Fuel City Is Growing, Still Has a Swimming Pool for Some Reason

Fuel City
Feeding our need for more tacos faster, Fuel City has recently undergone an expansion. The gas station and so much more below the tangle of I-30 and I-35 has recently doubled its kitchen space and now passes tacos out of four windows. This is certainly great news if it means we get our tacos faster, particularly in the wee hours of the morning, when the people-watching is interesting, but not interesting enough to make us wait for our tacos.

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North Texas' Tom Thumbs Might Be for Sale, and We Need H.E.B. to Buy Them

There's speculation in grocery-store land that Tom Thumb's parent company, Safeway, is looking to sell off of its Texas stores. The company has been dropping some dead weight lately, including stores in Canada and Chicago, and recently hired Goldman Sachs to scout the market for potential buyers.

A CultureMap article last week reported that one option would be to break up the stores by region, and "some analysts speculated San Antonio-based HEB could pick up the Dallas-Fort Worth [Tom Thumb] locations."

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Gun Advocates Carried Rifles and Shotguns (and Kids) to an Arlington Starbucks Last Night

If you were driving south on Green Oaks Boulevard in Arlington on Thursday around 7 p.m., your headlights might have caught a glimpse of a group of people walking along the sidewalk carrying what looked like rifles and shotguns over their shoulders. No, the fading dusk wasn't messing with your vision. Yes, those were really long guns slung across their backs.

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A group called Open Carry Texas was expressing their Second Amendment right with a group of about 20, including two preschoolers. They walked from an Albertson's parking lot, up north for a bit (a mile or so), then back south, past a church where an officer in a cop car was keeping an eye on things.

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Dallas to Get A Buzz Bike Soon

The Buzz Bike
The Buzz Bike's maiden voyage in the St. Patrick's Day parade (prior to full city approval).
Previously we've only been able to watch beer bikes in passing envy. But, now Dallas is slated to get its very own roving, 16-seater, pedal-powered, mobile pub. And, yes, it's amazingly already received the green light from the City of Dallas.

"My partner and I first saw one in Houston and we both immediately started making plans to get one in Dallas," says Gloria Flores, co-owner of The Buzz Bike. "Just last month we had a hearing and it got approved. Now we're just sorting out a few other details and we hope to launch in October."

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LSU Brought Great Tailgating Food, and Then Students Trashed the Place

My son and I had tickets to the Rangers game Saturday evening, so I suggested we walk through the notoriously epic LSU tailgating festivities at AT&T Stadium prior to the baseball game. LSU fans bring with them hands-down the best tailgating food ever, and I thought I'd let the kid experience a little of the camaraderie and energy of a college tailgating scene. I'm thinking ahead a little: "See how great college is?"

Good idea, right? Nope. Bad idea. Worst ever. I didn't get good mom points -- I got deductions, as a matter of fact. (So it was a typical weekend.)

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Campo Verde in Arlington, Inside a Kaleidoscope of Crazy

Hard to make out, but that's an entire dining room, mirrored walls on back. Just let it happen...
No, that's not a picture from inside a kaleidoscope. That's actually from inside a restaurant, one that is bejeweled within an inch of its life in hundreds (perhaps thousands) of strands of lights and tinsel. How festive, you say? Yeah, I took that picture last week.

In what might be called an Arlington "landmark," this unabashedly over-the-top, Tex-Mex den is a like jumping into the spin cycle with crazy. At then end, you're rinsed in melted orange cheese. Trust me. That happens.

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Twitter Reactions to Hurricane Sandy: The Foodie Version

Austin Dill @ instagram

A few hours ago I searched #BringItSandy on Twitter and, at the time, there were about 40 tweets. It's lighting up now though. The kids in the northeast have got their game-face on and are preparing in earnest. When life hands you a hurricane, buy Bud Light. Maybe a princess flashlight and some Sour Patch Kids.

A guy just used wire to tie his propane barbecue pit to his wooden deck... hmm...

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A Quick Visual Escape to One of the World's Most Amazing Restaurants

Grotta Palazzese
Remember the other day we were arguing about the insanity of living in a landlocked area at the edge of the desert when the Earth offers billions of miles of beautiful beaches? Don't fact check "billions," but the point is, damn, it's hot. And dry. Native plants are saying, "Fuck it. I'm out." Watering a lawn is just downright depressing (or is that just me).

Well, if you were just having that conversation with yourself again on the commute in to our humble little heat bubble, check out this seaside restaurant in the medieval town of Polignano a Mare, Italy. Just do it. Yes, it's like stabbing the dagger in your belly then twisting it for good measure. Fight pain with more pain.

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Five Lunch Ideas for National Boss Day

Officially, yesterday was National Boss Day. But for most of the working world, any day this week would work for excessive, strategic ass-kissing. If you forgot to get your boss that bottle of liquor, don't sweat it. We've got you covered. Here, our five best ideas for a lunch worthy of any boss.

(Lauren -- great idea for a story, but it's always better to be specific. Instead of "bottle of liquor," let's change to "giant bottle of Jameson." -- Thanks, Joe)

5. SpeedZone. The Parmesan garlic fries at the SpeedZone Café & Bar are the gift that keeps on giving. Follow that up with a few laps on the Slick Trax during which you prove you can dominate more than just a spreadsheet.

(Well, yeah -- it's nice to know your employee can win, but don't you think he should let the boss win? Not that the boss can't win on his own, but, you know. Just to be safe?)

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For Fashion Week, Five Foods Just as Hard to Eat as Those Clothes are to Wear

It's Fashion Week, which means lots of impractical clothes clothes on impractically shaped people.

But designers aren't alone in their ability to turn something as functional as clothes into high art. Chefs often do the same with food, as demonstrated by the above dish -- a salad from Abacus -- and the four that follow.

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