Yolk, a Chicago Breakfast-Lunch Spot, Is the Next Restaurant to Brave One Arts Plaza

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It's a yolk, not a yoke
A few months after Proof + Pantry was announced as the replacement for The Greek, another new restaurant has announced a willingness to brave One Arts Plaza, this time in the former Cafe des Artistes spot. This restaurant, though, will take a tack different from its predecessors, which largely depended on pre- and post-dinner crowds. Not Yolk, the Chicago-based restaurant that's migrating south. It's a breakfast and lunch chain and will be open from 7 a.m. until early in the afternoon.

If you want a sneak peek, you might check out the restaurant's website. There are currently four locations operating in the Chicago area, and there's franchising information available, so there are likely more on the way, including the location slated for Dallas.

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What to expect from the crisply painted blue, white and yellow interior? Breakfast wraps and sandwiches, a half-dozen variations on eggs Benedict, and waffles and French toast. Oh, and omelets, so pretty much everything you have associated with breakfast, ever.

Burgers take up some prominent real estate on the menu in the afternoon, along other sandwiches and salads, for what reads like a typical office cafeteria menu. With all the office workers I see brown-bagging around the plaza at lunch time, something tells me that Yolk could actually be a good fit for One Arts. We haven't said that in a while.

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This is PERFECT for the Hipster/Doucher fedora wearing egg crowd......you can wear a funny hat, replete with a full beard, and be trendy!  And still be Indie...........BTW, I have a rusted out 1969 Dart with no wheels on it, but, I put an EGG on it-only $6500!

I also have a 1974 hat in tatters,, butttttttttttt, it has an egg on it. Only 300 dollars. 

Sharon_Moreanus topcommenter

They have 5 in chitown and 1 in Indy.

Should do well with their price point.

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