Houndstooth Coffee Finally Arrives in Dallas This Week

Austin's Houndstooth promises a customized coffee experience
For most of 2014, Houndstooth has slowly been taking shape on Henderson Avenue, its veneer of finished cedar tiles and planks cover the walls and planter boxes out front. Inside chairs of blond wood and blue steel wait to cradle caffeinated bums and more cedar lines the counters and walls.

The Austin-based coffee joint recently announced it would this Thurday, and also promised a customized coffee drinking experience unlike Dallas has ever seen. This is the third Houndstooth and the first outside of Austin.

Much like a few of the bars around town that offer custom mixology, the baristas and Houndstooth will try to bait you with a custom cortado. Orders start with questions about your coffee bean preference: Do you like a lot of acid and fruit, or something earthy and chocolate-laced? With your bean secured, the rest of the dance begins, and your coffee experience will unfold a lot like you're used to.

Houndstooth is opening up in the old Pearl Cup spot at 1900 Henderson Ave., and with any luck East Dallasites will have another great place to fire up their laptops and splurge on pricey java. Stop in this Thursday if you want to be one of the first to check them out.

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I just want a fucking, simple espresso! I don't give a fart about where the beans came from.

Personally, I'd rather have seen California's, Coffee Bean & Tea Company open in that spot.


You must give farts! These are BEANS we're talking about!


@J_A_ Enough espresso and farting gets dangerously productive. 

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