We Gave Carnival Barker's This Box of Crap and Made Them Make Us Hot Dog Ice Cream

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Catherine Downes
We all know that Dallas chefs are great at cheffing. So we thought it might be fun to give them a chance to show off their chef creativity and skills with a challenge we're bringing back, called "The Box." Once a month or so, we'll invite a new lucky soul to attempt to conquer The Box. Their challenge will be to create something awesome out of whatever ingredients are inside. It'll be like Chopped plus Punk'd, only less terrible. We'll feature everyone from fancy chefs to food truck owners. This time, it's Carnival Barker's Ice Cream.

The task for Carnival Barker's is simple: It's National Ice Cream Month, and it's also National Hot Dog Month. So, obviously make us hot dog ice cream.

The complete challenge information is below. And it is wondrous. Behold: HOT DOG ICE CREAM CHALLENGE 2014.

Dearest Carnival Barker's Ice Cream People,

Welcome to The Box. As you know, July is National Ice Cream Month. As you might also know, July is National Hot Dog Month.

Using each ingredient in this The Box, you are challenged to make either one (1) or two (2) badass hot dog ice creams. Whether you make one or two ice creams is up to you. But in either case, hot dog must be the star ingredient of the ice cream. None of that "And then we put the hot dog on the side next to this strawberry ice cream" business.

Gotta use each ingredient. No cheating. You can add any ingredients that you want to add.

Contents of your The Box:

Oscar Mayer hot dogs
Neon green pickle relish
Hot dog buns
Potato chips

In two days, we will return to taste the amazing thing you surely will have created.

Good luck. See you soon.

-Alice and Catherine

They have two days to come up with something great. I scream, you scream, right?

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Does the Observer not proofread? I would never say anything to an individual posting, but, "Carnival Barker's"????? Oh, please, spare me.

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