A Sneak Preview of Scotch & Sausage, Which Opens Today in Oak Lawn (Photos)

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After months of taunting Oak Lawn with its contemporary design and one-two punch of a name, Scotch & Sausage (2808 Oak Lawn Ave.) finally opens its doors today at 11 a.m. The causal restaurant and beer garden offers more than 20 varieties of sausage "sandwiches" (which are basically like giant, more complex hot dogs) for up to $8. The sausages are all either created in house or made locally, according to the restaurants recipes, and include the basics; pork, beef, chicken and vegan options. But there's also some slightly more adventurous meats like venison, quail and antelope.

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100 Favorite Dishes, No. 54: Elotes, Everywhere

Catherine Downes
You can get elotes just about anywhere in Dallas.
To prepare for this fall's Best of DallasĀ® 2014 issue, we're counting down (in no particular order) our 100 Favorite Dishes. If there's a dish you think we need to try, leave it in the comments, or email me.

Trying to pick a favorite elotes stand might be the most difficult task in favorite-food-picking. There are literally hundreds of elotes carts sprinkled all over Dallas like cotija cheese, and most of them are good.

So let's instead celebrate the ubiquity of this simple street food snack, and the fact that you can get it at nearly every gas station, out front of every grocery store and inside many taquerias, wherever you may find yourself with a craving for warm and buttery corn shaved from the cob.

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Ten Dallas Restaurants You Should Be Eating at Right Now: Summer 2014 Edition

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Catherine Downes
The meatloaf that showed up mom forever
Summer is traditionally slow for the restaurant industry, but you wouldn't know that if you've been dining in Dallas this year. A number of high profile of restaurants have opened since our last heat check, and since then we've welcomed a new steakhouse, a restaurant devoted to the entirety of Latin America, and a new Oak Cliff spot where you can get one hell of an update on mom's boring meatloaf. And if you're trying to save some money there's an excellent new taqueria to check out, too.

Here's where to eat, now:

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The "Bad Ass" Burger at Ivy Tavern, the New Bar on Lemmon, Is Neither Bad Nor Ass

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Nick Rallo
The burger at Ivy Tavern fell short of being as bad-ass as the iron eagle above the bar
I'm in a movie called Tavern.

That's what you think when you walk into The Ivy Tavern, the new pub on Lemmon Avenue. It's the most taverny tavern ever, as though you've accidentally strolled into the movie set approximation of a tavern filled with previously unused tavern props.

There are two stuffed deer on the wall, one antelope (from what my burger-eating eyes can tell), a mini version of a grandfather clock, and a Renaissance cherub painting. The grandfather wasn't ticking. Above the bar, just below the flat-screen, was the best tavern icon I've ever seen mounted on wood: an iron eagle in the throws of patriotism, talons gripping the mast of a ship with two sails shooting on either side.

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The Signature Dallas Dishes That Won't Die, and the Chefs Who Long to Kill Them

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Robert Bostick
Brian Luscher can make a better soup, but diners won't let him.
Some embrace them. Some are torn between tolerance and abolition. Some take the perennial approach. Some don't let them come to pass.

Whatever the case may be, all chefs have an opinion on, and a way of dealing with, signature dishes -- the kind of dish that has survived menu changes and eager new chefs, all to the delight of diners. Ten thousand bowls of old faithful later and restaurants may ache to put a cork in it, but to do so would represent disappointed -- even lost -- customers. Which is why it's so interesting to hear area chefs dish on the albatross in the kitchen.

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Bonchon Is Closing, and That's a Shame

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So long Bonchon® brand wings
I feel like we never made it out of the honeymoon phase. Bonchon opened late last year, promising mountains of Korean fried chicken, bowls of crispy pickled radishes and mug after mug of ice-cold beer. I reviewed the restaurant early this year, watched a few football and basketball games at the bar and generally left fat, drunk and happy. There were other people there doing the same, but apparently there weren't enough of us. Bonchon is closing.

"We are rebranding the restaurant to Ashwood," Wyatt Hurt, a consultant working with the restaurant, explains. Sales were not high enough, so the investment team recently started negotiating a way out of their franchise agreement. Hurt says once they hash out all the details the location will close. He estimates it will take two to three weeks.

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The Cheap Bastard Goes to Green House Market, Which Is Not a Place for Cheap Bastards

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Alice Laussade
Ain't no Sonic, but still.
Number of people who were clearly pissed that I discovered their favorite secret mall restaurant: 3

Babies in highchairs throwing fits because "Mom, what the serious fuck is this chia seed pudding bullsh?": 1

Green House Market is a fast, farm-to-table restaurant inside NorthPark Center that features locally sourced options and pressed juices. It started as a food truck, and its bricks-and-mortar location is not in the mall's food court -- no, Green House Market does not fraternize with the Sonic and the Which Wich. Green House Market goes glamping, not camping.

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100 Favorite Dishes, No. 55: The Nachos at Spiral Diner

Yes, better than non-vegan nachos (and they even have beer)
To prepare for this fall's Best of DallasĀ® 2014 issue, we're counting down (in no particular order) our 100 Favorite Dishes. If there's a dish you think we need to try, leave it in the comments, or email me.

When a reader recommended I head to Spiral Diner to try out "The Mitch," I was happy to oblige. There's not a lot of vegan fare to be found on out 100 Favorites dish list, and I'm always looking for a way to shave a few points off my cholesterol score.

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A Guide to Eating on McKinney's Town Square

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Sara Kerens
Square Burger on McKinney's town square.
Unlike other town centers, where everything looks like it was erected in late 2010, McKinney's town square holds a lot of character. Some of the small boutiques are worth taking a peek into just to check out the old buildings that house them. An antique dealer now sits in the former bank, where the guts of the vault are open to walk through and the heavy metal door stands open on its hinges.

The antique store is one of many on the square, but is probably the third tenant to occupy the space over the course of only four years. The retail shops here rotate in and out like this, too. But the restaurants are unusually stable. They've been here for years, quietly establishing reputations and catering to locals.

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An Interview with Matt McCallister, Who Might Lose It If You Ask for a Wedge Salad

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Thumbnail image for MMcCallister.jpg
File photo
Not pictured: The plate he just chucked against the wall.
If you're talking about Dallas' culinary resurgence in the last five years, there's no ignoring Chef Matt McCallister. As FT33, McCallister's farm-to-table restaurant in the Design District, attracts attention from the country's most respected food critics, it's also helping direct attention to the young, up-and-coming chefs who are working to transform a once-yawn-inducing dining scene.

FT33 looks nothing like the dated southwestern cuisine and uninspired steakhouses that have defined Dallas for decades, but it is probably what the future holds for our city as it becomes a burgeoning food destination. I sat down to talk with McCallister about educating diners on his passion for vegetables, the importance of great ingredients, and why Dallas' food scene is actually much cooler than Austin's.

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