Peticolas Partnered with a San Diego Brewery for a Limited, Powerful New Beer

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Scott Reitz
You should probably find this beer as soon as you can.
When I interviewed Michael Peticolas about proposed beer legislation last week, the brewer mentioned he was nosing a special beer. Dubbed Operation Collaboration, the brew is a collaborative effort between Peticolas and Chuck Silva of Green Flash brewing Co. in San Diego.

First and most importantly, the beer is available at Meddlesome Moth right now, but there's no telling how long you'll be able to order a glass. If you're already convinced, get your ass out of your seat and order one, or look for it at additional bars in the coming days. But if you need more beer nerdery before a run to the bar, read on, and I'll tell you a little more about the beer that warms my belly as we speak.

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Inside Lakewood Brewing's Awesome New Brewery and Taproom

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Paul Hightower
The new space for Lakewood Brewing
The talk around North Texas used to be of what new breweries are opening this month. Now it's all about what local breweries are building and expanding and by how much, and how far ahead of their growth curves and expectations they find themselves.

Lakewood Brewing held a ribbon-cutting ceremony last week with the big-scissor-wielding Mayor of Garland and other city officials to formally dedicate its new brewing facility. The new digs are are three stories and 14,000 square feet of brewing awesomeness, built adjacent and abut to their original facility (which they are keeping for packaging, labs and office space, by the way). Just marking their fourth year in business this week, owner Wim Bens says his original business plan didn't expect this expansion until after their seventh year.

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The Cheap Bastard Visits, Is Pretty Confused by Harvey B's, East Dallas' Burger Shack

Alice Laussade
Burgers within.
Follow the Cheap Bastard as she scours the city, looking for a good -- or at least non-lethal -- lunch for less than 10 bucks.

"I'm sorry -- you can't drink that in here, sir." Register Girl runs from behind the counter to stop Already Chugging the Craft Beer She Just Sold Him Dude from chugging his craft beer right next to the craft beer cooler, which is apparently for take-out purposes only. A little annoyed to be stopped mid-chug, Chug Dude wipes his face with his sleeve and replies, "For real?"

"Yes, for real," Register Girl says in her good-employee voice.

Chug Dude looks around, "You got a cup? I'll drink it outside on that curb while I wait for my dang burgers."

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Texas Brewers Are Ready to Fight a Bill That Would Kill the Craft-Beer Boom

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Thumbnail image for Peticolas combo.jpg
tAlexander Nhamk
Local Brewers try to maintain control of their beers from the brewery to the taps.
Texas Rep. Senfronia Thompson filed legislation this week that proposed new limitations on craft breweries that operate in Texas. Specifically, her bill seeks to limit the amount of beer small breweries can self-distribute to 5,000 barrels a year. The current limit is 40,000 barrels.

Texas Brewers were quick to cry skunky suds. Thompson has long received large donations from organizations that lobby on behalf of Texas beer distributors, casting a dubious shadow on her bill, which would force small breweries to participate in the same distribution systems that cater to large, commercial operations. The move is decidedly anti-business, and Texas loves business goddammit.

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On Rotation, East Dallas' New Brewpub, Is Off to a Promising Start

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Paul Hightower
The beers of On Rotation.
After a full month open and serving other brewers' beers, and after postponing a scheduled celebration due to Mother Nature, On Rotation finally found a mild and pleasant day recently for a grand opening and the debut of its house brews. With roll-up doors thrown wide to enjoy the seasonal weather, a crush of steady crowds filled the new place adjacent to White Rock's Il Cane Rosso, as everyone sipped on the four freshly brewed beers while chomping on freshly baked pies purchased next door.

Fitting nicely into aluminum muffin tins, samplers of owner and brewer Jacob Sloan's four new house beers included a Cucumber Blonde, JalapeƱo Saison, Raspberry Tart and Orange Wit. The award-winning Raspberry Tart was by far the crowd favorite, a light reddish-pink pour with a tangy, almost soda-like berry sweetness with a great taste and the most quaffable of this freshman bunch. A traditional Belgian witbier with a fresh OJ addition, the Wit was a murky mustard yellow, lightly spiced wheat base that was heavy on the juicy flavor and brewed specifically to celebrate this grand opening.

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The Best Soccer Pubs in North Texas, and the Best Regional Craft Beers to Drink There

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Staggering Irishman
Fans of the US Men's National Soccer Team gather often at Staggering Irishman
When watching soccer, it's typically a fine idea to have a pint or two in hand, and it's best to do it at one of DFW's many European-style pubs.

For the most part, these pubs are open early on Saturday and Sunday mornings, sometimes as early as 7, to accommodate Trans-Atlantic soccer-lovers longing for a pint.

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Nine Band Brewery's Taproom Is Open in Allen, Its Beer Destined for a Tap Near You

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Brent Nuss
So ... close ... to ... beer.
Nine Band Brewery in Allen opened its taproom doors for the first time over the weekend, because people in Allen deserve to slug high-ABV beers under the auspices of locavorism, too, OK?

Large, handmade wooden tables and stools fill the room, and a number of TVs line each wall. Open seating made finding a spot difficult on opening night. Happy-houring office workers and a few UT Dallas students packed the room.

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Write About Beer, Barbecue and Other Texas Delicacies for the Dallas Observer

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Catherine Downes
If you have a pillow case made from this photo, you might be our new barbecue writer.
The Observer needs freelance writers to cover beer, barbecue and maybe other areas of culinary interest. Think you might be up for it? Read on, and read carefully.

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On Rotation, a New Dallas Brewery and Taproom, Is Now Open in Lakewood

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Scott Reitz
A Martin House saison at On Rotation
On Rotation, a new taproom and brewery opened next to Lakewood's Cane Rosso, opened over the weekend. The self-described craft beer laboratory didn't have any house brews to offer, but their computer controlled brewing system was on display behind a large glass door. Boiling and fermentations tanks sat at the ready, as customers in the dining room worked their way through a list of more that 40 craft brews.

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Lonestar Taps and Caps in Lewisville is Open and Filling Crowlers (Yes, Crowlers)

All photos by Kelly Dearmore
The tap wall at Lonestar Taps and Caps with its motto painted at the top.
Since 2006, a Father-Son duo has helped give the suburbs north of Dallas a true beer-nerd clubhouse in the form of Lonestar Beverages in Carrollton. But as of the past week, Sam and Rick Ali have added a seductive new element to craft-beer loving here in the Dallas-area as Lonestar Taps and Caps, a long-time dream of the Ali's is now open and already hopping. Until the soft-opening back on December 5, possessors of empty growlers had to choose between a well-meaning but meager selection from Whole Foods in Addison, or trek down to Lakewood Growler or Craft and Growler in Expo Park to fill up on to-go, draft-style sexiness.

Sitting on the Southeast corner of the Sam Rayburn Tollway/State Highway 121 and Josey Lane, just inside Lewisville's city limits, bordering Carrollton and The Colony, the 1,800 square foot Taps and Caps is quite the destination for hop-heads, stout-snobs, and porter-pickers.

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