A Guide to Eating Out in Frisco

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Catherine Downes
The fried chicken at Babe's. THE FRIED CHICKEN AT BABE'S.
Our own not-so-little neighbor Frisco was named the second fastest growing city in America this year, right behind Austin. And while a lot of Frisco is composed of the sprawling housing developments that keep popping up to hold all of these people, those people have to eat, too. And some even like to eat well.

The 5th Street Patio (8621 5th Street), for example, has breakfast so good I wanted to stay and drink coffee until lunch so I could eat more. The Captain Crunch french toast is dusted in a ground-up version of the popular cereal, fried, and then topped with berries and homemade whipped cream. The bananas foster version is drenched in a brown sugar rum sauce and covered in banana and whipped cream. They open at 8 every day, but don't wait too long to venture out or you'll hit some major lines.

Bonnie Ruth's (6959 Lebanon Rd) is another solid breakfast option. The brunch buffet is known for its quality spread, and you can order a fluffy eggs benedict from your waiter for no extra charge. Mimosas are $2 and the coffee is great. The French-style bistro also boasts a bakery, which stars moist and sweet mini cupcakes topped with fluffy, moan-inducing peanut butter icing.

Later, you could actually hop over the patio railing of Bonnie Ruth's and go right next door to TruFire Kitchen & Bar (6959 Lebanon Rd). Everything there tastes fresh, like the vegetables actually hop right out of the garden and onto your hummus platter and your pizza. Mixed with the dark but cozy atmosphere, TruFire is the perfect date restaurant.

If you're over Italian, try Greek instead. Platia Greek Kouzina (2995 Preston Rd) has some of the best gyros around and some surprisingly good dessert options. If I could eat their baklava forever, I would.

And there is always that old standby, Babe's. Considered by many the purveyors of DFW's best fried chicken, Babe's tastes like all of the grandmas in Texas got together and decided to start a restaurant chain. Just make sure before you go you spend the entire day fasting so that you have the maximum amount of room in your stomach for their family-style meals.

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When you've got work to get done and need somewhere that is not your house to do it, I recommend Global Peace Factory (1377 Legacy Drive, Suite 100): Good coffee, a mean brown sugar latte, and baristas who can do that fancy foam art thing. Plus they donate a portion of every dollar you spend to charity, which some believe is more important than foam art.

Other notables include Kenny's Burger Joint (1377 Legacy Dr) from Chef Kenny Bowers and Co., and Sake Toro (8801 Coleman Blvd), where both the Ex-Boyfriend Roll and the Ex-Girlfriend Roll are worth your time.

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Bonnie Ruth's blows. Went there once. Slow service. Said they would make it up by offering us a free drink. Which we never received. Then they charged someone else's bill on my card that I had to call them about.


Seems pretty ho-hum to me. Is it worth mentioning every stop on the breasterant tour has been in Frisco?


I will never understand why people fawn over Babe's fried chicken. It is no better than the fried chicken that you can get at your local grocery store deli.


TruFire is terrific. Everything is good, but you'd be a fool to pass on then Chicken Parmesan. It's a non-traditional take on the classic dish that should become a new tradition. One of my favorite dishes in DFW.


Popeyes is better

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