Patrick Stark Casts a Wide Net After Leaving Sundown

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Patrick Start without his trademark mohawk.
Last week Patrick Stark announced he had left Sundown at Granada. For six years he turned out bar food for omnivores and vegans alike, but now he was done.

Stark lead a charge against GMOs while at the bar and restaurant, garnering a lot of attention for his work to rid genetically modified organisms from his menu. Diners who were curious enough to ask could page through a binder that listed the provenance of every ingredient used in his kitchen. From meats to vegetables to many pantry items, all of it was listed.

Stark cites long hours and the need for a break as the reason for his departure, but ask the chef what he plans on doing next and it doesn't sound like he intends to sit idle for long. Stark's looking into consulting gigs, and he plans to compete to be the next Kitchen LTO chef. He recently appeared on the Food Network's Cutthroat Kitchen and says he has aspirations to work on a new TV show in Los Angeles, and he's also thinking about teaching.

Billy Cooper, who served under Stark as sous chef, has been promoted to executive chef.

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Sundown at Granada

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Love me some avocado bombs at Sundown!! I wish Chef P the best and I hope he goes on to do something great!

Sharon_Moreanus topcommenter

If you don't like long hot hours...stay out of the kitchen.


Six years? Opened less than three years ago.


@Sharon_Moreanus Yeah... isn't every kitchen like that? Sounds like he wants to be a TV chef more than anything.

scott.reitz moderator

@Margo He worked with the Granada for three years before Sundown opened.

Sharon_Moreanus topcommenter

But he was so sick....

from what Scott reported...

YeAh...sick of investors.

ChefS don't make good GM's.

How hard is it to say no.

Dude rape.

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