How Lockhart Smokehouse Smokes its Brisket

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Lockhart Smokehouse
Damian Avila, pitmaster at Lockhart Smokehouse, smokes delicious meats and tells us how he does it.
In a new series we're calling Shigging, we'll be asking pitmasters to give us some specifics about how they smoke their meats.

If you're unfamiliar with the term "shigging," here's our definition: An attempt to steal secrets from a barbecue badass in order to make your own barbecue better. Some people try to sneakily shig. They creep up to the wood pile and try to figure out whether it's oak or mesquite. They lean over the pitmaster's shoulder as he sprinkles the rub. They offer the pitmaster a beer and then ask how many pounds his average brisket weighs. And much, much worse.

We won't be sneaky about our shigging -- we're going to be obnoxiously upfront and direct about it. And if you've ever been obnoxiously upfront and direct about trying to steal secrets from someone, you know that one or two of the answers they give you back are probably a little bit of a stretch from the truth.

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Here's the Trailer for Central Texas Barbecue, a New Doc That Has Us Salivating

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Patrick Michels
The beautiful brisket of Aaron Franklin.
If Aaron Franklin's cameo in Chef has you itching to see blackened brisket on the big screen, a new film by a pair of South Australian film makers might have you drooling soon.

Matthew Salleh and Rose Tucker are the duo behind Urtext Films, and they make short movies that capture portraits of people, among other things. Pablo's Villa features an 83-year-old man who's been waiting half his life for a town that was destroyed by a flood to be rebuilt. He's just living there all alone, waiting for something that's never going to happen. It's haunting.

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The Grand Re-Opening of Pecan Lodge (Video)

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Inside the New Pecan Lodge from Voice Media Group on Vimeo.

Robert Strickland
After rising to barbecue fame in the Dallas Farmers Market's Shed 2, Pecan Lodge finally moved into its new space in Deep Ellum last week, and brought its trademark line and trusty smoker with it.

We were there to capture the smoky chaos. Read more about their move here.

Pecan Lodge is Moving to a New Space, But The Smokers Are Staying The Same

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Robert Strickland

After being praised for their barbecue prowess by what seems like every publication in Texas, Pecan Lodge owners Justin and Diane Fourton decided that it was time to stretch their legs and start serving their loyal fans in a bigger space. On May 12, the Fourtons served up the last plates of Pecan Lodge brisket and pork ribs that would ever be eaten at the Dallas Farmer's Market.

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Texas Rangers Say North Carolina Has Best BBQ, Immediately Lose Ability to Play Baseball

This is total bull, y'all.
Yesterday on Twitter, the Texas Rangers Twitter account tweeted something awful. Something unbelievable. Something that's just not true. When asked by a fan, "What state makes the best BBQ?" the Rangers account replied, "North Carolina... sorry!"

You're ellipsis-sorry for bashing Texas barbecue, The Texas Rangers? Oh, I'm ellipsis-sorry, too. Looks like the A's beat the crap out of you because they heard about your tweet. Ellipsis-sorry-exclamation point.

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The BBQ Ranch in Fort Worth is Texas in Miniature

Gavin Cleaver

Somewhere, in a far-flung part of Fort Worth, there is a corner of land that will remain forever Texas. It's in Texas, obviously, but that's not quite what I'm driving at here. The BBQ Ranch, a recently opened barbecue restaurant in the corner of five acres of ranch, is so very Texan that it's almost painful. If it were any more Texan, this would be where Big Tex spent his yearly vacation.

What I'm trying to say is that the BBQ Ranch delivers the sort of classic rural barbecue experience that nowhere else in Dallas-Fort Worth possibly could. And it's very lovely.

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I Went to Brisket 101 at The Slow Bone and Learned to Love Meat Even More

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Sara Blankenship
It's a beef!
The ice has thawed, Opening Day is weeks away, Pete Delkus' sleeves are no longer controlling the weather (I'm a Finfrock Fangirl anyway), and my allergist just bought a new car. That must mean spring is approaching.

In an effort to be a better Texan and rouse a little envy in my neighborhood once spring is officially here, I attended the sold-out Brisket 101 class Monday night at The Slow Bone (2234 Irving Blvd).

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Five Texas Barbecue Events to Put on Your Meat Calendar

Catherine Downes
What with the announcement of this year's Meat Fight date (more on that in a minute), and the sad fact that said date is way off toward the end of the year, we thought it might be time to have a quick poke around the internet to see what we could see. And what we saw was a bounty of barbecue events.

See Also: DFW's 10 Best Barbecue Joints

Barbecue events are, of course, a delicious excuse to both be outside and to eventually slip into a meat coma, slumped on the floor, back pressed up against the vegetarian friend or relative you persuaded to come along and be designated meat-free driver. Also, you could probably use a reminder that the weather won't be like this for long, and the endless Texas summer will soon make us all wish for thundersleet. We've tried to stick with ones near the DFW area, but there are a few worth driving for, no doubt.

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Your First Look at Lockhart Smokehouse Plano, the Suburbs' Newest Barbecue Mecca

Rachael Cleaver
The Whole Enchilada. Not pictured -- an enchilada.
The new Lockhart Smokehouse, right on Plano's main square, is up and running, and the crowds are already forming. Tuesday afternoon, your peak-time lunch wait would have been a good 40 minutes or so, which is cruel given that you can smell Plano's barbecue mecca from more than a block away.

After its attempts to subtly open last week by way of inviting locals over on Twitter to try a few things out, the Morning News burst the dam of smoked meat during the soft opening, and now the barbecue cat is out of the grease-soaked paper.

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Skip the Line at Pecan Lodge -- For Charity

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Catherine Downes
All this could be yours, and you could get an hour of your life back too.

Pecan Lodge is the best place in the city to get fat. Have you ever wished, though, that the legendarily long line (or "queue" as civilised people call it) suddenly ceased to be a problem, leaving you free to waltz up the front counter and secure your meat? You could have lunch at Pecan Lodge in the space of a lunch hour from work, without having to apply for special religious dispensation from the Church of Smoked Meat and having to convince your boss that was a real thing.

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