Stock & Barrel's Toffee Croissant Bread Pudding: A Dessert You Won't Want to Share

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Heaven is: toffee croissant bread pudding at Stock & Barrel
In Happy Endings, we travel the part of the globe that says "Dallas" in search of great desserts and great places to eat them.

Lately, so many new restaurants and bars have popped up around town that it's hard to keep up. Many of these places seem to have similar, generic, forgettable, industrial-sounding names like Barter, Bowen House, Craft & Growler, CBD Provisions, AF+B and, in the Bishop Arts District, Stock & Barrel. I can't keep 'em straight for the life of me.

Fortunately for that last one, they've got quite a few dishes that will leave an impression lasting enough that you won't soon forget the name of their kitchen of origin. One such dish is the toffee croissant bread pudding. It's bread pudding, made from a croissant and then draped in salted English toffee, and it's topped with butter-caramel ice cream, because why not? Lastly, the dessert is more than quite attractive, coupling a beautiful image to its stab-your-dining-partner-for-the-last-bite taste.

I've been thinking about this dessert since I had it last week. Its only fault is that it isn't a bit larger. Perhaps don't even attempt to share. Friends might turn into enemies by the time the dessert is finished. Just a pro tip from me to you.

Can't make it out to Stock & Barrel for dinner? I hear the kitchen spins that same toffee-laced croissant-laden goodness into a French toast for their Saturday brunch. Run, don't walk.

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Thanks to kergo1spaceship for always keeping it real.

As a pastry chef I have to comment on this post. Albeit a good dessert for a restaurant in this town (prolly being partially homemade and stuff and not unloaded off a frozen Sysco truck) aren't we setting the bar a little low people?! Technically it has no class. For this dessert to get an entire post on at least 2 different sites is pathetic. It's bread pudding, and toffee pieces. PULEAZE! What is this 1994? Browned sugar, bread and lots of fat. Yeah.. so? This is not how I want to end any nice meal or evening out. Come on! Elevate this! At least make it a smooth dark salted caramel from scratch... which this is not. Don't just sprinkle crushed mass produced toffee pieces on top of it. Candy up some toasted toffee pecans and crush those on top. And finally .. please, don't slap some glop of vanilla flavored overrun supermarket icecream, ya know?! Treat dessert with a little respect. - whip out a batch of fresh 7% butterfat caramel gelato and you have something to write about. Now that, I would drive to Oaky Cliff for, biatch!


Hey FB, I should get my fooddick friends, and you should get your Highland Park types, and we can have a Hampton's soiree; replete with Mojito's, craft cocktails and a jazz band-totally rockin'!  Maybe we can invite Alan Peppard, and Buffy and Lance!  Let's get toaaaaaatally wasted and run down Beverly with shirts that say "Go USA" on the front, and "What Global Warming" on the back.......he he. 

Later, we can go to a rooftop bar and hang out with people that look just like us, and then we can go to a mom blog or something like that, and fight yellow die #7 in Kraft Mac n' Cheese?

Then we can get our Polo's and Khaki's totally dry cleaned so we don't smell like the middle class!

This message or picture of life is brought to you by It is in no way claiming the size of Alan Peppard's head is the size of suburban water tower.  The views expressed by "the dick" is solely held by 91% of people that live in America, and it is IN NO WAY to be used to make fun of people that write about nothing most of us care, or EVEN think about.........but that puddin' does look pretty damn good!

ps-I'll be in The Ozarks tomorrow if someone wants to have a beer, enjoy the campfire or help with any of the cooking.   Please bring Shiner, Steak and 60's psychedelia iff'n you come. I will be reading a dramatic interpretation of Hunter S. Thompson's seminal book, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas; followed by an even  more dramatic (and thrilling) dramatic reenactment of Fear and Loathing on The Campaign Trail; especially the part about Edwin Muskie,and Ibogain. 

Preferred Music:

-Cream/World of Pain

-Pink Floyd/Anything off of Saucerful of Secrets

-Yardbirds/Shapes of Things or I'm a Man


-Bee Gee's/Nights on Broadway

-Gatemouth Brown/Pressure Cooker

-Any Willie Dixon

-Any T Bone Walker shuffle

-Everly Brothers

-and Hank's bluesy or high lonesome stuff

You know, that type of trippy stuff that's perfect for a rainy day. 

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