The "Cheeseburger" at Potato Flats Is Dallas' Most Unsettling Burger Experience

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Nick Rallo
Now entering the new world of burger!
From the start, Potato Flats feels off. In line, a woman asks if I want a white or sweet potato. Not having prepared for that one, I say, "uh, white?" She proceeds to cut and clobber a white potato with a silver potato-clobbering machine. She asks if I want salt, pepper and butter. A customer in front of me asked for butter, and her potato was painted with a pale yellow liquid. Knowing I'm about to punish my liver and colon with "The Cheeseburger," which I'd read involves a lake of cheese sauce, I kill the butter.

What follows is one of the most unsettling cheeseburger experiences I've had all year. The server asks if I want to add any vegetables. Apparently I blankly stammered, "Uhhhhh," because she finishes my thought. "You just want what comes with it?"

That's when she makes the burger pile.

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Let Dallas Shine a Light on the Nation with More Coffee-Shop Biscuits Like the Joule's

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Coffee and ... biscuits?
While nothing complements a cup of coffee better than a baked something, many area coffee shops really muck that something up. I've encountered croissants with the consistency of challah bread and muffins that were dense and gooey. I've had stale scones that eat like biscotti and stale biscotti that eats like limestone. Sure, a quick dip in the coffee cup can soften things up, but baked goods should taste delicious on their own.

One thing I don't see a lot of at coffee shops are biscuits, which is weird, this being the south and all. Composed of flour, baking powder, fat and a liquid, biscuits are the quick bread of choice for everyone south of the Mason Dixon Line. Nearly every restaurant that sells you scrambled eggs will sell you a biscuit, but coffee shops? Not so much.

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The West End Is Getting a Brewery

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Mark Graham
John Sims at his former brewery, Four Corners.
The West End's glory days in Dallas have long since passed. Now, the touristy area is just a couple of sad-looking chain restaurants and the House of Blues. Most people in Dallas haven't even been to the West End since the 1990s, but you may soon have a delicious new reason to head to the Downtown-adjacent neighborhood after work: beer.

Craft breweries have been popping up in Dallas at a thrilling rate in the past few years, and a new West End brewery from former Four Corners brewmaster John Sims may be one of the most exciting announcements to come out of the West End in over a decade. As Robert Wilonsky reported at The Dallas Morning News yesterday, Sims and his business partners applied for a permit to open an "alcoholic beverage establishment" on the first floor of the building that once housed The Butcher Shop.

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Driftwood Closes, Leaves a Striped Bass-Shaped Hole in Oak Cliff's Heart

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Amy McCarthy
Driftwood, now shuttered.
It seems like this week, plumbing issues are damned and determined to take out some of Dallas' best places to buy and eat delicious food. First, we found out that Tom Spicer was losing his Spiceman 1410 storefrontover extensive plumbing issues in his ancient building, and now, Driftwood in Bishop Arts has shuttered permanently after closing earlier this month to repair similar issues.

Now, Driftwood owners Misery Loves Company, who you likely know as Sal Jafar II and Michael Martensen, look to relocate their seafood-driven restaurant. As the entrepreneurial pair told (of all fucking people) The Dallas Morning News' Leslie Brenner, the restaurant's "number one complaint" was its location in a small, nondescript building beside Bolsa Mercado along 635 West Davis Street.

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Casa Rubia's Pintxo Social Hour May Be Dallas' Happiest Hour(s) Ever

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The menu for Casa Rubia's Pintxo Social Hour.
I've found it. For sure. Casa Rubia's Pintxo Social Hour is the greatest happy hour to ever happen ever. I'll preface this entire blog post by noting I'm incredibly late to the game -- the early evening bar special has been going on for some time now. But it's better late than never, and this is a happy hour event that's worth your time and effort.

Everything kicks off at 5 p.m. Monday through Friday, and you'll have until 7 p.m. to pack in as much as you can. A wide range of cocktails are available for just $5 a piece and a bottle of Estrella beer is just $3. This is already a solid deal. You've paid more than $10 for a comparable cocktail, and a bottle of cheap beer can go for as much as $5 to $6 depending on the whims of an establishment's owners.

But the drinks at Casa Rubia are just the start. Look at what else you get.

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Dallas' Best New Burgers of 2014

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Nick Rallo
One of the best burgers in Dallas is at a new spot, Front Room Tavern
When talking about burgers with other people who like them, it would be totally appropriate to yell, "Dallas is a burger destination!" Shout it with confidence. If we weren't a destination for great burgers before, we're one now. Make the claim, and I'll back you. There is a lot of burger art in Dallas, and much of it was created this year. In my year of burger-eating, I had a number of burgers, some of them brand new, that would blow other cities' clean out of the water. There were some missteps -- one "burger" was as heavy as a bag of cans and splayed over a potato -- but others were damn classics. I also ate a burger inside of a taco, and that was good.

If you're still wondering what makes Dallas a burger destination, here are the best new burgers of 2014. They'll answer your question.

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Lonestar Taps and Caps in Lewisville is Open and Filling Crowlers (Yes, Crowlers)

All photos by Kelly Dearmore
The tap wall at Lonestar Taps and Caps with its motto painted at the top.
Since 2006, a Father-Son duo has helped give the suburbs north of Dallas a true beer-nerd clubhouse in the form of Lonestar Beverages in Carrollton. But as of the past week, Sam and Rick Ali have added a seductive new element to craft-beer loving here in the Dallas-area as Lonestar Taps and Caps, a long-time dream of the Ali's is now open and already hopping. Until the soft-opening back on December 5, possessors of empty growlers had to choose between a well-meaning but meager selection from Whole Foods in Addison, or trek down to Lakewood Growler or Craft and Growler in Expo Park to fill up on to-go, draft-style sexiness.

Sitting on the Southeast corner of the Sam Rayburn Tollway/State Highway 121 and Josey Lane, just inside Lewisville's city limits, bordering Carrollton and The Colony, the 1,800 square foot Taps and Caps is quite the destination for hop-heads, stout-snobs, and porter-pickers.

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Tom Spicer, Dallas' Longtime Local Veggie Supplier, Is Losing His Shop

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Spicer, via Spicer
On Tom Spicer's little patch of land in East Dallas, Spicer's Spiceman 1410 has been providing local produce to all of Dallas' best restaurants for years, and also operated a small retail shop in a space adjacent to Jimmy's Food Store. If you've ever had that especially spicy arugula or sweet and crisp pea tendrils that Spicer cultivates every year, you know exactly how important Spicer's bounty really is.

Now, though, thanks to his landlord, Spicer will be forced to vacate the current shop space by the end of the month. As SideDish reported last week, Spicer was notified by his landlord that the building would need extensive plumbing work that would likely involve tearing the floor out of the tiny shop that sits in front of the garden. Initially, sources said that Spicer would be forced to also vacate the garden, but a comment on Facebook from Spicer last night indicated that the garden is a separately owned parcel of land, so he "may not" be leaving the garden.

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Nine Dark Dallas Bars Where You Can Hide from Your Family This Christmas Season

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Sara Kerens
You'll be far from your family at Ships.
It's not that you hate them. When several sects of your family hierarchy descend Griswold-style on a single-family home, it is a joyous occasion for sure. Family gatherings are rare opportunities to measure ourselves against our genetic equivalents, to note, perhaps even out loud, that in comparison to cousin Johnny, you didn't turn out that bad.

But as warm and fuzzy as things can be, a three-bedroom home filled with 25 relatives can get somewhat claustrophobic. When your uncle's Rottweiler parks beside the couch with a case of the turkey farts, or when the kids in the house commandeer the television to watch the ninth Christmas special that day, you can really use a drink or seven to take the edge off.

Get out of the house and into a bar. It's the only way to maintain that warm, joyous Christmas spirit.

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Eureka, an Uptown Bar and Grill Devoted to Meat and Whiskey, Is Now Open

Thumbnail image for Bison Burger.jpg
Cody Neathery
The Bison Burger
When Henderson Avenue's Tried and True closed last year, its departure further reduced the stock of restaurants or bars with dedicated menus for whiskey. Scotch and Sausage has helped fill the void, but the need for whiskey-friendly joints is still in demand.

Hello, California-based Eureka.

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