Ben & Jerry's Made a DFW Ice Cream

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Ben & Jerry's limited-batch Bourbon Pecan Pie ice cream.
Last summer, Ben & Jerry's announced it wanted to make some new ice cream flavors based on cities across the country. The notion filled our brains with po' boy flavored ice cream from New Orleans, and scoops of chocolate-laced chili heaped into cones in honor of Cincinnati.

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When we asked what Dallas would taste like on our Facebook feed, though, things got even more strange. It seems we are a city without a unique culinary identity, and that led our readers to come up with some questionable flavors. What does Dallas taste like? Spray tans and silicone, according to one reader, and Botox, according to another.

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Glass Boot Biergarten on Henderson Has Closed

Tap handles stripped from the taps at Glass Boot Biergarten
Over the weekend, while hipsters danced at Beauty Bar, drunks played Skeeball at Barcadia and coffee nerds slurped java and discussed acidity and flavor notes at Houndstooth Coffee, the Glass Boot Biergarten sat idle. The bar with a massive patio remained locked up Monday evening well into business hours, and is apparently closed.

Owners Blake and Di Ann Bogus could not be reached for comment, and a call to the bar went unanswered, but taps that had been stripped of their handles were visible through the front windows and the bar didn't open yesterday Monday, either.

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How Trinity Groves' Kate Weiser Turns Chocolate into Art (Video)

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Bohemian Cafe, the New Kolache Restaurant on Lower Greenville, Is Now Open

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Press your nose against the glass and choose your kolache.
The first thing that becomes immediately apparent when walking through the front door of the Bohemian Cafe is that every employee, all the way down to the dishwasher, is exceptionally nice. Customers are greeted with warm, genuine thank-you-for-comings, guided to the Kolache counter and coddled until they walk out the door. This is a nice place to be -- especially if you have a disproportionate obsession with consuming soft, pillowy dough stuffed with all manner of fillings.

The Bohemian Cafe opened earlier this week in the Lower Greenville Avenue spot that used to house Jack's Southern Comfort Food before it housed Jo 24, a quirky diner that closed as soon as it opened. The remodel seems somewhat minimal, with the counter in the center of the restaurant along the wall, and a long narrow dining room. There are a few things that have changed, though.

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I Ate a Burger at This Princeton, Texas Gas Station/RV Park and I Think I'm in Love

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Kelsey Sidwell
The gas station in question.
Sometimes the best things are found in the most unexpected places. And sometimes they're right where food television has trained us to expect them: in a rundown gas station on the road to nowhere.

If you take US-75 North and get off at Bethany Drive and follow it all the way across Lake Lavon where it becomes East Lucas Branch Road, there is a gas station that serves up one of the most delicious burgers I have had the pleasure to consume.

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Proof + Pantry Will Now Serve Lunch; Leslie Brenner Still Probably Not Invited

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file photo
You can now eat these meatballs (almost) every day of the week.
As if we haven't heard enough about Misery Loves Company's spanking-new restaurant in One Arts Plaza, Proof + Pantry over the weekend announced that it would be expanding the extremely limited lunch options starting tomorrow.

Owner Michael Martensen hinted to the Observer in August that the restaurant would begin doing lunch service once they'd gotten their footing, and one can assume that this move comes at a time when the restaurant is likely fighting off eager diners with a fork after all of the hubbub surrounding Proof + Pantry, its owners, and Dallas Morning News food critic Leslie Brenner. We're guessing she's probably still not invited.

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Dallas' Five Best Italian Restaurants

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Spinach lasagna at Carbone's
Any restaurant that turns out a lasagna like the one pictured above has got to be jockeying to be the Best Italian Restaurant in Dallas. And it turns out Carbone's, the Italian restaurant responsible for that plate up above, won just that award in our recent Best Of Dallas feature that celebrates exemplary everything around the city and beyond.

There's plenty of red sauce to be found, but none of it ever seems to be plated this prettily. The tomatoes in that sauce pop with flavor, and beneath those sheets of tender pasta are layer after layer of soft melted cheese and plenty of spinach. Prefer meat? There's a bolognese version, and then there are sandwiches, salads and loads of other pasta dishes, too.

But don't think Carbone's is the only Italian restaurant that's welcome in The Family. Here are four more that could have made the cut.

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In Oak Cliff, the Original and Humble El Padrino Lives on

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The tacos live on.
Taking a bite from a Cuban sandwich at ¡C. Señor!, it's easy to understand why the chatter about El Padrino had faded into the background. The crunch of pickles and the bite of mustard waking up fatty roasted pork and cheese requires one's full attention. And then there are those perfectly crisp yucca fries with spicy ketchup, and that ropa vieja with onions and Swiss cheese... Wait a minute, what was the name of that other restaurant?

El Padrino No. 2 served up tacos and tortas in this Bishop Arts locale for years before they were displaced, eventually by ¡C. Señor!, a new Cuban-inspired spot from the owners of Hattie's. But it wasn't El only Padrino.

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The Remedy Is Taking Shape on Greenville, with Two Star Chefs and Serious Soda

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Kevin Marple
The lead chefs at The Remedy.
Back in March, we learned that The Grape's Danyele McPherson had been tapped to open a new restaurant on Greenville Avenue. We knew the new spot, dubbed The Remedy, was coming from the same folks that brought HG Sply Co. to Lower Greenville, and we knew it would be modeled after an old-school soda fountain. But that's about all we knew when we talked to McPherson back in March.

Plans are coming together now, though, including an opening planned for before the end of the year and some clarifications to that soda fountain model. You know the 50s joints with the checkered floors, red vinyl seating, paper hats, Buddy Holly on the jukebox, and plenty of chrome? "That's exactly what we're not," McPherson says, when asked how the restaurant is shaping up.

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The State Fair's Award-Winning Deep-Fried Shrimp Boil Is Not a Good as a Shrimp Boil

Well, they look pretty harmless...
It's become an annual tradition, and I'm not sure how. While other food-freaks try to consume deep-fried everything at the State Fair of Texas, I get to know one dish -- always the winner of the Big Tex Choice Awards -- a little more intimately.

So far my experiences haven't been great. Last year's deep-fried Cuban roll was a greasy mess that paled in comparison to the Cuban sandwiches that could be purchased just around the corner. The year before that I was moderately entertained by a deep-fried jambalaya that was tasty but impossibly small.

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