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Pupusas are the unsung heroes of Latin cuisine. Their crisped exteriors may not entice like a taco filled with pork, pineapple, and cilantro, but this humble exterior belies a rich and meaty filling that is nothing short of magical. Corn masa is shaped into a pocket, filled with meats, cheese, and other hopefully fresh ingredients, then fried to crispy perfection on a flat-top grill.

Most commonly you'll find Salvadoran chicharron inside pupusas, which looks nothing like the hard-fried pork cracklings you're used to. In El Salvador, chicharron is pork that has been slow-braised, fried in its own fat, then mixed with traditional spices, onions, and tomatoes. Salvadoran cheese, which is mild but slightly tangy, is also a common fixture. A spicy, fermented cabbage slaw, similar to Korean kimchi, is typically served alongside pupusas, and adds nice crunch and a little tang.

Unlike taquerias, you won't find a pupuseria on every corner in most Dallas neighborhoods. But anyone who is a fan of great street tacos and tamales should head out to one (or all) of these pupuserias in a hurry.

1. Taqueria la Pasadita Y Pupuseria (above)
205 N. Carroll Ave
Most of the pupuserias in Dallas are also taquerias, so you're really getting the best of both worlds when you go to places like Taqueria la Pasadita. Order a few tacos, but don't sleep on these pupusas. Watching the staff here grill them with precision is fascinating enough, but don't fawn for long. This greasy goodness has a pretty short shelf life.

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Margaritas go perfectly with pupusas.
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2. Gloria's (multiple locations)
Gloria's is probably the most upscale place in Dallas to find pupusas, but that doesn't meant that they aren't worth exploring. You won't find a variety of fillings here, only pork and cheese, but the tortillas are handmade and almost as good as the more authentic pupuserias in Hispanic neighborhoods.

Amy McCarthy
3. Pupuseria Los Gemelos
116 S. Carroll Ave

If you're looking for a really quick option for pupusas, try Pupuseria Los Gemelos on Carroll in East Dallas. It's sort of the McDonald's version of pupusas, and you can load up on the cheap. The cooks stuff and grill the pupusas to order, ensuring that they come out to your table at the appropriate (read: mouth-scorching) temperature. The cabbage and carrot slaw was particularly spicy, but there is plenty of rich and melty cheese to keep your mouth from really igniting.

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Pupuseria Lilian should be #1 on the list.  Once you try ORIGINAL and non-mexican versions of pupusas (in other words, Salvadorian/Honduran cooking) you'll realize Gloria's is subpar for this list. 


I really, really needed this article.


Regarding #4. I was the person who suggested Tienda La Campina Salvadorena. And they do have a full menu. It's in both English and Spanish and covers 3 pages of Salvadoran goodies. If you had sat down at a table in the restaurant they would have given you one.  


Pupuseria Lilian (2410 W Miller Road, east of Shiloh) in Garland is one of my faves. Started going there in 2004 when they opened and all they served was pupusas. Prices are beyond reasonable.


@happygrrl Hear hear! I was annoyed how the article clearly missed Pupuseria Lilian yet they name Gloria's! ewww. they are the worse pupusa but I guess it takes a true latino (non-mexican!) to recognize that Gloria's pupusas are crap.  Texans are obsessed with Gloria's yet it's all americanized latin flavors and NOT true reflections of their origins. 

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