Four Corners' Super Bee Brew Is a Saison with an Alter Ego

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Scott Reitz
This beer is going to have a buzz, I just know it.
I've never met a luchador in real life, but I've read a little about them. And after drinking a few beers for this story, I feel as though that's plenty to make me an expert. The stories I've read tell of two-faced men, quiet and reserved in the real world, but something different altogether when they put on that mask.

I imagine that's what happened when Four Corners Brewery asked a mild-mannered saison to don a luchador mask to become Super Bee. Saisons are a celebration of warmer weather, an announcement that summer is on its way. They're often mild, with low alcohol content. They're the sort of beer you want to tear into after a long day of toiling in the sun.

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Twin Peaks Is Bringing Its Chain-Breastaurant Beer to Stores, but Don't Be Tempted

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This picture has absolutely nothing to do with beer.
It was just about a year ago when Twin Peaks first made the announcement: The Dallas-based breastaurant group was getting into the beer-brewing business, riding on the heels of the craft beer movement that was inundating the nation in small-batch suds. The chain released two beers with the promise of more to come.

I tried them both at the Mockingbird Station location, but I ended up not writing a word about the beers. I remember them being wholly unimpressive, reminding me a little of the brewpub beer I used to quaff in massive quantities (the headaches!) in the 1990s. The Knotty Brunette was an amber. I got mine man-sized and proceed to fight my way through a layer of frozen froth to get to the beer.

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Reviewing the Beers of Texas Ale Project, One of Dallas' Newest Breweries

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Brent Nuss
From the left: Somethin' Shady porter, White Russian Imperial Stout, "XPA"
As Dallas slowly becomes a mecca for beer-drinking in Texas, yet another brewery is establishing itself in the Design District. Though it opened back in January, Texas Ale Project celebrated its "grand opening" on Saturday.

Inside the fence at Texas Ale Project, it is like any other brewery tour you can attend in Dallas: people standing around drinking and talking while several workers pour beer for patrons. Once you enter the building, there is a small bar that constitutes the "T.A.P. Room" and the massive brewing space.

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Dallas Breweries Are Wisely Embracing the Light-Bodied Beer

Brent Nuss
Let me start by saying this: I love IPAs. There are few beers I enjoy more than a hoppy, coppery IPA that has a nice ABV to it. When I first got into craft beer it was through beers that weren't necessarily heavy or hoppy; Shiner Bock, Real Ale Fireman's 4, and St. Arnold's Lawnmower, are just a few that acted as a tipping point for me. Those are beers that don't have heavy bodies, and can be found at most restaurants that don't cater to serious beer drinkers. Though, like any fan of craft beer, eventually I settled into a particular style or two that I am most fond of, and serves as my go-to order when I am at a bar.

If you spot beer snobs at a bar, you'll see a lot of them ordering ordering stouts, IPAs, maybe even a barleywine, or some beer whose category starts with "Imperial." These are beers with complex flavors, heavy bodies, and typically higher ABV percentages. Stick around and you'll see one of them put back three or four IPAs and call it a night. By drinking a couple craft beers, they'll have a nice buzz thanks to a beer with real flavor.

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Reviewing the Beers at Big Texas Beer Fest 2015

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Brent Nuss
On Saturday, thousands of local beer snobs flocked to Fair Park for the annual Big Texas Beer Fest. Started by locals Chad and Nellie Mongomery after their visit to the Great American Beer Festival in 2010, the Big Texas Beer Fest is a charitable event that provides a portion of their proceeds to the North Texas Food Bank. This year, more than 100 breweries signed up to hand out 2oz samples to thousands of local beer snobs.

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Rabbit Hole Brewing's Strawberry Hefe Seasonal, Tweedleyum, Is a Beer for Non-Snobs

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Brent Nuss

Several breweries are putting out more seasonals to drum up interest in their products and offer a variety; Shiner's Prickly Pear, Lakewood's Till and Toil, Deep Ellum's Neato Bandito and Four Corner's Paletero are just a few of the seasonals you will see this spring. Rabbit Hole Brewing in Justin has joined in with its spring hefeweizen, Tweedleyum.

Released on April 1 and on tap through June, the brewery describes Tweedleyum as being made with "100% natural strawberry puree to create a slightly sweet, easy drinking fruit beer." The name for this beer comes from two nursery rhyme characters, Tweedledee and Tweedledum, that Alice meets in Lewis Carroll's novel, Through the Looking-Glass, and What Alice Found There.

I went to Lakewood Growler during the glass giveaway to sample Tweedleyum. My first impression of the beer was the color, because it looked like I was handed a glass of grapefruit juice. The smell of the beer was very much what you would expect from a well-made hefeweizen: cloves and banana aromas, which come from the fermentation process. After taking a few swallows, my first thought was that this is a beer made for those who enjoy hefeweizens. The taste of this medium-bodied beer is a standard hefeweizen, but where the strawberry comes through is in the slightly tart aftertaste.

So, if you are not too snobby about hefeweizens and want to try something different, this is a worthy choice. If Rabbit Hole hoped people would order this beer for its accent of strawberry flavor, then it is a success; it's a decent hefeweizen that at least offers something other hefeweizens do not. If you are a fringe beer-drinker who only orders Abita's Purple Haze or the like, this is probably not one you will enjoy much.

Nine New Breweries Recently or Soon-to-Be Opened in Dallas

Scott Reitz
BrainDead joins the parade of new Dallas breweries.
Over the last few years, DFW has become an oasis for beer drinkers, with more than 25 area-based breweries, an extraordinary number when compared to other major cities in Texas. And that number's growing: Here, a list of upcoming brewery and taproom openings, events that will only add to the sprawling menu of options for local beer snobs.

Drive carefully.

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Peticolas Partnered with a San Diego Brewery for a Limited, Powerful New Beer

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Scott Reitz
You should probably find this beer as soon as you can.
When I interviewed Michael Peticolas about proposed beer legislation last week, the brewer mentioned he was nosing a special beer. Dubbed Operation Collaboration, the brew is a collaborative effort between Peticolas and Chuck Silva of Green Flash brewing Co. in San Diego.

First and most importantly, the beer is available at Meddlesome Moth right now, but there's no telling how long you'll be able to order a glass. If you're already convinced, get your ass out of your seat and order one, or look for it at additional bars in the coming days. But if you need more beer nerdery before a run to the bar, read on, and I'll tell you a little more about the beer that warms my belly as we speak.

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Inside Lakewood Brewing's Awesome New Brewery and Taproom

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Paul Hightower
The new space for Lakewood Brewing
The talk around North Texas used to be of what new breweries are opening this month. Now it's all about what local breweries are building and expanding and by how much, and how far ahead of their growth curves and expectations they find themselves.

Lakewood Brewing held a ribbon-cutting ceremony last week with the big-scissor-wielding Mayor of Garland and other city officials to formally dedicate its new brewing facility. The new digs are are three stories and 14,000 square feet of brewing awesomeness, built adjacent and abut to their original facility (which they are keeping for packaging, labs and office space, by the way). Just marking their fourth year in business this week, owner Wim Bens says his original business plan didn't expect this expansion until after their seventh year.

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The Cheap Bastard Visits, Is Pretty Confused by Harvey B's, East Dallas' Burger Shack

Alice Laussade
Burgers within.
Follow the Cheap Bastard as she scours the city, looking for a good -- or at least non-lethal -- lunch for less than 10 bucks.

"I'm sorry -- you can't drink that in here, sir." Register Girl runs from behind the counter to stop Already Chugging the Craft Beer She Just Sold Him Dude from chugging his craft beer right next to the craft beer cooler, which is apparently for take-out purposes only. A little annoyed to be stopped mid-chug, Chug Dude wipes his face with his sleeve and replies, "For real?"

"Yes, for real," Register Girl says in her good-employee voice.

Chug Dude looks around, "You got a cup? I'll drink it outside on that curb while I wait for my dang burgers."

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