¡C. Señor! Brings Oak Cliff a Brand New Cubano

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You're going to need to check out ¡C. Señor! soon.
Last week I decided to start working on a Cuban sandwich list. Everywhere I look I see a new one lately, which is what keeps me from publishing it. I'm convinced I'll find a better one tomorrow. This Cubano, however is too good to sit on, and since its source, C Señor, opened just last weekend, now seems like a good time to mention it.

Hattie's owner Tony Alvarez took over the El Padrino taco stand in the Bishop Arts District. The red and white building facing Davis Street has been converted into an homage to Cuban food. Take a look at the menu.

I ordered the Cubano, and because I was feeling a little decadent the ¡C. Señor! too. The yucca fries I ordered just for the hell of it. I'll hit the gym extra hard tonight, I swear.

The Cubano was fantastic. The roast pork was shredded to strings and was fatty and juicy. The ham was sliced thick, the cheese was melty and those pickles tag-teamed my taste buds with a healthy dose of mustard for a much needed punch of acid.

The namesake sandwich didn't stand a chance, tasting a little bland in comparison. The shredded short rib meat had great texture but it tasted a little under-salted, even as the melted mozzarella held everything together. It was a good sandwich, and it's currently giving me a case of the sleepies as I type this, but it's no Cubano for sure.

And the yucca? I order yucca a lot, and it almost always disappoints. The texture is usually off, and the chewy batons taste more like the oil they fry in than anything else. This yucca was exceptional, crisp on the outside and pillow-soft on the inside. It came with a fruity hot sauce that packed just enough punch.

I waited a little while for my food, and something tells me that when this place catches on, subsequent customers are going to wait a little longer, but the wait is worth it. Make sure you go see ¡C. Señor! soon.

¡C. Señor!, 330 W. Davis St.

Pie Pixie Megan Wilkes orders a Cubano at ¡C. Señor!

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primi_timpano topcommenter

Nice. Rallo can learn a lot from you.


Thanks for the info! I grew up on Cuban food in the Tampa, Florida area, and have been craving a good Cuban sandwich, although the cold kind we used to get in the school cafeteria once a week--ham, cheese, pickles, on crusty Cuban bread--but the Cubano sounds delicious!


Anyone know the hours? I drove by twice this week -- once for lunch and once for dinner -- and it was closed both times.


Scott I hope the Observer pays for a gym membership and the occasional cleanse.

Sotiredofitall topcommenter

With the foodporn of the movie "Chef" expect more folks interested in the Cubano.   Great eating when done correctly, best I've had was in Palo Alto?

More please......


@Sotiredofitall I should have had a Cubano while spending some time in South Florida a few years ago but stupidly, I didn't. However, recently I   enjoyed an authentic Cubano at the International Bakery Cuban Dulceria in Carrollton 

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