Corned Beef and Hash at Deli News, Because Brunch Can Be Humble, Too

Photos by Kathryn DeBruler
Brunch used to be something extended families did on the rare occasions they got together. Either that, or it was reserved for holiday weekends, when sleeping in past breakfast time could be excused, given either the holiness of the occasion or the quality of the brunch being served.

But brunch, as you well know, has evolved into something else entirely. It's no longer a seldom-eaten meal; on the contrary, it's now a given one. Every weekend, it seems, there will be brunch. And there will be brunchers, eagerly spilling onto restaurant patios, mimosas in hand.

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Denton Loves its New Hypnotic Donuts-Cultivar Coffee Shop, Judging by the Line

Photos by Kathryn DeBruler

Living up to its name, Hypnotic Donuts seems to have cast a spell on the people of Denton. During my visit on Saturday -- four days after the Lakewood shop opened its newest location in Denton's town square -- a line stretched out the door. Parents, their gazes eerily transfixed on the soft glow emanating from the donut case, waited for half an hour to place orders while children tried in vain to get their attention. No mere donut could inspire such devotion.

A donut with bacon on top? Yep, that might do the trick.

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McDonald's is Still Considering Making Breakfast an All-Day Thing. STILL.

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Via Wikimedia
We want this right now, and McDonalds is so close to giving it to us.

Good job, McDonald's. You're kicking around the idea of making breakfast available all day, finally catching up with every single person who's ever had breakfast and realized it should be eaten all day every day. It's taken you long enough, and frankly we're not sure why you've kept such a reactionary definition of breakfast hours.

Look, McDonald's, we get it. You're big. Very big, one could argue. And it takes a really long time to change a very big thing. But apparently you've been thinking about this since 2006.


It cannot take seven years to engineer a McGriddle that doesn't go bad after 10:30 a.m. Because we're assuming the little McGriddle cakes go bad then, or explode, or become self-aware. Why else would you arbitrarily decide that anyone wanting breakfast after 10:30 is just shit out of luck?

Seriously, McDonald's, be consistent. You serve coffee all day, the breakfast drink de rigueur, so why has it taken you so long to get on board with the foodstuffs? You know this is a great way to drum up revenue, and y'all have had some tough times lately.

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After All These Years, Eggs Are Still A Mystery

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Via Wikimedia

News has been buzzing the last couple of weeks about food that will slowly kill you. First it was red meat getting the flak, along with liver, but now eggs, the breakfast staple and vegetarian go-to for protein, are also to blame.

All of this is coming from the April 25 issue of the New England Journal of Medicine. Here's the short version, if you've missed it: As bacteria in our guts help break down lecithin, found in egg yolks; and carnitine, a compound in mammal meat, they "burp" up trimethylamine-N-oxide, or TMAO. There are a few more steps in the process (bacteria break lecithin down into choline, digest the choline and excrete it, the liver absorbs that and releases TMAO) but you get the gist. And since high levels of TMAO are associated with heart disease, this microbial flatulence is killing us.

So this has put an end to my plan to try exotic liver pates, which I can live with (though I was really looking forward to sloth). But eggs? All those frittatas and quiches and poached eggs have been filling us with lethal bacteria waste? The Atlantic is reporting that eggs are fine, as long as you take an antibiotic right before eating. You may have thought getting up and making breakfast was already a chore. Now you have to add a pill regimen to your routine anytime you want a scramble.

But Dr. Mitch Kanter, the executive director of the Egg Nutrition Center, thinks it's too early to write eggs off the menu. "This particular research is interesting," he says, "but it's too preliminary to be pointing a damning finger at any particular food."

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Six New Brunch Spots For Your Weekend Recovery

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Jack's Southern Comfort Food

Dallas certainly knows it's way around a brunch. What use to be an occasion-driven affair, has taken on the role of a more casual, sobering three-hour revival. With Dallas' always-expanding restaurant population, here are some new spots you should consider.

Jack's Southern Comfort Food
There's one (really important) key word about the menu here: biscuits. Lots of 'em. This charismatic spot brings a touch of upscale, down-home country fare with Cajun touches to lower Greenville. The "Pigs in a Pashmina" come with apple smoked beef sausage snuggled in a puff pastry with pepper jack, cheddar cheese and jalapeños, served with a strawberry jalapeño mustard and Jack's breakfast potatoes. And Jimmy's sausage gravy open-faced biscuit will surely quell whatever ails you.

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I Ate the Hellfire at Hypnotic Donuts and Lived to Tell About It

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Hypnotic Donuts Hellfire.jpg
The Hellfire can smell your fear.
"That's the one."

I tapped the glass with my finger, pointing to a lone, menacing-looking doughnut behind all the rest. This one was topped with a mound of emerald green and vivid orange pepper slices, in sharp contrast to the others so innocently adorned with pink frosted animal cookies, M&Ms and strips of bacon.

I had emailed Hypnotic Donuts co-owner James St. Peter the day before to specially request that this particular doughnut, called the Hellfire, be made for me, assuming that it probably wasn't one of their more popular offerings like the famed maple-and-bacon Canadian Healthcare. (Upon my arrival the friendly gent manning the counter also offered to whip up a Devil's Death Dance doughnut for me with the addition of ghost peppers. I politely declined.)

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A Visual Guide to Kirin Court's Dim Sum

Kirin Court egg tart.JPG
Alexander Nham
It was Easter Sunday, and I wanted to eat breakfast like I would if I were with family. So I trekked out to Kirin Court in Richardson for dim sum.

There's a lot going on during dim sum, carts racing around the dining room with waiters hawking their goods (usually in Chinese) and dish after dish of unfamiliar fare. I've been eating dim sum all my life, and there are still some dishes that I've never had. So for the wary diner, I present a dim sum primer based on this most recent experience. And don't judge, I didn't eat all of this alone.

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An Ode to Chinese Pastries (and a Place to Get Good Ones)

Vivian Bakery assorted pastries.JPG
Alexander Nham
When you think of Chinese food, you think of General Tso's Chicken, Kung Pao Beef, Pork Fried Rice and a Cinnabun for dessert, because you are most likely in a food court. You don't, however, think about pastries.

Unless you're Chinese. Growing up, my Chinese mother would always tuck into a bakery in Chinatown and emerge with a big white box swaddled in a pink plastic bag. The treasures inside were all different, interesting, but always delicious. Now that I live in Dallas, I, of course, want to find a place where I can relive those memories and get some Chinese buns on the cheap.

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A Visual Guide to a Proper Irish Breakfast

A full Ulster Fry (yes, on a Christmas plate.)
Mark Cuban has caused me to completely rediscover St. Patrick's Day. Gratuitous party-givers with no strings attached plays well into the whole theme of "friendliest day of the year."

So I tracked down my favorite Irish lass, Theresa Magee, earlier this week to have her show me how to make a proper Irish breakfast, more specifically an Ulster Fry, which is a dish from northern Ireland. The most appealing feature other than bacon is that almost everything on the plate, even the soda bread, is pan-fried.

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Searching for Dallas' Best Cheap Breakfast Tacos

La Tejanita bacon chorizo tacos.JPG
Alexander Nham
Two La Tejanita tacos will set you back $3.62.
Alex Nham travels the globe, mainly the part with Dallas on it, in search of new places to eat breakfast.

In my search for Dallas' more interesting morning meals, tacos are the one obvious breakfast genre I have yet to explore. It's not that I don't eat them; I eat them by the pound. But that's the point: They're everywhere. I didn't know where to start.

So, drawing inspiration from Scott's brisket taco hunt, I went searching for some of the city's best cheap breakfast tacos. This is what I found.

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