Texas Rangers Make Mid-Season Additions, Add Depth with Tonaco and Poutine Nachos

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You're going to need some bigger pants.
Major League Baseball isn't even to the All-Star break and the folks at Texas Rangers at Globe Life Park are announcing some mid-season additions to their line-up. Not players, mind you; on the field, hope is lost. But on the concourse, those who find themselves hungry have a few new options to choose from.

Like the Texas poutine potato chip nachos, which are a mouthful to say and several hundred mouthfuls to eat. Those are freshly fried potato chips in the picture above, topped with creamy, Texas-style gravy, bacon, cheddar cheese, and a choice of shredded brisket or chicken. And because why not, let's finish them off with some pickled jalapeños. Actually, they look delicious, so get yours at the Chipper in Section 32.

There's more.

Behold, the taco so big it can't even be rendered proportionally on this blog.
Behold the Tonaco! Basically it's a Boomstick, the 2-foot-long hot dog that came out two years ago, but for taco lovers. The 24-inch taco shell is made at the ball park too, and you can order it filled with beef or chicken before it's topped with shredded lettuce, nacho cheese, pico de gallo, sliced jalapeños and sour cream. It's available at home plate in the Casa De Fuego outlet.

Other items show the ballpark's continued willingness to step on pay homage to ethnic flavors. There's a Kaboom kabob big enough to skewer a whole chicken, and a Korean bulgogi beef sandwich. Or maybe you'd prefer a down home bacon waffle on a still. Your possibilities, much like this Rangers' season, appear endless.

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What is "Texas-style" gravy?  Is it made from the sweat drippings of fat people?


What they need to do is move that oven to Downtown Dallas, and put a retractable roof over it.   My next trip to the park will be when the average temp is below 70...which means next spring. 

My recommendation for dishes:

-The Kinz, it's dish where you gladly take it off the menu, then really regret it.

-The Prince, it's a dish where you spend your whole paycheck, and it doesn't fill you up. And you get food poisoning.

primi_timpano topcommenter

The Rangers should have lots of these dishes in the visiting team clubhouse BEFORE the game.

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