In Lieu of Decent Baseball, Where to Find Decent Beer at Texas Rangers Games

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Live footage from Globe Life Park, where a portal to hell has opened up around 1st Base
Listen up, baseball fans. In March, over half of ESPN's experts predicted the Rangers would make the playoffs. Now, there's not a Lemon Chill's chance in an August afternoon game that we'll finish higher than third place. With the All Star break behind us, Your Texas Rangers® are officially the worst team in baseball.

Sowhat are you, Dallas' best baseball fan, to do? Though our injured catcher chooses another popular pain-eraser, we here at the City of Ate blog can only recommend one thing: drink beer. Lots and lots of beer.

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Meet Sancerre, Your New Favorite Summer Wine

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T. Carrigan
Sancerre makes for perfect summer sipping.
Remember when rosé first became a thing? It seems without much notice that many Americans collectively put down the Boone's Farm, or perhaps a fizzy Bartles and Jaymes and picked up a bottle of pink wine from France to fill in as their summer sipper. Speedos suddenly became OK, along with Lillet on ice and European cigarettes and everyone craved café more than they craved coffee.

Rosé deserves its run, especially when it's dry, minerally and served ice cold. It's a casual and relaxed varietal you could get away with serving in a red Solo cup, and maybe even with an ice cube (though I'm not the one who told you to do it). Rosé does not, however, deserve to reign supreme as they only summer wine. Especially if it means overlooking Sancerre.

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Prairie Has a Beer That Smells a Little Funky. You'll Like It.

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Think: wet dog
I don't know Lauren's last name, partly because I was drinking while researching this post and partly because I was drinking while I was researching this post, but I'll never forget her answer to my question. I'd just ordered a glass of Prairie's Funky Gold Mosaic and was blown away buy the musky, dank smell that wafted from the glass. I asked Lauren, who pours beer at the Meddlesome Moth, to help me describe it.

"Wet dog," she said, after pulling a lungful of air with her nose deep inside the glass. When beers ferment naturally, they have a tendency to pick up all manner of ambient funk from the environment, and Lauren's assessment was spot on. I pictured a Labrador that had just jumped from a pond with a limp mallard in its mouth. Its fur was caked with mud and algae.

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How to Turn Dallas Beers into Summer Beer Cocktails That Don't Suck

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Even though the season won't officially change until later his month, I believe that the weekend after Memorial Day ought to be heralded and celebrated as the first weekend of summer. Hopefully, you all behaved appropriately by eating your first snow cones, re-organizing your closet, and dumping standing water to prevent a West Nile Virus outbreak.

Summer, more than any other, is a season to do things a little differently. Grill dinner instead of bake. Leave work early on Fridays. Wear jorts.

And when the weather gets to be above 95, you ought to be able to drink beer differently, too. Sure, beer on its own glorious. But a splash or two of just the right mixer can take you to new beer drinking heights and enhance your poolside get-together in spectacular ways.

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The Loon's New Location Coming Soon. So Is a Big Party.

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Thumbnail image for loon entrance.jpg
In 2003, I wrote in these pages about a room at 3531 McKinney Ave. that had, over the course of six decades, stood witness to the people -- many of them drunk -- who represented the changing societal, political and demographic realities of our city.

"And pretty much everyone had a good time," according to the late Louie Canelakes, who was second in command at Joe Miller's, the second of three well-loved bars that inhabited the premises. The first was The Villager Club, a jazz bar considered one of the hippest places in town back in the 1960s.

See also: The Dallas Triangle of Hip

At the end of May, the era will end when The Loon, its current incarnation, moves to an as-yet undecided location and the room will be torn down to make way for a CVS Pharmacy.

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When Nothing Could Save Me from a Hangover, Mariano's Fajitas Saved Me

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Don't all hangover stories start with something yada something, "but it wasn't my fault"? As hollow as it may sound here, I feel the need to doubly express that my condition on a recent Sunday morning was not my fault.

I had innocently bellied up to the bar at Pier 247, the new casual seafood shack in Oak Cliff, and quickly made friends with two young guys that had just ordered their first-ever tray of crawfish. I showed them how to decapitate the critters, suck the fluids from their heads and squeeze the meat from their tails like toothpaste. They thanked me with a round of beers, and then with a few tequila shots, and then because this seemed like a wise thing to do at the time, a shooter of Red Bull and vodka. Who was I to turn their generosity down?

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Dallas' Five Best Bars for Morning Drinking

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Thumbnail image for Ships.jpg
Ships isn't quite the same without the old NCR. The register now sits impotent near the bathroom.
Most of us drinkers stick to a fairly predictable schedule. During the week we drink when we get off work until the sun gets heavy in the sky, and then depending on how we feel we cap it off with one more at home. When Friday comes we're more liberal: We could care less about our interstellar orientation and we just drink until the bartender tells us to go home.

Not everyone works a steady 9 to 5, though. The shift workers and the artists who roll out of bed at 2:30 in the afternoon follow a different rhythm. Sadly, if you got off of work at 8 a.m., your desire to cap your shift off with a cold one is no less than your more standard circadian counterpart. Your options, on the other hand, are considerably restricted.

Here's where to drink if you work while the rest of us sleep, or if, one day, you just want to get an early start.

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The Valentine's Day Cocktails of Dallas (Photos)

Photos by Catherine Downes
Winter is on its way out (fingers crossed), but Dallas is still serving up plenty of delicious seasonal spirits. I spent the past few weeks exploring some of Dallas' winter cocktails (you can view the full slideshow here). And while all the drinks are a foolproof way to escape Dallas' bitter cold front, these five might be most apt for heating things up between you and your babely Valentine.

Pictured above:
Love Potion #6 at Oak: Reyka Vodka, Byrrh Grand Quinquina, Solerno Blood Orange Liqueur, Blood orange puree and strawberries.

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Is the Mexican Martini Really Texas' Signature Cocktail?

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Last week Buzzfeed unilaterally matched cocktails with US states, giving just a vague description of its research -- "a combination of state of origin, popularity, and exclusivity." Some of them made sense, earning their names from the state's university, an infamous citizen or a major city. The Sazerac went to Louisiana, for instance, since state lawmakers declared it the official drink of New Orleans in 2008. (They didn't have anything better to do?)

Some of the choices, though, seem downright daffy, including, I think, the selection of the Mexican Martini as the signature cocktail of Texas. When was the last time you saw anyone drinking a Mexican Martini?

Here are three alternatives.

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Texas Wine Will Take on the Whole World at a Syrah Tasting on Monday

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Via Larry Darling
Texas Syrah grapes to other grapes: "Suck it."
American wine no longer has the second-class status it had years ago. California wineries are widely respected. The Washington Post and the New York Daily News have both declared Virginia to be the next "it" place for wine lovers.

So how does Texas wine match up against the world's best? That question will be settled at Texas Vs. the World, the Syrah edition, on December 9, a tasting that will allow the attendees to judge Texas Syrah (Shiraz, if you're a Yellow Tail drinker) against more prominent vintners. Gusto Tastings is hosting the showdown at Times Ten Cellar in East Dallas.

See also: Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings: Great at Picking Wine, Terrible at Converting Currencies

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