City of Ate Needs a Part-Time Food Blogger and Other Contributors

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Google-imaging bacon: a required skill for all food bloggers.
This here Beard-nominated restaurant blog is looking for a part-time reporter and writer to help contribute to Dallas' daily food and restaurant conversation.

The freelance blogger will work with the Observer's editors, interns and food critic to identify, develop and write stories about the city's restaurants, the people who run them and the food they turn out. And bacon. We'll probably need some bacon stories.

Food passion and knowledge are musts, but we're not looking for a second critic. We need someone unafraid to pick up the phone, chase down a rumor and ask the chefs the tough questions (i.e., "Did you ever think about adding bacon to that?")

This is a freelance job paid on a per-story basis. Hours are flexible, but the blogger will need to be able to work during part of the workday Monday through Friday. (In other words, if you have a full-time day job, this isn't for you.)

If you do have a full-time job but think you could contribute occasionally or even regularly, we're always looking for contributors and would love to hear from you.

Interested candidates should send me a short note, a resume, some writing samples, and links to any websites, social media accounts or interesting criminal histories.

Follow City of Ate on Twitter: @cityofate.

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Alright. I'm in. Where do I pickup my food badge or whatever? I'm totally going to write (and sketch with unique interpretive techniques) about food and stuff. 2014 is the year of boobs and technology and it's high time to start fulfilling the dream.


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ps-You know what, when I get just a wee bit older, I hope my kids take my money away and watch what I'm spending....jest sayin'. 


Hope you can find more like Scott Reitz and less of (names withheld)...I prefer intelligent - informative stories over cynicism, mindless witticisms, and otherwise condescending quips. 


Do you guys need a part time hiking blogger?  How about a part time baseball watching blogger?  Parm blogger? Campfire blogger? 

Idea:  Maybe the new help can write a story about Matt Macalister driving a food truck with bacon in his pocket, while drinking a "craft" brew with a fedora on, whilst laying bacon on Jerry Jerrier's ranch laden pizza, all the while asking Angry Jack if he has a bathroom.


@CitizenKane Agreed.  Enough of the hipster condescension, how about objective food reporting?  Of course that takes more effort...

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