Is Tim Love a "Celebrity-Chef Douchebag"?

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Oh boy.
FW Weekly recently went deep on celebrity chef Tim Love. The story used accounts of Love's lackluster performance as a caterer at the Crowne Plaza Invitational and TCU as the hook to tell a story about a man who is hard-working but over-extended and, according to the paper, a tad egotistical.

Through interviews with fellow chefs, catering partners and customers the Weekly describes Love as hot-headed, controlling and self-centered, and maybe even on the verge of boiling over. And while the paper was careful to make notes of Love's many accomplishments, just to keep things civil, the profile was just scathing enough to draw blood and attract even more sharks.

May the term "celebrity chef douchebag" forever be entered into the food journalist's lexicon. Esquire contributing editor Josh Ozersky used the profile on Love, in tandem with a New York Observer story on Boston-based Todd English, to evaluate the various levels and tenets celebrity chef douchbaggery.

English, who's described as a skirt-chasing maniac with mediocre restaurants, was actually painted quite positively. At least he is comfortable in his own skin, according to Ozersky, all they way down to every well tanned pore. It doesn't hurt that a glassy-eyed English was recently photographed in a hot tub with three topless ladies. These are occurrences that most food writers can only dream of.

Love, on the other hand, receives a lashing for being less self-aware. "He takes offense easily," writes Ozersky, who compares the Stetson-wearing chef to a vinegar-spitting maddened octopus. "Love, for all his hucksterism, has never truly embraced his destiny, and continues to be wounded by the slights thrown his way by public and press; whereas English, depraved and dissolute, a shameless roue and reprobate, is a hero to the meek and the conflicted," he concludes.

In other words: the only way to conquer celebrity chef douchbagery is to embrace it, which if you give the FW Weekly article a close read, it seems Love isn't likely to do any time soon. Either way I'm glad I'm not a line cook at one of Love's restaurants. The brisket at the Woodshed Smokehouse might be a little extra salty this week.

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I've met them live on several occasions in New York City at Chef events. All chefs have a certain self confidence that have a little bit of an ego, if that does not exist the chef will not be successful. And for the record I have seen them love many social situations on a professional level and the guy is very respectful to women and has a beautiful wife and loves his family. I'm not a big celebrity chef fan but that doesn't mean you have to smear the guy with falsehood.


Biggest douche-rod in Ft. Worth. The man is an arrogant a-hole and his food is mediocre on a good day. If you want a stale tortilla chip with a piece of chewy kangaroo on top, please go to Lonesome Dove. If you want to look at some of the ugliest 'artwork' in the city while paying WAY too much for an average steak, please go to Lonesome Dove. He is an overrated grill cook masquerading as a chef. He is scum and every time one of his Love Shack concepts goes under, I smile from ear to ear.

Sotiredofitall topcommenter

When will all this "celebrity" chef nonsense come to an end?


Wow Todd English looks beyond gone in that picture


I remember when his burger place Loveshack (ugh) was in Denton. There were nothing but pictures of him on the wall when you walked in. You were then treated to a burger on par with Wendy's but with a quail egg, which somehow made it "dirty." Oh boy...


Go back and watch the episode of Iron Chef he was on.  Pure douchebag that can't handle criticism.

Sharon_Moreanus topcommenter

I eat Kraft or Dukes because he is the spokedouche for Hellmanns and they actually taste better.


I could care less if Tim Love or any other chef is douchey or not. Instead, how's the food and service and value? In my limited experience at just two of Love's places, it's been fine. Plus, he seemed genuinely friendly and appreciative of his patrons, if not his employees.

Besides, if he weren't as out there some portray him, you'd have one less local food celebrity to write about.


@GoingBoeing He is appreciative to his customers faces and makes fun of them when they walk out the door. I worked at Lonesome Dove for seven months. He is demeaning, rude, and completely horrible to everyone who works for him...unless she looks good in a short skirt. He is human garbage.

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