Where to Take Your Dallas Dad on Father's Day That Won't Just Ruin His Weekend

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Don't. Just don't.
This Father's Day (it's next Sunday, folks), thank your Dad. No, for real. Like, don't get him a tie and take him out to a silly meal he'll forget before he gets to the last stanza of that terrible Hallmark card. Instead, really, really show him you appreciate him by proving you know what kind of man he is. Then, follow that up with a meal he'll actually want to eat.

Here are five fine examples.

hypnotic donuts bacon donut.jpg
Hey Dad, are you hypnotized yet?
Your dad is a man's man.
Pop in to Hypnotic Donuts before taking in a game.

Sure, folks are fond of the Canadian Healthcare (bacon tends to win fans for some reason) and there's a donut-donut hole combo called the Boo Bee that looks remarkably like a certain part of a lady's anatomy, but the real must-order here are the chicken biscuits. As for the game, that's your choice: go bowling, watch some ESPN at a local watering hole, or toss around the football in the backyard. Whatever feels fatherly.

via PakPao's facebook page
Your dad is well-traveled.
Book a reflexology appointment at Foot Joy & brunch at PakPao Thai.

This is no soft, zen-like massage for pussies. There's a lot more smacking, grunting and outright shoving than you'd imagine going on at Foot Joy. It's not for the faint of foot. Or back, or even buttocks, quite honestly. Anyway, all that necessary roughness will help you work up an appetite for something deliciously international, and PakPao Thai is just the place to satisfy that. Head over to the Design District and check out what's new from new Chef Jet Tila. Who's your bida?

Your dad is a fancy pants.
Warm up with shave at The Boardroom & brunch at Fearing's.

Show your father you've grown into quite the gentleman. A traditional hot lather shave will relax away his worries, and may even make him forget that he still pays for your car insurance. Then head to Fearing's inside the Ritz-Carlton where you'll each have your choice of either megachef Dean Fearing's "The Whole Enchilada" brunch or an award-winning Coopers' Father-Son BBQ brunch, featuring three courses each. The best part is that Fearing's is laid back fancy, so Dad can relax in his relaxed fits while he dines on decidedly Texan goodness. Here's hoping those fancy pants are also roomy. Pleats, anyone?

Location Info

Hypnotic Donuts

9007 Garland Road, Dallas, TX

Category: Restaurant

Pakpao Thai Food

1628 Oak Lawn Ave., Dallas, TX

Category: Restaurant

Fearing's at the Ritz Carlton

2121 Mckinney Ave., Dallas, TX

Category: Restaurant

Pecan Lodge

2702 Main St., Dallas, TX

Category: Restaurant

TJ's Market and Grill

4212 Oak Lawn Ave., Dallas, TX

Category: Restaurant

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The wife and kids know that if I'm going to be happy on FD, the following must happen:


-homemade food (the LAST thing I want to do is wait an hour for a table!)

-Redsox game

-not changing out of my boxer shorts, and or my brown shirt with the holes in it

-a walk in the woods

-some manner of water (river, lake, pond, sprinkler, pool, etc.)

-every major daily read in the land (NY Times. Wall Street J, Boston Globe, LA Times, USA Today and maybe the Galveston Daily.......then spread em out, and figure out how I can fix this sonofabitch we call 'now"

That's it....that's not asking too much; is it?  Then I get to watch my neighbors as they get all gussied up, there wife and kids all bitching and moaning- and then there I am, half drunk, chewin' on a taco, playing Whiffleball, and making my five year old shag my MAMMOTH 75 foot homers! Yea. 

Sotiredofitall topcommenter

Cook at home (or order out) and have it waiting when I get back from the golf course.  No crowds No scheduling No stress



Right?!  Stick a pork tender or a brisket on the campfire, and come back after doing something. And every time I pray the house is NOT burned down, or someone has stolen said smoked meats. 

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