Fine, Whataburger, We'll Eat the Jalapeno Cheddar Biscuit

Nick Rallo
Fast food breakfast is coming in all sorts of portable shapes and sizes these days. There's the billfold shape, the cylinder, the oddly perfect sphere and the oblong doughnut, and -- looking at you,Taco Bell -- the frisbee / ninja star. Thanks to the enduring charm of the fast food industry, the one that continues to surprise us with new batshit food items, we will surely get new, futuristic items like ghost eggs and the deep fried thumbs up.

Whataburger, however, is often immune to the madness. Their new products involve such absurd food creations as chicken, peppers, and green chiles. The newest release --brace yourselves -- the totally normal-shaped jalapeno cheddar biscuit.

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East Hampton's Burger Is Not the Burger Dallas Needs, But It's the Burger Dallas Deserves

Lori Bandi
The good news is: Dallas will not crumble tomorrow if a new cheeseburger isn't debuted in the city limits. All new cheeseburgers are welcome, of course: I'm not purporting some sort of cheeseburger xenophobia here. I'm just saying that on the burger majesty scale we here in Dallas are Burger Kings. We've got Offsite Kitchen and Maple and Motor if you're on the West side, Bolsa and Boulevardier's beautiful thing if you're up near where Lee Harvey Oswald's house was, Hopdoddy if you're somewhere in the middle there and feeling thrifty, Keller's if you're feeling more thrifty, and Holy Grail has a special burger if you're in Plano. You're covered.

So, really, there's no need for East Hampton Sandwich Company to make a great burger. There's nothing in the restaurant's name that says bun, happy, Donald's, cheesed, hambomb, beef coaster, meat disc, beef seat, beef hole cover, lettuce rester, sliderous beeferous, angus wheels, cow circles, planet meat, meat wreaths or grass-fed bovine medallions. East Hampton doesn't need a burger, but there it is on the menu, being delicious.

Sure, the sandwiches are kick ass. Just don't overlook that burger.

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A Letter to Velvet Taco's Texas Burger Taco

How's it going, Texas burger taco? Hope all is well on your end.

I'm heading out to see you soon -- in just a few minutes I'll be all smoking tires and fishtailing-Honda out of my apartment building. My plan was to order you, with a glacially cold local root beer, and eat you while sitting on the curb. With no one around, of course -- you're best without judgmental company. Side note: I'm pretty sure I look like Gollum putting the one ring on when I eat you. In the past, eating you has resulted in whole orchestras of "mmms" and exclamatory phrases like "Holy Santa shit." So, I wanted to write this note, in advance of my coming, to let you know that I respect you.

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Snuffer's on Greenville Has Reopened and They Still Have These Things Called Cheese Fries

Categories: Eating Local

Welcome to Dallas, Texas. We're glad to have you. We have explosive live music, exciting local beer, a Calatrava bridge, a crisp downtown park and cheese cheddar fries so good you'll go ahead and valet park.

Holy cheese dome, the Snuffer's on Greenville has reopened. In case you missed 2013 because you ate a large order of Cheddar Fries in late 2012, the timeline went something like this:

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Five DFW Restaurants That Serve Great Game, in Honor of the Quest to Legalize Roadkill

Sean Drellinger
Needs salt.
Tink Nathan, founder of Tink's Deer Scent Company and host of Tink's Legendary Hunting Moments, hopes to represent the fine people of House District 53, comprised mostly of rural West Texas counties. And he's made one of his top campaign priorities reversing a 2007 law that banned the picking up and eating of roadkill.

According to Nathan's campaign website, his "BIGGEST THING" (emphasis his) is to:

"revamp the Texas wildlife code to allow people to use road kill deer for human use. now its illegal to pick up a road kill deer"

Nathan contends that the Texas Department of Transportation removed over 1,400 deer from roads in just one county, and that the meat from those freshly murdered-by-Mitsubishi kills could be utilized for people to enjoy at dinnertime.

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How to Dallasize Your Thanksgiving, and We're Not Talking about a Signature Bridge

Thumbnail image for turkey_flickr.jpg
Rene S
Papers, please, turkey.
Now that Meat Fight and the recaps of Meat Fight are over, all eyes can turn to the grandest of all food-centered holidays, Thanksgiving. Sure, lots of other holidays involve eating, but Thanksgiving is completely about the food. Supposedly there is a little in there about being thankful and glossing over some awkward history involving European settlers and Native Americans, but let's get real: It's mostly about the food.

Maybe this year you are thinking about spending a little extra money and buying more locally sourced foods. Here are some things to consider:

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The Collin County Farmers Market Is Getting Screwed by the Shutdown, but Trudges On

Collin County Farmers Market
It took years for Kari Gates to get a farmers market in Plano. After attending more council meetings than any farmer should have to deal with, the Plano native, who owns Spring Creek Organic Farms, finally got the all clear to open the Collin County Farmers Market at 3314 N. Central Expressway in March.

But now Gates has another potential headache to deal with and, yes, it actually has to do with Shutstorm 2013. Back in March, Gates applied for 501(c)3 status for the farm stand, but since the IRS is the IRS, it's taken a really long time to get the final paperwork. And now that many at the IRS are furloughed, well, who knows when anything will happen.

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Six New Craft Foods in Dallas to Help Celebrate Fall, Including Deep Ellum's New Beer

Original Pancake House
1. Earlier this year we talked to the fascinating Mark Davis Bailey at Original Pancake House (OPH) about the five-day process involved in making their from scratch-pancakes. OPH will have house-made pumpkin pancakes (pictured above) on its menu starting next week. With a cup of fresh Cuvee coffee, this might be the best breakfast on a chilly fall morning.

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Local Fare, a New TV Show, Debuts Tomorrow and Focuses on North Texas Restaurants

Categories: Eating Local

A new locally produced TV show focusing on neighborhood restaurants in North Texas is set to debut this weekend. Local Fare is the brainchild of restaurateurs Josh Sepkowitz and Kyle Noonan and will premiere at 5 p.m. this Saturday, September 7, on KTXA channel 21.

See Also: An Interview Josh Sepkowitz and Kyle Noonan on Talent Managment and Dogs as Conduits

Sepkowitz and Noonan explained in a previous interview that the idea for this show came about, like most of their other ideas: by sitting around with friends, drinking a few beers and someone says, "Wouldn't it be cool if...."

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Dude, Sweet Chocolate Needs Your Vote to Win Martha Stewart's American Made Contest

Allison Smith
Katherine Clapner of Dude, Sweet Chocolate
American Made is a Martha Stewart project that spotlights local purveyors, crafters and bakers and, in the end, one of those small business owners will receive $10,000. The selection process isn't what you might think though: The American Made group actually traveled around the country visiting many of these spots, including Oak Cliff's Dude, Sweet Chocolate.

"A while back they just walked into the store one day," says Katherine Clapner, owner of Dude, Sweet Chocolate. "I actually wasn't even here that day, but they left a card and called me back a few weeks later, said they liked my stuff and asked if we wanted to apply."

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