The Ivy Tavern, a New Pub on Lemmon, Is Now Open (Photos)

Photos by Catherine Downes
The Ivy Tavern, located at 5334 Lemmon Avenue, opened early this month in the space that once housed a place called Kitty's. While we're not entirely sure what Kitty's used to be -- some sort of dive bar, it seems? -- a beer-guzzling patron tells us the venue has received a serious facelift since the folks at Ivy Tavern took over. Those folks are Lisa and Elia "Tom" Georgalis, former owners of Inwood Tavern.

The space has the feel of an old-style pub, with dark wood paneling that climbs halfway up walls that are adorned with wild game heads, books and and vintage-looking art.

The spacious back patio, which also has a bar, is lined with tables, chairs and games like Jenga and Cornhole.

The menu offers a variety of casual bites. Items include chili cheese fries, chicken fingers, a fully-loaded hot dog, and a grilled cheese and brisket sandwich served on sourdough Texas toast.

There's also a selection of daily drink specials, including the bar's very own "signature cocktail:" A 16-ounce frozen top shelf margarita called the "Poison Ivy."

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Before the Ivy, before Kitty's, this was DeWayne's Oasis.  Let's just say that the Cornhole game may have been left over from that earlier time.

Sharon_Moreanus topcommenter

Kitty's catered to BBW and the hip hop crowd.

T.I.T. is much welcomed with their better food/drink, decor, and service.

primi_timpano topcommenter

I have heard good things about their homemade pimento cheese grilled cheese sandwich.


@Sharon_Moreanus  I was wondering how Kitty's would be described. You did it about the most non-offensive way possible. I went there one time. Getting on a see saw with any of the women there would have been an exercise in futility. The place had a great patio area, though.

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