City of Ate Needs a Part-Time Food Blogger and Other Contributors

Google-imaging bacon: a required skill for all food bloggers.
This here Beard-nominated restaurant blog is looking for a part-time reporter and writer to help contribute to Dallas' daily food and restaurant conversation.

The freelance blogger will work with the Observer's editors, interns and food critic to identify, develop and write stories about the city's restaurants, the people who run them and the food they turn out. And bacon. We'll probably need some bacon stories.

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International Bakery Cuban, the Makers of DFW's Best Cuban, May Come to Dallas

International Bakery Cubano 001.jpg
Please, please, please, please
Whatever you're doing you should stop right now, minimize that spreadsheet, close all your browser windows (except this one) and promise to do exactly as I say.

Yesterday a thoughtful reader pointed out the owners behind the International Bakery Cuban Dulceria posted some interesting news on their Facebook page. Apparently they're having some capacity issues at their Carrolton location and are faced with an important decision to expand or open a second location.

And guess where that second location might be.

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Kitchen LTO, the Permanent Pop-Up in Trinity Groves, Is Already Looking for its Next Concept

Claire McCormack
This could soon be: Featuring Chef [YOUR NAME HERE].
Kitchen LTO, the perennial pop-up restaurant in Trinity Groves, is now accepting applications for its second iteration. Every four months the restaurant gets overhauled by a new designer and chef, which depending on how you look at it is either promotional shtick or commentary on the transient, sand mandala-like nature of the food-service industry.

Either way, the leaves are changing and it's time to look for a new chef and designer. Chef Norman Grimm helmed the first iteration, and replacements need to a have grasp of food pricing and "be prepared to take center stage," the restaurant announced. Designer applicants need to be able to work with a culinary concept, and all need to have their applications in by November 18. Applications are available for download here, and should be emailed to

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The Fairmont's Pyramid Has a New Chef/Gardner and Pastry Technician, and We Have Job Envy

Eric Burrell, pastry technician.
The Pyramid Restaurant and Bar at the Fairmont Hotel has announced two new chefs to go along with the hotel's $10 million renovation. Leigh Mills joins as chef de cuisine and Eric Burrell as the new pastry chef, the restaurant announced this week.

Born in England in Kidderminster (new favorite word), Mills comes to Dallas from Ridgedale, Missouri, where he was sous chef at Big Cedar Lodge. His duties as chef de cuisine for Pyramid involve tending to the 3000-square-foot rooftop garden, which houses the restaurant's herbs and beehives. Whether he'll take it on himself or have someone else handle in true Dallas fashion remains to be seen, but we're sure it's in good hands either way. He'll be overseeing the seasonal, New American menu.

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Bay Leaf's Paul Singhapong Will Bring Bangkok Street Food to Dallas This Winter

via stu_spivack
Papaya salad. Bring on the fish sauce.
Thai food is pretty ubiquitous now, and while a succulent pad see ew or a cozy tom kha gai are wonderful and mouth-watering, most Thai dishes have started to taste a little safe. Maybe it's the fact that you can find red curries every few blocks, or that pad thai has replaced fried rice as a go-to take-out item when there's no time to cook. A unique Thai restaurant has become increasingly unicorn-like.

Which is why it's so great to hear that Chef Paul Singhapong of Bayleaf is planning to come out of semi-retirement to open CrushCart at 2800 Routh Street near the Quadrangle in December, with a menu modeled (and priced) on Bangkok street food. According to CultureMap, the new restaurant will be open until three or four in the morning and feature Thai omelets, pancakes, sausages and papaya salad.

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Cane Rosso Coming to Cowtown

Il Cane Rosso Facebook Page
Strategic social media stalking has led to perhaps the most celebratory news for all pizza purists west of Interstate 35E: Il Cane Rosso is coming to Fort Worth.

Dallas' own Pizza Heisenberg, Jay Jerrier, dropped the not-so-subtle hint via the Cane Rosso Facebook page earlier today, setting off a torrent of "OMGs" and digital pants-wetting from some of their more than 8,000 fans.

Moving into the former Ryan's Fine Grocery space at 815 W. Magnolia Ave., the location will open up as soon as renovations are done, Italian ovens are delivered and (hopefully) more bright red pigs are installed.

Drawing on the wild success of the Deep Ellum location, still throbbing with hungry patrons almost three years after opening, as well as Cane Rosso's regular appearances at Times Ten Cellars and Swiss Pastry Shop, a permanent westward expansion of Jerrier's pizza empire is just plain logical.

More to come as we continue to stalk follow Dallas' most socially active pizzaioli.

Rusty Fenton, The Pioneer Behind Rusty Taco, Has Passed Away

News broke yesterday that Dallas' own Rusty Fenton passed away after a three-year battle with renal cancer. He was 53. Fenton was not only a brilliant restaurateur and as kind as he was creative, but he was also a family friend for many, many years. Fenton's Monday morning passing brought about a wash of memories from a time before Rusty Taco's Dallas domination, when Fenton and my own foodie folks worked together at Carlson Restaurants Worldwide, conjuring up new concepts to feed Dallas' growing, and now insatiable, appetite for all things savory.

Fast forward a few years and through dozens of research and development meetings and messy test kitchens, and the landscape of Dallas' food scene has undoubtedly been shaped by Fenton's ingenuity and heart.

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Oh Sweet Fancy Moses, Taco Bell is Testing a Waffle Taco

Via Buzzfeed/Statigram
OK, so there are no more jokes to make about Taco Bell pushing the boundaries of hyperbole with their new fast food items. It's done. It's all done. Can we be done? Somewhere in between Idiocracy references, Inception, the zombie apocalypse and our heads exploding like the guy in Scanners, we're out of metaphors to capture the madness.

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Scientific Poll Results Prove: May Is National Barbecue Month.

Nicholas McWhirter
We asked you which National Food Month should be May's Official National Food Month, and your answer was loud and clear.

While you made jokes in the comments section about wanting Asparagus Month to win, your votes said something much, much meatier. In the least shocking food news in the history of food news, National Barbecue Month is the clear winner for May's Only Real And Truly Official National Food Month Recognized By City of Ate.


Now that that's cleared up, here are five National Barbecue Month traditions that you should start celebrating. Yesterday.

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Cane Rosso White Rock Is Opening Tonight

Jay Jerrier sent word this morning that they're firing up the big white oven at the new Cane Rosso White Rock (7328 Gaston Ave.) tonight for the first night of official pizza business.

"Seeing as it is raining and temps are supposed to drop down into the 40s with high winds, it seemed like a really good idea to open a restaurant," explains Jerrier.

There are still a lot of the minor incidentals to work out, like: testing the fire alarm (will happen by game time though, no worries), signage, patio furniture, a tweak of the A/C system, etc. But who really cares about that? All in good time ...

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