Cavilli Pizza Is Now Certified by APN, the New Italian Arbiters of Pizza Greatness

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An APN certified pie. Can you tell the difference?
When Paolo Cavalli opened Cavilli Pizza, his first pizzeria, in Irving in 2007, he was sure to contact the Associazione Vera Pizza Napoletana (VPN), the group of Neapolitan pizza nerds who certify the world's pizza shops as being Naples-approved. His was the first Texas pizza to be VPN certified, and the distinction earned him a lot of attention.

But over time Cavalli began to wonder if the expense was worth it. He says the VPN charged nearly $2,000 for the annual certification, and the group did little to monitor the quality of the pies in subsequent years.

So when he learned about a new group called Associazone Pizzaiuoli Napoletani, he contacted the president of the American Chapter, Roberto Caporuscio, and liked what he heard. Unlike the VPN, which certifies the pizzeria, the APN certifies the individual pizzaiolo manning the oven. Certificates are awarded to the employees who make the dough, shape each round and fire each pie, and if they leave the pizzeria the certification goes with them. Makes sense.

The certification process is also more thorough. Under VPN, Cavilli says a representative came out, watched the pizza process for about an hour and then awarded the certificate. Caporuscio and the APN, on the other hand, requires a full day with each pizzaiolo one on one. He walks them through dough creation, pulling mozzarella, proper shaping and topping techniques and finally how to cook a pie in an oven that reaches an excess of 900 degrees.

Cavilli says one of his APN certified pizzaiolos will be at each location, and that he'll bounce back and forth between both, but the goal is to have each oven constantly manned by a pedigreed pizza slinger for the most authentic Neapolitan pizza experience possible.

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Cavalli Pizza

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Cavalli Pizza

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In regard of the article appeared in the Dallas Observer, we would like to point out that Cavalli Pizza in Irving was recently removed from the list of our members, for the sole reason that the pizza produced in their restaurant was not consistent with the standards set by the Associazione Vera Pizza Napoletana. After several reports made by customers regarding the non-compliance of the pizza eaten at Cavalli to the standard of a real Neapolitan pizza, we decided to place a visit to the Cavalli certified store. Once checked the non-compliance to the standards, we reported the situation to the ownership and give them the necessary recommendations to correct the problems. After contact them few times, we never had an acknowledgment nor a response from them. In addition Cavalli has illegally hung a copy of the certificate in the pizzeria located in McKinney which it was never been inspected or certified by AVPN.
In respect of what is published on your article, we would like to point out that the $ 2,000 represents the initial quote to join the Association and not the yearly fee.
Regarding the Associazione Pizzaioli Italiani, we would like to point out that we are talking of an organization whose purpose is to certify the people who make the pizza and not the restaurant. Without going into the specific activities of this Association, it remains the question of how Cavalli can boast of having certified pizzaioli to make a pizza Napoletana, when the pizza produced in its restaurants differs from the standard of true Neapolitan pizza.

We don’t want to enter into the question on how, in one day, this organization can make the pizzaiolo or the pizza staff to pass their inspection and be certified, but it remains the fact the our short inspection period is the final step of a procedure that sometimes go ahead for months, in which we require a documentation made of pictures and videos that are accurately inspected and corrected in order to be sure that the pizzeria who want to be certified has all the requirements to make the pizza Napoletana in a proper way, as stated in all our International regulations. As a matter of fact that more than 50 % of the applications, are dropped before reach the approval step.

primi_timpano topcommenter

Cavalli or Cavilli? Or Cavelli? Looks like too much sauce.


Best Neapolitan pizza in Dallas!


FYI, typo in the headline.

Sharon_Moreanus topcommenter

Whole Foods Colleyville is in the process of getting their bonus points for 18 beers on tap, 2 pinball machines, and chair massage.


Cavalli is just plain fantastic.  Great place.

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