Braving Brunch at Eureka! Dallas

Photos by Kathryn DeBruler
Open seating. Wide open.
Kathryn DeBruler searches far and wide for DFW's most interesting breakfast food. Come along.

I didn't have high hopes going into this brunch, and the fact that a manager apologized half an hour after my order was placed didn't help much. She explained that I was there during Eureka's first official brunch service, and that the kitchen scrapped my original order when the end result didn't meet their standards. Admirable, Eureka!, but not confidence-building.

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Kolache Haven Is Kolache Heaven

Photos by Kathryn DeBruler
Kathryn DeBruler searches far and wide for DFW's most interesting breakfast food. Come along.

In Texas, Kolaches are a thing. There are at least four festivals honoring the Czech pastry in our great state alone. The most famous kolaches hail from West, where legend has it that city revenue is driven almost entirely by sales of the sweet and sometimes savory buns. But for those of you who don't feel inclined to load up the car and high-tail to it to West, there are any number of kolache shops in the DFW area that should satiate your craving. My favorite is a shop called Kolache Haven.

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Jarams Donuts Are Transcendent, Like God with Powdered Sugar

Photos by Kathryn DeBruler
Heavy breathing

"He went to Jarams." These are the words every woman dreams of hearing. For so many, they represent the culmination of a lifetime's worth of hoping, planning and dreaming. What little girl hasn't pined away for the day when she, too, would get the big, white donut of her dreams? I am referring, of course, to Jarams Donuts.

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Corned Beef and Hash at Deli News, Because Brunch Can Be Humble, Too

Photos by Kathryn DeBruler
Brunch used to be something extended families did on the rare occasions they got together. Either that, or it was reserved for holiday weekends, when sleeping in past breakfast time could be excused, given either the holiness of the occasion or the quality of the brunch being served.

But brunch, as you well know, has evolved into something else entirely. It's no longer a seldom-eaten meal; on the contrary, it's now a given one. Every weekend, it seems, there will be brunch. And there will be brunchers, eagerly spilling onto restaurant patios, mimosas in hand.

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The New Luscher's Has a Sausage Inspired by Meat Fight, Earth's Favorite Meat-Off

Alice Laussade
Luscher's Meat Fight Smoked Sausage

Mark your meat calendar: March 2 at 11 a.m., Luscher's on 2653 Commerce St. will have its grand opening.

I know you're all very excited for this restaurant to open, and there are a lot of rumors flying around about what it looks like inside, where exactly the sausage champagne room will be, and how many dollars Brian C. Luscher will be charging for each "Haha, sausage means dick!" joke. I was allowed to visit the test kitchen this week, and I'm happy to report that all of your sausage dreams are about to come true. (And it's $1 per sausage/dick joke.)

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First Look at Proof + Pantry, the New Dallas Restaurant by Cocktail Wiz Michael Martensen

Photos by Catherine Downes
Proof + Pantry, located in One Arts Plaza, in the space that once housed The Greek and before that The Commissary, is now open. The highly anticipated restaurant is the product of Michael Martensen, the barman previously behind The Cedars Social and Smyth, and his business partner Driftwood co-founder Sal Jafar II.

The food menu is limited, with dishes divided into four sections. "Bulk" offers family-style share plates, including a whole chicken with salsify (a root vegetable in the dandelion family), asparagus and mushrooms ($44). "Soil" is filled with vegetarian dishes like melon soup ($12), cauliflower with soft cheese and black truffles ($16) and heirloom tomato salad ($14). "By Land" offers bone marrow ($19) and a day-old duck egg with lamb belly and frisee ($16). And the final section, "By Sea," offers seafood. There's a shrimp cocktail with lemon gel and horseradish ($24), raclette tart with smoked salmon roe, honey creme fraiche and green onions ($16) and snapper crudo ($17).

See also: An Interview with Michael Martensen

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Building Dallas' Best Beer Float, with Help from Carnival Barker's and Blind Butcher

Categories: Food Porn

When food writers get hungry for a real dessert (and then pawn it off).
I've always been a bit of an irregular sweet eater, but when I do eat dessert I do my best to make the act one of extreme decadence. I have a favorite recipe for a chocolate cake that serves 12, but I think it's best when it's cut to serve six so that the slices eclipse the plate. They're almost impossible to finish (I mean, not for me) but you can always start up again in an hour or so, and the audacity of the serving makes for a great cake memory.

So when I saw Steven Harrell's post about a Lakewood Temptress beer float served in a diminutive glass suited to a baby's spoon, only one thought came to my mind: Cute.

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The Summer Drinks of Dallas

Soon enough the Polar Vortex will be rightfully consumed by summer and the sweat will start pooling again. When it does, douse it with one of these summer cocktails, either using the recipes below or just showing up at the bar.

Violet Beauregarde, above (Bolsa):
1 1/2 oz Tito's vodka
1/2 oz St. Germain
1/2 oz simple syrup
1/2 oz lemon juice
6 to 7 blueberries
2 to 3 basil laves
1 lemon wheel (muddled)
Topped with red wine

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Screw The Potato Salad Kickstarter. Here's How To Make Your Own Amazing Potato Salad.

Categories: Food Porn

Or you could, you know, donate to a food bank or something.

The potato salad is always a concern. The success of every summertime event hinges upon its outcome. If too acidic then the family reunion will either be called off or derisive factions will form. Too yellow and the picnic blanket will be abandoned, the bounty laden upon its red and white checks left to bake in the August heat (lest crows show mercy upon its mayonnaise-based soul.) Too mushy and entire holidays will be ruined.

I remember many a Fourth of July spent perched on the laminate counter-top in my parents' kitchen. I would watch, mesmerized, as my mother went round and round a stainless steel bowl with her hand-mixer, combining the contents of our refrigerator's condiment section into a ribbony, buttercup yellow sauce.

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The Ivy Tavern, a New Pub on Lemmon, Is Now Open (Photos)

Photos by Catherine Downes
The Ivy Tavern, located at 5334 Lemmon Avenue, opened early this month in the space that once housed a place called Kitty's. While we're not entirely sure what Kitty's used to be -- some sort of dive bar, it seems? -- a beer-guzzling patron tells us the venue has received a serious facelift since the folks at Ivy Tavern took over. Those folks are Lisa and Elia "Tom" Georgalis, former owners of Inwood Tavern.

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