Adventures in Veganism: Pop Up Goes the Veggies

Wine is thankfully vegan-friendly.
Last Friday night, experienced local chef Ryan Barnett hosted his fourth and final dinner in a series themed Sea, Air, Land and Earth. Intrigued by the pop-up concept and a themed dinner with a bunch of strangers, I brought a friend along to check it out.

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NAAN's $4 Cheeseburger is Truly Amazing. Not the Best, and Not Good, But Amazing.

photo by foodbitch
So there's this burger. A burger that lives inside a sushi restaurant. Its creator claims its fame to every customer who will listen. The claim is that it's the best in town.

A co-worker told me about it a while back. I'd been to NAAN before, and it's fine. Nothing to write home about. But the tale of this burger intrigued me. How could this guy think he has the best burger in town? In Dallas, no less, a town of many, many acclaimed burgers? "He owned a steakhouse," my co-worker replied.

Well, I owned a Barbie Dream House once. That doesn't mean I can make tiny plastic high heels.

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We Dragged This One Over the Coals. Guess Where.

Photo by Hanna Raskin
It's obvious what we're eating. But with so many local restaurants playing the banchan-and-bulgogi game, it's a bit harder to figure out where we ate this particular marinated rib eye. Here's a hint: The tabletop grill is coal-fired. Have at it, barbecue fans.

A Breakfast Of Biblical Proportions


You wanna start the day off stuffing your face with unholy goodness?

Welcome to the breakfast of your fantasies, folks. This place is wall-to-wall people
"I'll have what she's having" food-moaning, like something straight out of a "Sodom and Gomorrah: Breakfast!" Order the deliciousness in the photo and say to
yourself, "Oh my Jesus, is that a giant ice cream scoop of creme fraiche?"
And yourself will be all, "Yup."

I just told my daily calorie allowance to suck it. Can you guess where I'm

Guess Where I'm Eating: Find Peace, Peas and Delicious Tea at This East Dallas buffet


If you think vegetables deserve to die and be consumed without mercy and are also a particular fan of George Harrison, no doubt you recognized the source of the offerings on this plate.


A pair of stony felines invite diners -- and others with less gastronomical intentions -- to step off the shady sidewalk and into the peaceful respite of the veggie-only eatery that some might describe as nigh palatial. This restaurant has a notable garden and "suggested donations" rather than set prices.

Where am I eating?

Guess Where I'm Eating: A Bearish One

Only one picture this time,but we think the clue will let you figure it out.
It's 2 am, and for the past few hours I've been cavorting with a plethora of men who are not my type (or rather, vice versa). My girlfriend in crime is in need of some greasiness to soak up the alcohol from all the revelry. She suggests a nearby, walking distance restaurant. Their food quality is inconsistent, yet quite pricey because of the neighborhood. However, she insists that their spicy Green Bean Chicken is the best thing after a night of Jell-O-shot abuse. (Yes, she bought us Jell-O shots...and I'm 30.) So, where am I getting my late night eating on?

Guess Where I'm Eating: Swimming With The Fish Not Allowed. We asked.

where eating2.JPG
Known for their unusual pita sandwiches, off-the-chart incredible pastries and cool cocktails, this establishment often goes unnoticed in it digs off the beaten path. As you arrive you will capture the unmistakable scent of wood wafting across the parking lot to set the mood for the evening. Possibly a good band awaits, but always a good time with reasonable prices.

Wind through the various sections of the establishment to be taken away to a destination that is as colorful as its employees. Do not attempt to swim with the fish.

Where am I dining? (More photo clues on the next page.)

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Guess Where I'm Eating: Tex-Mex, Burlesque and Star Wars All in One Place

Like burlesque, this pedigreed Tex-Mex establishment has a storied history. They each serve seductive layers of flavor. The former has smoky performances. The latter has smoky dishes. Both are hot!

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Hint: It's Not From the Land Down Under

A dish of mussels.JPG
Men At Work might suggest these lyrics:

Buying bread from a man in Brussels
He was 6-foot-4 and full of muscles
I said, do you speak-a my language?
He just smiled and gave me a vegemite sandwich.

They would be partially correct, but instead of muscles, it would be mussels. And instead of vegemite he might substitute a shrimp BLT. And the man might not be from Brussels, but his cuisine is influenced by the European city as well as a few others.

You know what, forget I mentioned Men At Work. Just sit at this eatery's bar or enjoy a nice repose on the patio. You would be hard-pressed to have a bad meal here.

Where am I eating? (More photos after the jump.)

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Food So Pretty You Almost Hate to Eat It. Almost.

Situated near Dallas Market Center, this hotel restaurant offers Southwest cuisine to hungry professionals and business travelers. A recent lunch of grilled salmon was almost too pretty to eat, and the creamy risotto, served in a grilled poblano, is almost as comforting as a cashmere sweater. Another clue will come in about an hour. Can you guess where I'm eating? (Check out another photo after the jump.)

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