Potato Flats, a Restaurant Devoted Entirely to the Baked Potato, Opens Today in Dallas

Via Jerry Pank
Butter is only the beginning.
The next addition to Trinity Groves opens today, and I'm going to log it as the least likely restaurant in the group to serve as a pre-prom dinner locale. Potato Flats offerspotatoes baked until they're soft and fluffy, topped with your choice of just about everything that's been put on a potato until this point in history.

There are chef-driven potato recipes, like the Thanksgiving Everyday, which tops your spud with sliced turkey, gravy, roasted carrots, peas, corn and cranberry relish. Or maybe you'd be more interested in the Italiano, which makes use of Italian sausage, Alfredo sauce, roasted carrots, peas, diced tomato, bacon and snipped chives.

Sound heavy? It is.

Potato flats promises to drop a high calorie, high-carbohydrate bomb on West Dallas, just as other restaurants around Dallas (Start, Lyfe) demonstrate demand for more thoughtful eating. But Phil Romano, who owns the Trinity Groves complex and a slice of every business in it, seems confident Potato Flats will be scalable.

"My hope is to eventually have it become a multiple chain and expand it into schools, airports and food courts," Romano says.

And who knows? The Hot Mess at Pecan Lodge is one of the most popular dishes, so it's certainly a possibility. Gimme an Idaho topped with cheddar cheese, broccoli and sour cream,please. OK, yes, bacon, too.

Potato Flats, 3011 Gulden Lane, Suite 119, (469) 518-9224.

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This will be a 6 month and gone. Concept is not new. There was a place on Greenville Ave. years ago, similar concept. Ideal Sales sourced a special huge potato for them.


Initial feedback is not good.    The idea is interesting, but it seems that the toppings are pretty cheap and of low quality.


Hmm really? Don't tell me they're charging $12 per spud or something crazy like that


Personally thrilled about this. Glad it's not in my neighborhood. I emailed them this morning, and they do offer sweet potatoes. The experience does not have to be a gut bomb. I'll be here often

TheCredibleHulk topcommenter


Potato Flats?

Even the name is boring. I've got my money on the under.

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