Seven of Dallas' Best Chefs Will Cook Under the Same Roof for Charity on Sunday

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Can Turkyilmaz
Matt McCallister is among the name chefs bashing oysters.
Since 2009, some of Dallas' best chefs have come together a few times a year to host dinners that showcase the bounty produced by local farmers. Organized by FT33 chef Matt McCallister (duh) and his wife, Iris, Chefs For Farmers dinners over the past few years have raised money for local charitable organizations like the North Texas Food Bank, they've also resulted in some pretty damn incredible food to be eaten.

This year's inaugural Oyster Bash, hosted at the Dallas Farmers Market, is the second event this year for Chefs For Farmers. In August, McCallister hosted a sold-out family-style meal with Pecan Lodge, and the Oyster Bash seems to indicate that the McCallisters are ready to take their farm-to-table philosophy to the next level with a year-round calendar of events that focuses on local food and the chefs who cook it.

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Six Awesome Food Events in Dallas This Weekend, October 23-26

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Lactobacillus fans, this one's for you. As part of their Super Sour Power Week, Strangeways has 35 different sour beers on tap through Sunday, October 26. So what are you waiting for? Make like a wild yeast strain get at it.

What it be: Super Sour Power Week

When it do: Now through Sunday, Oct. 26

Where dat is: Strangeways 2429 N Fitzhugh Ave, Dallas, Texas 75204

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Five Awesome Food Events in Dallas This Weekend, October 16-19

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Every Thursday, the Dallas Farmers Market -- newly renovated and bustling with vendors -- stays open late. For vegetable lovers, these extended hours represent a rare opportunity to get their late-night-produce-groove on, while others see the combination of food trucks, an open-air market and beer and wine vendors as prime "milling" territory. So whether you need some fresh tomatoes for your sauce or you just want to get saucy with some tomatoes, Market After Dark is just the event for you.

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The Improbable Success of the Texas Veggie Fair

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Life is good when you're snacking on a vegan corn dog.
It's pretty impressive if you think about it: Gathering 7,000 vegetarians and otherwise curious omnivores together to celebrate meat-free living might be hard enough, but to do it in Dallas? Texas is a land that celebrates steakhouses, where smoked beef brisket is its own food group, and where beans aren't beans until they've been whipped with lard.

Maybe -- maybe -- you could imagine some like-minded weirdos in Austin, but here in Dallas, most of us don't recognize vegetables unless they've been squeezed into juice. At least that's the prevailing wisdom.

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How Trinity Groves' Kate Weiser Turns Chocolate into Art (Video)

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- An Interview with Kate Weiser, Dallas' Next Top Chocolatier

Four Awesome Food Events in Dallas This Weekend, October 9-12

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Phoenix New Times
Thursday evenings are good for doing life stuff -- washing the car, balancing the check book, the sort of activities that lend themselves to the steady drumbeat of functional adulthood.

This Thursday, though, why not forgo those things in lieu of eating many foods and drinking much beer? Grace will pair five Revolver beers with five courses, including Thai style curried catfish with Sidewinder, house made guinea fowl wurst with High Brass and Blood and Honey with carrot cake. The cost is $85 per person (tip not included, unless you're Leslie Brenner.)

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Four Awesome Food Events in Dallas This Weekend, October 2-5

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In case you missed last week's opportunity to hob-nob with John Tesar, fear not. Tesar will be joining a host of celebrity chefs for everyone's favorite alliterative meat and booze combo: the 6th Annual Burgers & Burgundy event. The chefs will "be rep-representin'" their slider and wine pairings which were specially devised for this fundraiser, all to benefit the Dallas chapter of Design Industries Foundation Fighting AIDS. It's food for good, y'all. Tickets start at $100.

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Meat Fight 2014 Tickets Go on Sale Tomorrow

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Catherine Downes
Meat Fight founder Alice Laussade is slowly building Texas' coolest barbecue event.
Meat Fight, the barbecue competition, fundraiser and saucy brainchild of our Bearded columnist, Alice Laussade, returns to Trinity Groves on Sunday, November 16. You want to go. You need to go. But will you go? Depends on the accuracy of your clock and the quickness of your clicking fingers.

Tickets for the event -- which features 16 of Dallas' best chefs smoking meat for you to eat, all in the name of charity -- go on sale Wednesday at 10 a.m. They'll sell out in minutes. Don't be hungover.

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The Meat Fight Meat Scavenger Hunt Starts ... Now

Catherine Downes for Meat Fight
Go do something meaty and photograph it. It'll be fun.
Last year, tickets to Meat Fight (my barbecue competition that benefits the National MS Society) sold out in a flash.

So, this year, we decided to have a meat scavenger hunt so that one lucky bastard could have easy access to our meat tickets before any other bastard. This is good for us for two reasons: 1) If anyone participates, it means that an actual meat fight occurred in the streets of Dallas because we demanded it, and 2) (see 1).

It's good for you because the winner receives the opportunity to purchase Meat Fight tickets without having to endure the possible scramble that could happen on October 1 when tickets go on sale to the general public. Also, you now have an excuse to fight a pig or cow in public. You're welcome.

Behold: the rules of the 2014 Meat Scramble.

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5 Awesome Food Events in Dallas this Weekend, September 25-28

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Come rub shoulders with the man who loves to rub shoulders (usually pork, but sometimes human) this Thursday evening. John Tesar will step down from his meaty throne for Foodiepalooza, a benefit to raise money for the East Dallas Boys and Girls Club. Tesar will be on hand in order to promote his donations to the cause, including a six-person "meat tasting extravaganza" at Spoon. Participants can also mingle with pastry chef Katie Kennedy and chef Grant Morgan of The Ranch at Las Colinas as they nosh on everything from smoked chicken hash sliders to brisket quesadillas. Tickets start at $65 and sponsorship opportunities start at $1,000. Possible verbal tirade from Tesar: priceless.

What it be: Foodiepalooza

When it do: 7-9 p.m. Thursday, September 25

Where dat is: Times Ten Cellars 6324 Prospect Ave.

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