will include all of the essential elements of a white trash Christmas, most notably lots and lots of booze.

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