100 Favorite Dishes, No. 83: Korean Fried Chicken at Bonchon

Catherine Downes
To prepare for this fall's Best of Dallas® 2014 issue, we're counting down (in no particular order) our 100 Favorite Dishes. If there's a dish you think we need to try, leave it in the comments, or email me.

Yes, sure, OK, Bonchon is a chain that's slowly taking over the entire globe with corporate fried chicken bits. This is the sort of thing that might leave a bad taste in the mouths of discerning food enthusiasts who scoff at any big restaurant entity that threatens the sanctity of small, local food business.

Were the chickens that made the greatest sacrifice to became Bonchon's Korean Fried Chicken raised locally? We think not, but you'll likely get over it because oh my God is this chicken delicious.

It's the double-fry method, which the Bonchon cooks have down to a science, that renders this chicken impossibly crispy. The first bath in bubbling oil cooks everything through, but a second, coupled with the thinnest of coatings, leaves each wing with crisp, almost glass-like skin. It crinkles and shatters when you bite it.

After a bite grab a radish cube with your chopsticks, and let the vinegary, pickle brine cut through the sweet, spicy fattiness of the chicken. Follow with a big slug of beer to wash your palate clean and repeat the whole process again. You could spend hours devoted to the endless point and counter point for your tastebuds, which is appropriate because one of the scores of televisions hanging on the walls here is likely playing a game you're interested in.

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Location Info

Bonchon Chicken - CLOSED

5500 Greenville Ave, Dallas / Fort Worth, TX

Category: Restaurant

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"Down to a science"? Took them literally months after opening to get the kitchen, recipes and service worked out for even the basics. A multinational chain like this should hit the ground running, not fumble for months trying to solve fundamentals.

And for what? Meh. Pluckers > BonChon.

Sotiredofitall topcommenter

Have to go some to beat out Tto Tto Wa


The chicken is pretty tasty but they need to increase their banchan offerings.  The kimchi is meh and the pickled radish isn't very exciting.

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