The Grapevine Bar Is Selling its Vomit-Splattered Chairs for a Dollar

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Photo from Craigslist
Last night, lovable Oak Lawn dive the Grapevine Bar posted an ad to Craigslist announcing that some of its furniture is up for grabs. Two chairs are being sold for what we're assuming is $1 a piece, but they come with a disclaimer: "May contain vomit."

Yes. Now you can take a little bit of Grapevine Bar history (and smell) home with you!!! Offered are two chairs. One is a winged back brown number featuring pheasants! The other is a pink velour number guaranteed to satisfy! Both have had more ass than Wilt Chamberlain and Madonna combined and imbued with the "essence" * of the bar.

The Grapevine, of course, is only a good projectile-puke away from Dallas Observer HQ, so the chairs may, in fact, contain, our vomit. You'll have to buy one to find out.

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The Grapevine Bar

3902 Maple Ave., Dallas, TX

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TheCredibleHulk topcommenter

I try to make a point of not sitting on upholstered furniture in divey establishments.

I do a lot of standing when I drink.


understandable. ya gotta purge to make it through 100 favorite dishes. 26 more to go COA!

primi_timpano topcommenter

Check the creases and recesses for bags of contraband. These chairs may be more valuable than they look.

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