This Is What Flan Should Taste Like

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Looks can be deceiving...
In Happy Endings, we travel the part of the globe that says "Dallas" in search of great desserts and great places to eat them.

Today, we take a closer look at a classic: Abuelo's.

There are seven locations in Texas, but for our purposes here, let's talk about the one on 75 and Parker Road in Plano. The scene inside Abuelo's is a little odd. There's a courtyard-like cobblestoned indoor dining room surrounded by, well, more dining room. There's a slick digital ordering system at every table. But there's also a large stone fountain. It feels like Italy, or rather, an Italian restaurant at a Mexican resort. But for some reason it all kinda works.

It's quite possible that the reason it works lies at the end of your meal. Abuelo's offers the typical desserts you'd find at many Tex-Mex restaurants: tres leches, margarita pie, a chocolate cake and a cheesecake. They're all created by a bakery in Houston especially for Abuelo's. But you won't really care about any of that. Not after you taste the flan.

The only dessert made in-house, this flan is the stuff of sueños. Often flan contains far too much gelatin, resulting in something that sort of ... fights back. But not the flan at Abuelo's. Your spoon slices easily through the traditional dessert, as the glistening custard hugs both sides of the curve. Once it's on your tongue, you taste sweet, caramelized flavor that only deepens with each bite.

You might not hurry back for Abuelo's fajitas, though they're solid. But the flan will keep you driving up 75 to score another Happy Ending.

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3420 N. Central Expressway, Plano, TX

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I've relied on the epic words of Blackie Sherrill,  close to the top of the greatest newspaper column writers in the US,  "There is very little difference between good flan,  and bad flan."


Hey everyone!  Fooddick here.

'there are seven locations in Texas, but for our purposes here, let's talk about the one on 75 and Parker Road in Plano"

I thought you only did reviews within a 5 mile radius of The Park Cities!? 

primi_timpano topcommenter

I used to get the flan at Luby's. I was quite young do had no discernment but I certainly enjoyed it.

primi_timpano topcommenter

Oh no, heavens no. There have been numerous FtW and Denton features. So many I fear for my fellow innards city eaters.

Myrna.Minkoff-Katz topcommenter

@kergo1spaceship Forse tu mi puoi dire dove si trova la migliore panna cotta in città.  I prefer panna cotta to flan because of its lightness.

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